Welcome To The Occupied Republic of Texas, Now Go Home or Leave Your Vile yankee & Kalifornia Communistic Mind Rot Behind

I have never been against folks leaving shit holes and moving where they can have more freedom and a better life.
The problem happens when folks move from shit holes and try to bring their shit hole ideas and ways with them.

If you are going to try to bring your shit ways with you, don’t contaminate my Texas, just stay where the hell you are!

Don’t blame Mexicans for wanting to leave Mexico.
Just leave your Mexico flags and ideas it is alright for grown men to rape little girls and call it sex.

In Mexico it is legal for old men to have sex with 12 year old little girls.
Old married men with families think it is perficttally all right to f##k little girls.

Well, Texas is not Mexico.
You want to wave that Mexico flag and f##k little girls, get your f##king perverted ass back to Mexico.

Kalifornians what to leave the shit hole they have made of Kalifornia, but they want to bring their communistic ways which made Kalifornia a shit hole with them.
If you Kalifornians invading Texas want to live in a communistic shit hole like Kalifornia, get your Communistic ass back to the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

Evil yankees want to leave the shit hole they have made of yankeeland, but they want to bring their butt hurt communistic God-less communistic ways with them.

If you are an illegal yankee alien who has invaded my illegally occupied Republic of Texas, get your evil criminal loving ass back to yankeeland.

If you are an israHELL firster, get your ass out of my illegally occupied Republic of Texas.
Move to Russia.

The Putinister seems to like you.


The Ole Dog!


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