Fascist Nazi Bigot Joe Biden Calls for Anarchist Rioters to Be Prosecuted

Negro-worshipping anarchists are currently torching the entire cities of Seattle and Portland and fascist nazi Joe Biden has said that these terrorists should be imprisoned.

Some faggot host at MSNBC says that Senile Joe is forwarding dangerous rhetoric by saying anarchists who are lighting buildings on fire and attacking police stations should be prosecuted.

Other Antifa-sympathizing progressives agree.

Progressivism is just a mainstream cover for violent anarchism, unhinged nigger-worship, and obsequious subservience to the jewish supremacist agenda.

Progressives didn’t see a burning building that they didn’t love. They didn’t see a negro criminal that they wouldn’t excuse with socio-economic sophistry.

The ultimate goal of progressivism is dead white people. Until all white people are dead or enslaved, progressives won’t quit their fight.

Joe Biden has endorsed the idea of whites becoming a minority in America as a “great thing” as well as said that transsexual deviants are people deserving of sympathy and special privileges. He’s also probably a pedophile. But since he doesn’t endorse anarchist chaos he’s clearly a closeted KKK member.

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