Where to Buy Lingerie for Valentine’s Day (That Isn’t Sleazy or Corny)

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and the cardinal rule of giving "sexy" gifts is know thy partner. Some of our beloved boos would love nothing more than to open a tissue-filled box and find a scarlet pair of crotchless panties, while others would drop dead of mortification (then dump you once resuscitated). Fancy underwear is one of those things that everyone loves to have, but it can be truly tricky to find in its best form to suit individual tastes. You're here because you want to try, whether this is a V-Day self-love gift or a way of saying "I love to see you in minimal clothing" to your partner in crime. And blessedly, the range of cool lingerie is far and wide for sizing, vibes, and degrees of naughtiness.

A couple of rules of thumb for buying lingerie for someone else:

  • Don't try to "convert" a chill, comfy underwear-wearer into a lace-and-strap vixen by giving them what you think they'd look good in if it has no correlation with their personal style; this move is awkward at best, rude and dysphoria-inducing at worst. Instead, just shop for undies that would fit in with the rest of your partner's underwear drawer, but are made with unique fabrics, interesting patterns, and high-end materials.
  • If you're buying for a person with boobs, don't try to blind-guess their bra size. You're either going to have to ask them, or sneak a peek at their tag next time their underthings are littering the bedroom floor. If that's not a possibility due to the element of surprise or just a lack of access, try going for a bralette, which will have more forgiving shapes and often come in traditional XS/S/M/L/XL sizing, which is easier to estimate.
  • Finally, don't forget that men, mascs, and enbies like receiving nice underwear, too! This isn't just for ladies and femmes. Few men would buy themselves silk boxers, but a lot of them would enjoy receiving some.

These are the best lingerie brands to shop online, from cult-faves and cozy sets to the fancy and frisky.

The Best Lowkey-Sexy Lingerie


When it comes to direct-to-consumer brands that are taking basics to the next level, CUUP is a top contender. With its luxe fabrics (mesh, modal), modern shades, flattering shapes, and pretty great size range (up to H cup), the brand's lingerie deserves to be seen. Rec Room contributor Angel Kilmister loves the sheer Balconette bra and super-soft modal Highwaist undies in particular.

Else Lingerie

If you're looking for a balance of classy and coquettish, Else's ethereal lingerie hits all the right notes, with its motto of "comfort and style in every situation." Handmade in Istanbul using sustainable lace made from regenerated yarn using solar energy, its fabrics are sheer and detailed without too many bells and whistles, frills, or scratchy bits. Please buy us this cashmere bralette, thanks!


Cosabella is a bit of an OG when it comes to affordable lingerie, and the brand’s thongs were considered *the ultimate* in the early 00s. But Cosabella has continued to modernize its line in recent years, including by adding a best-in-class selection of bralettes for the DD+ crowd via its Curvy and Ultra Curvy lines. And, its thongs still rule. After all, Y2K is back, baby!


Pepper specializes in lingerie specifically for the AA–B cup crowd, because all tatas deserve high-quality outfitting, regardless of their size. Some of the brand’s bras lift and enhance, some contour, some offer super-light support, and all flatter.

The Best Racy, Spicy Lingerie

Agent Provocateur

British lingerie house Agent Provocateur is known as "the world's most erotic lingerie," and it does not shy away from big-time statements in its designs or its marketing. Its recently released Valentine's Day collection is unapologetically cheeky, in more ways than one.

Gooseberry Intimates

These ultra-racy bras from Gooseberry Intimates are built for showing off in the bedroom rather than wearing under a T-shirt to your ceramics class—although, of course, that's always an option.

For Love & Lemons

We love this brand because their styles really cover all of your personalities—from ditzy schoolgirl, to sexy madame, you can be anyone you want, as long as they’re confident and sexy.

Fleur Du Mal

Ooooh boy, is Fleur Du Mal's fancy, fabulous lingerie worth lusting over. It's certainly on the pricier side, but it's essentially couture. From the cute to the kinky, the brand's site is a wonderland of luxe bras, underwear, loungewear, and more—and the unisex washable silk boxers make the perfect gift that you and your partner can steal back and forth from each other.

Adore Me

Looking for teddies, bodysuits, and other slinky little numbers? Adore Me is your spot, and you can slip into something more comfortable for less than $20 if you join the site as a "VIP." (Velvet rope and bottle of Champagne not included.) With a solid five-star rating on nearly every piece, happy VIPs describe Adore Me's lingerie as "comfortable," "enticing," and "sweet and a little naughty."

The Best Chill, Comfy Lingerie

NK Imode

Canadian sleepwear label NK Imode makes nightgowns and loungewear that are as lovely for donning when you're feeling yourself as they are for bringing on your honeymoon. If you need any further testimonials, Adele recently wore the brand's pajamas in a Vogue shoot. So yeah, nice stuff—and a superb gift for someone who loves to hang in bed and is due to ditch that holey pair of sweats.


Lunya's ready to get you "in the mood… for bedtime." In other words, the brand's high-end sleepwear is for keeping the vibe going when it's time to knock out, after you've already knocked boots. We're huge fans of the brand's washable silk weighted sleep mask, but another bestseller is this washable silk sleep set, which they also make for dudes.


Yes, Kim Kardashian is the face—and mastermind—of this loungewear and underwear brand, but honestly, Skims is good shit, and there's a reason several of its products have gone ultra-viral. The fabrics are indisputably soft and sexy, the size range is known for fitting pretty much everybody, and the cuts take hints from menswear (think super comfy boxers) and lean into texture, from glistening bras to ultra-soft fleece sweatsuits.


If you're Insta mutuals with any micro-influencers, you're probably well-acquainted with Parade, the colorful, casual undies brand that's sort of taken over the internet (and the butts of your friends and their thirst traps). If you're looking for ultra-comfy thongs and briefs or soft, loungy bras, Parade has both in droves—and in a huge variety of colors and patterns. What other underwear brands offer Smarties-themed underwear?


With its wide size range (XXS to XXXL) and simple, flattering cuts, Knickey is like if Hanes or Fruit of the Loom and Skims had a baby. We love the high-leg, high-waisted briefs and no-frills bralettes, which are wire-free, made with organic cotton, and, with their simple pullover style, gender-neutral.

There you have it; 14 lingerie brands for everybody and every body, for hot nights and Hulu binge-watching, for tiny-tata'd babes and big-booty Brendas, for the tarty and the tomboyish. Shop on, and have a sexy, silky Valentine's Day—or a cozy, cotton one.

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.


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