Donald Trump Claims ‘Mission Accomplished’

Donald Trump Claims ‘Mission Accomplished’

April 14th, 2018

Via: Independent:

Donald Trump has claimed “mission accomplishedâ€� over the raids on Syria – echoing the ill-fated words of George W Bush fifteen years earlier when he spoke about Iraq.

Speaking hours after US, UK and French forces hit three targets in Syria they said were associated with the production, storage and use of chemical weapons, Mr Trump thanked the three militaries for their involvement.

“A perfectly executed strike last night,� he said on Twitter.



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  1. pookie Says:

    An Anon wrote this on the Qanon thread on 8chan today:

    Anonymous 04/15/18 (Sun) 06:30:23 3aa83f No.1041632>>1041710 >>1042014 >>1042054 >>1042100
    Pompeo just had his confirmation hearing. His knowledge about operations in Syria is probably indispensible.
    If we were really going after Assad/Syria, the Russian response would have been swift and severe. Yet the action is over (POTUS: “Mission accomplished�), the targets were in the rebel zone, and there haven’t been any reports of civilian casualties. RT headline from today: “Syrian strike is not conflict between superpowers, Russia was warned ahead—US envoy to Moscow [Ambassador Huntsman].� He used the word “cooperation� and cited “large amount of credible reporting.� (Q: “Intel good.�) This cooperation clearly goes back at least four days to when the Russians raided South Idlib. A Syrian artillery offensive (Kafrhamra) two days ago set the stage for a ground attack while NDF were positioned. Eastern Ghouta was just recaptured. We might say this effectively ended the war. Russia was providing air cover over Tartus, apparently to escort the battle ships out, which means Russia was moving out of the way. Finally, Syrian aircraft were moved to Russian bases before the attack.
    This can only mean one thing: The US, the UK, France, Russia and Syria (and presumably SA) are all cooperating in an effort to finish off ISIS once and for all. But Trump can’t come out and say it, because of the political fallout. (The “Russia collusion� probe isn’t finished; he can’t appear to be changing American policy to conform to Russia’s to this extent.) The OPCW were just about to start their fact-finding mission in Douma, which will be impossible now because we’ve destroyed the evidence. We needed to do it to hide the role which the spooks have played so far, but at the same time, we’re taking them out and destroying their capacity to carry out more false flag attacks, so who’s going to mind? Not Assad and not Putin. In other words, we aren’t attacking Syria, and the chance of World War Three breaking out over Syria was just reduced to zero.
    Let the normies think whatever the MSM tell them to. Trust the plan.

  2. dale Says:

    Pookie, that is one fascinating perspective.


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