Scotland still has a lot of oil and gas.

Much oil and gas has still to be explored for – off Scotland’s West coast.
The military does not want its nuclear subs, which use the West coast, being interfered with.

‘In 2014 it was reported that 42 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe) had been taken from the North Sea since production began in the sixties.

‘And a potential 24 billion barrels could remain – equivalent to 35 years’ worth of production.’

The Scottish National Party, under Nicola Sturgeon, is wrecking Scotland.

ALEX BRUMMER asks: Why is the UK facing an energy crisis when it is sitting on a gold mine? 
‘We should consider giving North Sea drillers the only ‘green’ light that matters: the one that says ‘Go”

ALEX BRUMMER: Why are we facing an energy crisis

‘Nine energy firms have gone bust in 2021 amid soaring wholesale gas prices, while companies supplying some six million homes are said to be at risk of imminent collapse.

‘Millions of pensioners and the most vulnerable households now face untold hardship this winter, while the ‘squeezed’ middle classes can expect their bills to soar far in excess of anything they are used to.’

‘Boris Johnson has clearly failed to understand the risk to the country of relying excessively on energy purchased from abroad.
‘It ought to be obvious that surrendering our energy needs to the Moscow-controlled Gazprom (a huge gas supplier to Europe) and a ghastly collection of Middle-East potentates has been a grievous error.’

‘Boris Johnson could license applications for development of the Cambo field situated some 75 miles to the west of Shetland.

‘This contains more than 800 million barrels of oil as well as considerable potential gas deposits.

‘Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer may come to regret his opposition to the drilling, which would have created a reported 1,000 jobs, on ‘carbon emission’ grounds.’


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