Wotanism is not Satanism

By Ron McVan

There are three things which grow less: darkness, falsehood and death. There are three things which constantly increase: light, life and truth.” ~ Welsh proverb

The inquisitive mind has always been fascinated by knowledge, magic and the arcane mysteries. The wise man knows that knowledge is power, and that words, when artfully composed, have a power of profound influence, as well. The mysteries teach that there are no impossibilities, only improbabilities.

The ancients communicated knowledge through hieroglyph and cuneiform until the advent of the alphabet. From that point onward, the written word would begin to supersede the spoken word. A writer was then capable of reaching a far wider audience, not only during his own lifetime, but for many centuries to follow. Even the most far-fetched stories, as found throughout the Christian Bible, could be written with such authority and conviction that not only would they find an abundant believing audience, but were thought to be authored by no less than God himself. The Judaic Bible, so alien in concept to the prominent pagan Euro-tribe world of that time, ushered in the abstract Semitic idea of an all exclusive, all condemning form of monotheism, which in turn introduced the first examples of religious intolerance in human history.

Up until that period a golden rule of sorts had existed among the pagan world; everyone shared a mutual respect for the gods of other peoples and nations, and expected that their own gods would be likewise honored in return. Surely, the ancient world had its share of bloody conflicts fought over any number of social frictions. Yet, not until the introduction of monotheism had any religious wars been waged. Today, we know from history, that if the skulls of the people who have been killed in the name of religion could be piled up in one area it might well equal the size and volume of the great pyramids. There is nothing more dangerous than someone who claims to have the authority of God. Once one places that mantel upon themselves there is no convincing them otherwise. Whether a person claims to represent the ultimate good or the ultimate evil, both will prove out to be equally as dangerous and lethal as the other.

The essence of the conception of righteousness, therefore, is to afford an outlet for sadism by cloaking cruelty as justice.” ~ Bertrand Russell

There is no doubt that positive and negative forces must exist throughout the extended universe, and that both are necessary opposing polarities. The life of one force depends upon the other. The fundamental aspect of Christianity attempts to simplify these conflicting forces into anthropomorphic characters, God-good, Satan-bad. It sounds clear-cut enough, a quick fix for the believing flock, but in reality there are more twists and turns through the gray fog concerning good and evil. For we have seen how the gods of the old religions can be transformed into the devils of new religions. An accused witch, burned at the stake by religious zealots may later be canonized as a saint by that same religion, such as exampled in the case of Joan of Arc.

Many over the centuries have believed the Pope to be the devil incarnate, and certainly previous Popes and Inquisitioners fill the bill as fiendish sadistic deviates from blackest hell. Recently the current reigning Pope referred to the Muslim faith as evil. Such opinions from the Vatican that had so freely condoned and implemented the worst horrors known to mankind upon non believers during the Inquisition, and even as recent as the 20th century had conducted financial business operations with the bloody Mafia! The Pope is the very last person who should be pointing a blood soaked condemning finger at other religions.

Reading through the Christian bible, it is hard not to interpret the Judaic god Yahweh as the very essence of soulless evil itself. The Yahweh of Judaism is as terrible in his works upon mankind as Shiva dancing, for he himself declares that there was no evil in the city that he did not know and the vengeance that he dished out to the people of those days is beyond comprehension. This idea was further supported by the Christians themselves from a passage in St. John 8:44, where it relates that Jesus told the Jews that their father is not god, but the Devil. Yahweh was even credited with saying in (Isaiah 45:7): “I form the light, and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I the Lord do all these things.” Yahweh as self proclaimed God of Evil naturally turns the New Testament upside-down. If Jesus is supposed to be a savior sent by the good god to rescue men from enslavement of evil, but Yahweh of the Old Testament by his own words proclaims that he creates evil, do Christians then even know who this Semitic god whom they worship really is?

I don’t know about you, but I like my spiritual enlightenment on the hurry-up. I don’t have time to read 60 volumes of this or that. If you can’t explain it to me in 30 seconds it can’t be the God Force, in my view anyway.” ~ Stuart Wilde

Evil has been known by many names, but the name Satan may well be the oldest and enduring of all other representations. The name extends back into pre-historic civilizations and was believed to have originated from the dark planet Saturn. Jews, who worship Yahweh, continue to hold their Sabbath Day on Saturday, or Saturn’s Day. And the traditional black felt hat of orthodox Jews is symbolic of Saturn with its encircling flat ring. The god representing Saturn is also known as Elohim or EL for short. Christ, himself a Jew, refers to the Jews as children of Satan. The word, “Israel” was composed in its origin from three separate gods: ISIS, Ra and EL or Elohim.

The entire history of Israel was useless: away with it!” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

In the teaching of the occult science, the stages of development on Midgard (earth) are divided into periods called “epics”. There have been four previous epics, which are designated as follows, respectively: (1, the Polarian) (2, the Hyperborean) (3, the Lemurian) (4, the Atlantean). This present Epic is called the “Aryan Epic”. During the Age of Atlantis, after the first fall of Lemuria, the Evil One was then known as “Eranus”, or “Satanaku”. During that time of Atlantean civilization, black magic and decadence had become rife. It was a page in their history not unlike our own current times. A High Priest of Atlantis named Itheboleth, who followed the way of Satanaku, began to dominate his followers, and as his domination grew, came much spilling of blood, crime, destruction and human sacrifice. Itheboleth was known as a great usurper, and there have been countless others like him who would follow suit throughout the dusty blood stained corridors of history. Today, those who rule the nations of the world do so because they are self appointed usurpers and are born into the flesh through a long line of usurpers now simply identified as “The Power Elite”.

It was not long after the establishment of the Christian church that the sacred Pagan religions of old, and the long-held spiritual practices, traditions and symbols, became the target of unmitigated demonization and Satanic scapegoating. Being that there was no one such identifiable entity as Satan, it became necessary for the Church to create their own personal conception of evil. By digging through the toolbox of the old religion, the newly assembled Devil would be commonly characterized with a satirical face, hooves, horns, dragon wings and pitchfork. The face and hooves were akin to the pagan god of the forest Pan. Horns on the head were a common feature among the old gods as a symbol of divinity and fertility. Lucifer’s angel wings-turned-grotesque represents the dragon, which to Pagans was a highly esteemed creature depicting arcane wisdom and knowledge. The trident was a trademark feature of the Pagan high God Poseidon. The Celtic god of light, Lug Samildanach, Lugus, Lleu Llaw Gyffes, the shining one, was absorbed into the archetype of Lucifer (Bringer of Light). Representing one pagan god as the Devil was not enough, it was more convenient to extend the title of the Evil One to as many of the pagan archetypes as possible, be it Cernunnos, Bel or Wotan, etc., even the thrice great Hermes Tristmegistus would become synonymous with the Satan figure. Wotan was not only the warrior god archetype of Northern Europe, but also a bringer of sunshine and gifts. In return, sacrificial harvest gifts had to be left for his holy steed, Sleipnir. Like today, the gifts were left hanging in socks, boots and clogs. From this early practice developed the Santa Claus tradition. The Dutch first named him Sinter Klaas (a contraction of St. Nikolaas), originally portrayed with horns, not unlike Wotan’s guise as Herne the Hunter.

Despite century after century of Christian intolerance, Western Paganism never left, and never will leave the spirit of Aryan man, as it is in essence, a deeply engrained nature-based folk religion of the blood. The Old Religion will always be ever present in the minds of Aryankind undaunted by changing whims and course of the times. The Pagan religions are reviving because they are the true source from which all existing religions began. At the source is real truth and all things are possible. The only religions that can truly help, that truly work, are those that are not authoritarian, dogmatic and pompous, that are not overloaded with mans worm eaten self righteous dogma, that do not suggest that to know too much is evil and they should remain as stupid dumb sheep that praise weakness over strength and view gods grandest creation, the human body and its many joyful expressions as sinful! Mankind was not designed to live in the chains of self denial, self guilt and self pity or self hatred. Further, a religion must leave ample room for the spirit to evolve to meet the needs of the developing psyche. The most menacing irrationalities have been imposed upon Aryankind by ‘The Church’ and piously regarded as part of an intelligible moral order: ‘God’s will’. When people start saying that they are a mouthpiece for God, real trouble is on its way, and it is time to start calling in the men in white suits and get the straight jacket ready. If religious history has taught us anything it is this: Man cannot be trusted with absolutes.

Christianity has waged a war to the death against this higher type of man it has excommunicated all the fundamental instincts of this type, it has distilled evil, the Evil One, out of these instincts – the strong human being as the type of reprehensibility, as the ‘outcast’. Christianity has taken the side of everything weak, base, ill constituted, it has made an ideal out of opposition to the preservative instincts of strong life; it has depraved the reason even of the intellectually strongest natures by teaching men to feel the supreme values of intellectuality as sinful, as misleading, as temptations.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Satanism and Wotanism are almost complete polar opposites. The former is as diametrically opposed to the religion of Wotanism as is the alien cult of Christianity. Satanism is a downward path of the spirit, which works at debasing its adherents through often perverse, if not sadistic, ceremonial practices, which may at times resort to the use of black magic. Wotanism is an upward path, focusing on vibrant, nature-based, folkish values which aspire to our own indigenous ancestral tenets such as: honor, courage, strength, heritage and working always toward a higher evolution of body, mind and spirit.

Wotanists are not strangers to the dark side, and they do not fear it, because they understand it as an undeniable element of the human psyche. The attempt to wish away the existence of a negative is not only foolish, but futile. Even a god must contain both Good and Evil for both are dependent upon the other as clearly illustrated by the god Abraxas. In effect, Abraxas is force, duration and change; as the begetter of life, which in turn is mother to good and evil, and as all contradiction, paradox and power, Abraxas stands above both good and evil. It is improbable reality, unreal reality. By means of white—or positive magic, the practitioner meets the transcendental and is capable of coming face to face with divinity.

Dabbling in black magic is a custom strictly avoided by all practicing Wotanists. Those who choose to resort to demonology and the way of the dark forces will run afoul of the old natural law of three-fold return, which states that evil will return with triple force against the person who originated it. Christianity has been up to now mankind’s greatest misfortune and a major contributor towards the annihilation of its own Aryankind. Christians consciously choose to see their own people perish into mongrelization and total extinction as a species for the sake of an alien nomadic Semitic religion which is not of their blood or their history, heroes and gods. We are not the children of Abraham, David, Isaiah or Solomon. Nor is their history the history of our people. As Aryans we are the sons of the mightiest civilizations, legendary heroes, and creators this planet has ever witnessed. Our spiritual path of divinities that lead to the all high God is unsurpassed, but unlike the Christians we do not brow beat, bully, evangelize like hucksters, invade peoples countries and cultures to win converts or Kill people who do not believe as we do.

In the book “Legends Of The Rhine” by H.A. Guerber, there is a very fine passage where it tells of the great Aryan warrior Radbod, King of the Frisians, who took a notion to be baptized by a Christian bishop but came to his senses as he entered the river and said: “Stay thy hand, oh, bishop! “Before I am baptized I would fain ask one more question. ‘Tell me, bishop, tell me, where are all my ancestors, who fought so bravely, ruled so wisely, and nobly died on the field of battle? Tell me bishop, where are they?”

“Oh King,” answered the bishop gravely, “thy ancestors were heathens; as heathens they lived, and as heathens they died. Without baptism they could not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

“Bishop, you have already told me that!” exclaimed Radbod impatiently, his royal eyebrows contracting in displeasure. “But tell me, if not in heaven, where are they?” “In hell,” solemnly answered the bishop. “Thy forefathers, being heathens, have gone to hell!”

“To hell!” voiciferated King Radbod, springing out of the water and seizing the great sword he had flung down upon the grass. “To hell! You villain! Dastardly priest! How dare you say my ancestors have gone to hell? They were brave and noble men; they lived honorably, and died without fear. I would rather—yes, by their god, the great Wotan, I swear —I would ten thousand times rather join those heroes in their hell, than be with you in your heaven of priests!”

And turning his back scornfully upon the astonished bishop his brave warriors follow him back into the wild forests, there to continue worshiping, in peace, the gods of their worthy ancestors.”

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