Zionist role in 1950s attacks on Iraqi Jews confirmed by operative & police report

Today’s Jews are by ethnicity red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrels, in no way descended from Biblical Israelites or Judeans.

Jew is not a race or a sub race of the human race.
It is the End of Times Death Cult.
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Hitler worked with the Jewish world Council to funnel Khazarian Jews from Germany to Palestine until the Jews double-crossed him.

In 1917 Britain agreed with the Rothschilds to steal Palestine for the Rothschilds

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You would think the useful idiots would finally catch on to the scam, but I guess not!

The Ole Dog!

Zionist role in 1950s attacks on Iraqi Jews confirmed by operative & police report

British-Israeli historian Avi Shlaim cites ‘incontrovertible evidence’ from former Jewish agent showing Zionists bombed sites to encourage migration to Israel

A police report and an interview with a former Zionist operative form the basis of Avi Shlaim’s claim that he has uncovered “undeniable proof” of Israeli involvement in bombings which drove Jews out of Iraq in the early 1950s, the British-Israeli historian told Middle East Eye.

Shlaim’s autobiography Three Worlds: Memoirs of an Arab-Jew, published earlier this month, details his childhood as an Iraqi Jew and subsequent exile to Israel.

It also includes research about a number of bombings in Iraq which prompted a mass exodus of Jews from the country between 1950 and 1951, most of whom, like he and his family, ended up in Israel.

On Sunday, Shlaim told Middle East Eye that he had uncovered “incontrovertible evidence of Zionist underground involvement in the bombs”.

As part of the evidence, the historian cited an extensive interview he carried out with Yaakov Karkoukli, a former member of the Zionist underground in Baghdad in the 1950s.

Karkoukli – who was aged 89 when he spoke to Shlaim for the book – was an associate of Yusef Basri, a Zionist intelligence operative in Iraq who was convicted by Iraqi authorities of having carried out bombings targeting Iraqi Jews.



Zionist role in 1950s attacks on Iraqi Jews confirmed by operative & police report


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