Wild party with pig’s head & pentagrams spells trouble for prestigious Russian school (PHOTO, VIDEO)

On photos posted in abundance to the student council’s page on Instagram, teenage boys and girls, some half-naked, others clad in emo and goth style and sporting heavy makeup, engage in a series of bizarre rituals, such as scooping out a fresh pig’s head with their bare hands or stretching a fellow student across a pentagram laid out on the floor. The students also live-streamed the party.

The original photos and videos have since been deleted. Screenshots were posted by Kaliningrad news site exclav.ru.

Syringes filled with what appears to be mock blood scattered on a candlelit desk and dozens of condoms piled up next to a couple of vodka bottles topped out the festive atmosphere. The students seemed to enjoy themselves in one of the photos, where several people are seen pushing a girl’s face into a pile of unidentified white powder on a desk, to the visible joy of the revelers.

The school enrolls students from the age of six, and has them study for 11 years, which means that most, if not all, of the participants are below the legal drinking age and are considered minors under Russian law.

The unhinged party took place across several classrooms inside the participants’ school. The pig’s head made its appearance in the chemistry room.

The school’s vice principal for discipline, Olga Miloradova, who is also the chair of the student council, told Russian media that the party’s theme had been chosen at a council meeting and the school’s authorities were aware of it. The “subculture-themed” bash was thrown by senior year students for future graduates in October.

The students were supposed to portray an array of youth subcultures including ravers, football fans, hip hoppers, rockers, grime and hippies – but no occultism or severed pig’s heads, according to Miloradova, who said she had no clue of those elements of the party.

Since the video started making the rounds, it has caught the attention of the city prosecutor, who launched an investigation and discovered that teachers were present in the school during the “initiation,” but didn’t oversee the party properly. They are now facing dismissal for failing to prevent “the propagandizing of alcohol, drugs and suicide” among other things.

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/news/413382-russia-school-satanic-party-pig-alcohol/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

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