UK Lawmakers Demand COVID Vaccine Danger Data, and No BS

Three months after police in New Zealand raided the home of health ministry whistleblower who leaked anonymized data on COVID vaccine, seven UK Ministers of Parliament have formally demanded that the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) answer specific, on-going questions about the high number of deaths apparently linked to COVID vaccines. Then letter was penned by MP Andrew Bridgen who recently gave a speech which went viral worldwide, in which he made a case with hard evidence and data that the COVID vaccines are behind unprecedented world deaths rates, averaging about 20% higher than pre-2020 death rates, and long after COVID has subsided.

Below is the text of the letter as attached in the tweet above.

To: Professor Sir Ian Diamond, National Statistician and Chief Executive, UK Statistics Authority

2nd March 2024

Dear Professor Diamond,

We applaud the UK ONS for producing a number of time-series cohort analyses which looked at vaccinated and unvaccinated people over time since vaccination to determine whether or not the covid vaccines are safe. These can be found at ‘Deaths by Vaccination status, England’ on the ONS website.

Unfortunately, the parameters chosen by the Authority are insufficient to make a dispositive determination as to whether the vaccines are “safe and effective” or not because the interval sizes were too few and too large. The UK Statistics Regulator agrees and said, “Our view is that the Deaths by Vaccination Status publication does not provide information on vaccine effectiveness or vaccine safety and should not be used in this way.”

We are requesting that the Authority re-do the analysis with the following parameters which we believe will provide definitive insight as to whether or not the covid vaccines are “safe and effective” or not. This will help us to address an important question we are currently facing in Parliament regarding excess mortality and what is causing it.

These parameters have been used on the records in New Zealand and the results were made public and no person has claimed it revealed any personal information because it simply aggregates statistics. We truncated the records requested at 100 years in order to preserve privacy (so 100+ are aggregated).

Your staff was asked to produce such a detailed report and they declined to do so. This is why we are bringing this matter to your attention.

The report that we request requires little effort: just changing the parameters in the code your team has already written and re-running the report. It does not expose anyone’s private health information.

Here are the column names and definitions:

Here are the column names for the weekly counts and definitions:

To produce the report, please use weekly tallying where you run through all of the records once per week (rather than once per day) in order to determine the value to tally for each person. So if a person dies mid-week, it would tally as a death for that week and the alive count would be 0; it is not necessary to tally fractional man-weeks. Each living person should tally to exactly one count bucket for a given observation week until death.

Age is the age of the person at the time the record is tallied which presumably is no different than the way you are doing it today.

Also note that the proportion of total deaths that were included in the data in 2023 was significantly lower than that in the releases for 2021 and 2022, despite the delay in the release meaning there were many months for registrations to have caught up. Please ensure that all deaths are included in the analysis.

If you have any questions or objections to the above request, please reach out to my office. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Bridgen MP, Dame Andrea Jenkyns MP, Sir Robert Syms MP, The Rt. Hon. Sammy Wilson MP, Neale Hanvey MP, Philip Hollobone MP, Jonathan Lord MP

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DHS Discriminates Against Biometrics Refusers, Rolls Out Bill Gates’ Digital ID

Above: Canadian 2022 anti-COVID vaccine mandate truckers convoy

Two years after Canadian truckers protested mandates for vaccines whose safety and effectiveness are now hotly debated, facial recognition technology is being quietly rolled out, without opposition from Congress, which would have allowed World Economic Forum “Young Global Leader” Justin Trudeau to shut down the truckers’ and supporters’ bank accounts with the flip of a switch in 2022.

The WEF, an unelected billionaire’s club founded by Klaus Schwab, has made no secret of its desire for totalitarian controls in America and across the planet. In his book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Schwab wrote:

Any package, pallet or container can now be equipped with a sensor, transmitter or radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that allows a company to track where it is as it moves through the supply chain—how it is performing, how it is being used, and so on….In the near future, similar monitoring systems will also be applied to the movement and tracking of people.”

As it were, Trudeau was forced to undertake the cumbersome legal process of declaring a “state of emergency,” then obtaining court orders to unleash police action on protesters’ finances. Not only the truckers, but anyone who had donated to the truckers, or who were seen in the vicinity giving them food, or who donated to their wildly popular GoFundMe page.

Trudeau was road-testing a new form of totalitarian controls beyond old-fashioned police head-busting, which also was deployed, in the name of “protecting public health” with vaccines which are now under fire in many nations’ parliaments, in lawsuits, and from thousands of censored doctors and scientists.

Now the Department of Homeland Security TSA is officially discriminating between people who surrender personal biometric data such as face recognition video selfies, and people who have thus far declined. The technology was pioneered by Bill Gates and his foundation and is promoted as a kind-hearted effort to extend “inclusivity” to poor people who cannot open bank accounts, or avail themselves of government services.

Unreported in the mainstream media, in March and April of 2020 Gates funded the British professor, Neil Ferguson, who wrote the paper, “Report 9,” on which governments based “lockdown” decrees. Also unreported, Gates was a key funder of the so-called WHO Solidarity Trials, which overdosed COVID patients with hydroxychloroquine in order to show that the drug was useless or worse in the treatment of COVID. This in turn paved the way for hasty FDA approval of the mRNA vaccines.

There has been no outcry demanding digital ID, as people have been living without bank accounts, and have been receiving government services around the world just fine in the past.

What universal facial recognition-based digital ID would be very good at, however, is identifying troublemakers, i.e. protesters of any ilk, and shutting them off without a penny with no need for messy court orders. That is because such IDs will eventually link to everything, if we allow it, including bank accounts.

The system would hand the Justin Trudeaus of the world their wildest dream. reports on Feb. 28, 2024:

“The U.S Transportation Security Administration is advancing face biometrics checks for members of its PreCheck program in partnership with airlines.

The implications of the new TSA PreCheck Touchless ID service for Clear and its membership-based airport biometrics service are unclear.

Delta and United Airlines are each piloting processes to replace boarding pass and physical ID document checks with face biometrics

United supports PreCheck Touchless ID for bag drops at O’Hare International in Chicago, and for security checks at O’Hare and Los Angeles International (LAX). Passengers can opt into the process by submitting selfie biometrics through United’s mobile app.”…The agency has expanded its acceptance of mobile driver’s licenses and other forms of digital ID, and intends to go further this year.

TSA is an agency of the Department of Homeland Security.

Above image source

Above image, China facial recognition (source)

Above image, protester in Hong Kong, 2019, cutting down “smart” lamp post containing facial recognition cameras (source)

In 2020, after the World Health Organization’s declaration of a COVID pandemic, Bill Gates began promoting digital ID systems, and praised India as a leader in deploying the technology.

Gates said:

 “…the cost of bank branches and paperwork it’s just too high but fortunately starting with countries like kenya and more recently…india we see that you can have digital financial inclusion…

 so the role of the Gates Foundation as an advocate for those who don’t have access today is to make sure there’s technology and standards including open source work uh that we’re providing through the financial switch which is called mojo loop and through the digital identity system which is extremely valuable not just for financial activities but for health and voting and education…there isn’t going to be a one-size-fits-all solution what is the role that you see the private sector playing in being able to collaborate with different governments to ensure that we move forward well once you have the digital money system…”

The “digital money system” of which Gates was speaking is the other piece of the totalitarian nightmare being contemplated by the US government, which would be tied to a universal digital ID, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

CBDC would replace all cash and private bank accounts with a system of debits and credits run by the Federal Reserve, which could then be linked to such abominations as a “social credit score,” such as the Chinese government maintains on almost all its citizens. In China social credit scores determine all facets of daily life, such as which schools one can attend, how far one can travel, what one can buy, and where one can go.

People who are determined to be engaging in “anti-social” behavior, such as the Canadian truckers protesting COVID vaccine mandates, can find their access to their own digital “money” summarily suspended, and left to starve.

Below: Digital ID pilot project created by Microsoft, of which Bill Gates is the founder (source)

Bill Gates promotes digital ID as necessary for “inclusion”

Below source

Among the states, California is forging ahead with a “federated” digital ID platform, which could be required to access any state government services such as unemployment benefits or even required to obtain state income tax refunds. Federated means it would eventually tie into a nationwide, universal system.

Below: Home page for State of California digital ID efforts (source)

Above image source, The Hill

The technology watchdog group Access Now, which monitors developments which could endanger basic freedoms and rights, writes in “#WhyID: World Bank and dangerous digital ID systems do not mix”:

“The World Bank and other international organizations must immediately stop any and all activities that promote harmful models of digital identification systems (digital ID) anywhere in the world. 

Through an open letter,  Access Now, Privacy International, NYU researchers, and other civil society organizations are calling on the World Bank to cease supporting unchecked digital ID systems that enable surveillance, exclusion, and discrimination.”

And of the sure-to-be-linked CBDC system, none other than the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Neel Kashkari, warns of CBDC’s danger to democracy. Kashkari  says CBDC would allow the federal government to “monitor every one of your transactions.”

Says Kashkari:

I get why China would be interested. Why would the American people be for that?”

The stakes of allowing China-style totalitarianism to take hold could not be higher. Former Bush Jr. administration official and investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts says, were a digital ID/CBDC system in place, elites would even have the power to “take your children.”

Of the 2024 presidential candidates, none has come out more strongly against the new creeping totalitarianism than RFK Jr., who decries the new technologies as reverting society to “feudal serfdom.”

China CBDC central bank “money” and social credit score system (view on Rumble)

Investment Banker, Ex- Bush Official Catherine Austin Fitts: With CBDC They Can Force Vax & Take Your Kids. (view at Rumble) (VIEW FULL VIDEO)

RFK Jr. Blasts CBDC Power to Starve You, “Feudal Serfdom” (view at Rumble)

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