Have you ever seen two suns setting in the night sky?

A double sun was photographed in the sky of Indonesia last Friday between 17:49:28 and 17:50:46.

This strange, otherworldly sight could just be a hoax, but similar optical illusions have been seen before. Lately in Canada on November 2, 2015.

This is not a common optical phenomenon that we’re seeing here. The appearance of a second sun is caused by optical refraction, as atmospheric particles bend light in unusual ways, creating mirages.

I’m asking myself if this is an artifact of the lens. Or a fake? But I don’t think so.

I assume this incredible atmospheric phenomenon is created by particles of ice or something in the atmosphere aligned in such a way that they would refract the sunlight at that very small angle, but only in one direction, like a mirror. It would require some fairly peculiar characteristics.

Could this be a giant sundog appearing just on one side of the ‘real’ sun? A king of collection of the glow creating this haunting orb that makes us think there is an additional sun.