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Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Listen to the Bigot

Jarrin Jackson asserts that “the Constitution was not written to mean non-Christian religions when it protects ‘freedom of religion’” and fumes over Christians who “equivocate and ‘tolerate’ other faith systems out of ignorance and/or cowardice.” Kent Christmas used his Sunday service to announce that Dog the Bounty Hunter “has become a son in the Lord […]

Log Cabin Republicans Name Homophobic Bigot Isabella Riley Moody as an ‘Outspoken Ambassador’

The Log Cabin Republicans, an organization that claims to “[represent] LGBT conservatives and straight allies who support fairness, freedom, and equality,” announced its 2023 class of Outspoken Ambassadors today. Outspoken Ambassadors, the organization explained, are social media “influences” who will offer “charismatic and thoughtful perspectives at a time when so many people feel bullied into […]

Ace Ventura Would Now Be Considered a Transphobic Bigot

No one at the time was concerned about the feelings of insane people who try to fool others into thinking they are the opposite gender, but now this movie would absolutely not fly. Source

Reminder: If You Won’t Date A Star Wars Geek, You Are A Geekphobic Bigot

Internet, we need to talk. It’s come to my attention that there are many human females out there who won’t date me, not because of anything I’ve done wrong, but because of their deep-seated biases against Star Wars geeks. This is called geekphobia, and it’s a real problem. Look, let’s talk frankly here. If you […]

Fascist Nazi Bigot Joe Biden Calls for Anarchist Rioters to Be Prosecuted

Negro-worshipping anarchists are currently torching the entire cities of Seattle and Portland and fascist nazi Joe Biden has said that these terrorists should be imprisoned. Some faggot host at MSNBC says that Senile Joe is forwarding dangerous rhetoric by saying anarchists who are lighting buildings on fire and attacking police stations should be prosecuted. “anarchist” […]

Drunken bigot attacks Jewish mom, daughter whom he mistook for Muslims

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The Big Picture – What Do You Do When The World Knows Trump is A Bigot?

The Big Picture – What Do You Do When The World Knows Trump is A Bigot? By The Big On tonights Big Picture, Thom talks to Dave McCulloch of Capitol Media Partners and Charles Sauer of the Market Institute about Republicans responding to Trumps both sides remarks, and many GOP lawmakers coming out condemning […]

Violent leftists threaten to shoot up BBQ joint owned by black man because he supports Texas open-carry laws

(NaturalNews) When it comes to the use of force and violence to make a political statement, nobody holds a candle to Left-wing “progressives.” Though they love to portray conservatives as “right-wing, gun-toting, violent racist bigots,” political Lefties are the true purveyors of hate, mayhem and destruction. Oh, and they’re pretty hypocritical too. As […]

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