Time for some history, which – naturally – isn’t in the mainstream books.

Many of you are probably aware of the film “300” of the King of Sparta, Leonidas. This marked the first resistance of Hellas/Greece against Xerxes’ Persian Empire. What you may not be aware is who started the entire ordeal.

During the peak of the Persian civilization, there was a Chaldean Jew under the name of Mardochai, who wished to enter the royal court and exercise authority over the rich population of the nation. As a weapon, he used Esther as a means to seduce Xerxes. His plan worked and soon Mardochai became the Prime Minister of that land.

In Greece, we have the saying: Για το φόβο των Ιουδαίων, which literally translates to ‘for the fear of Jews’. That’s because Mardochai gave a great deal of authority and immunity to the Jews of Persia to plunder the lands, unobstructed. Much like what happened to the US during the “Summer of Love” in 2020. No prosecutions, no punishment. Once the lands were subjugated under Jewish command, Mardochai set his eyes toward the West. To that end, Esther acted as the catalyst to convince Xerxes to conquer the defiant Hellenes/Greeks. Hence, the Hellenic-Persian wars begun. This historical information is verified.

After three consequent wars, Hellas/Greece was all but in ruins. Worried about the future of his people, Philip the 2nd of the Hellenic Macedonia sent spies into the Persian Empire to keep him appraised in case of any military movements. The messengers returned with dire news. The Persians were preparing for a 4th invasion against the West. Before being able to react, Philip was murdered and the mantle fell upon his son, Alexander.

With Hellas/Greece ravaged and in disarray, Alexander could not unite the country by reason, so he chose to do so by force. During his campaign, he raised two cities to the ground that were ruled by Chaldean Jews: Thebes and Corinth. However, he spared Laconia, the region of Sparta, due to their valiant contributions in warning Greece of the initial Persian assault.

This was the perfect time for Alexander to prove he is worthy of an Empire. Thus, he took the fight to the Persians.

Throughout his campaign, Alexander rebuilt or founded new cities where people could live free, which was the main reason as to why he did not have to dedicate big garrisons to hold them. The people saw him as a liberator, not an oppressor. This, I was able to correlate with several Zoroastrian followers of today’s Iran. Once Alexander finished his long campaign, the first thing he did was to pay his respects to the tomb of Darius, thankful he united the ‘long lost brother civilizations’ that were divided by usurpers and infiltrators.

In addition, Alexander was so impressed by the Persian people that he decided to make Babylon the capital of his new empire.

Many of you know Babylon as something bad. The only thing that Babylon did was rebel against the occupation of the Hyksos and Elamites, otherwise known as Jews, and destroyed the city of Zion in their struggle for freedom. The news of Babylon being the capital of an Empire of free people did not sit well with the Chaldean Jews (the high rabbi priests). Consequently, they invited Alexander into a feast for discussions. Little did he know that his food was poisoned by the bacillus of typhoid fever, which resulted in Alexander dying of high fever a week later. So, yes, the Jews murdered Alexander the Great at the age of 33. This too is verified via historical reference correlations.

Later, during the reign of the Seleucids, the descendants of Alexander, the Jews abandoned Judaism to live under the freedom the Hellenic civilization provided them. This is something the rabbis did not like. Thus, they incited violence, subversion, and even several assassination attempts against the regional governor, Antioch the Epiphanes. Despite Antioch’s warnings, the rabbis were relentless, which led to a retaliation. The Temple of Solomon was destroyed and a temple of Zeus was erected in its place.

This enraged the rabbis so much that they wrote down the ultimate hate speech in the Old Testament, Zachariah Theta 13-14:
“ΕΞΑΓΕΡΩ τα τέκνα σου, Σιών, επί τα τέκνα των Ελλήνων και ψηλαφήσω σε ως ρομφαίαν μαχητού. Και Κύριος ΕΣΤΑΙ επ’ αυτούς και εξελεύσεται ως αστραπή βολίς, και Κύριος παντοκράτωρ υπερασπιεί αυτούς, και καταναλώσουσιν αυτούς, και καταχώσουσιν αυτούς εν λίθοις σφενδόνης και εκπιόνται αυτούς ως οίνον και πλήσουσιν ως φιάλας θυσιαστηρίων”

“”I will raise your children, Zion, against the children of the Greeks and touch you as a warrior’s sword. And the Lord is cast upon them and evolves like lightning bolts, and the Lord Almighty defends them, and they will consume them, and they will trap them in sling stones and they will pour them out like wine and they will fill up like sacrificial bottles”

In short, the Rabbis called for the complete and utter genocide of the Hellenes/Greeks.

In a way, this came to pass.

Since Hellas/Greece kept its attention to the East, the attack came from the West, via Rome. The Jewish wish for the Hellenic destruction though, did not come to pass. The Romans became so enthralled by the values of the Hellenes/Greeks that they adopted their civilization. This drove the rabbis even more mad. For the longest time they attempted to infiltrate the Roman world, and once they did, Rome became a centralized Empire.

After the Schism of 1,054 ACE/AD happened, the vast majority of the Hellenes/Greeks, or “Nationals” (Εθνικοι/Ethniki) as they were called, were all situated in the Eastern Roman Empire, AKA Byzantium. During that time the word Hellenas/Greek were explicitly forbidden, bearing a sequence of three major punishments:

1. The denial of all civil rights,
2. The expropriation of the Greeks’ private property,
3. Execution.

Byzantium started with an approximate population of 45 million and several Emperors ordered the systematic destruction of all the Hellenic/Greek heritage and temples. By the time the Ottomans reached outside to Constantinople, the population was reduced to 12 million. Much obscurity lies in the transfer of populations toward the Pergamus area, deep in Asia Minor, near the location of the 2nd Great Library, equal to Alexandria’s, a place the Chaldean’s considered to be ‘unholy’. No one heard from these people again.

By the year 1940, the Hellenes/Greeks were a mere 7.4 million.

This is why the Greeks ‘disappeared’. This was the price paid for defending the Western Civilization.

And up until recently, we were accused of being descendants of Turks. In fact, during the occupation, many people were forced out of their home land, until the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the population exchange with the reborn Hellas/Greece in 1923.

Since then, Bolsheviks and Communists have been trying to strip us of our history, giving away our heroes, literature, and lands to populations that were irrelevant during the ages that these events took place. In the end, regardless of the endless sacrifices of the Hellenes/Greeks, the Rabbis now try to promote that they are the ones who gave birth to Western Civilization.

Once again, you can be the judge – and look up whatever you can find. All I have is written in Greek.


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