Impact of Ancient Egyptian Culture on world civilization (video)

In this video Dr. Ashraf Ezzat interviews Prof. Rafik Khalil

Prof. Khalil is the chairman of l’atelier d’alexandrie, chairman of the Medical Syndicate of Alexandria and vice-chairman of the archeological society of Alexandria.

Throughout this exclusive interview Prof. Khalil provides us with great insights on the unceasing impact of Ancient Egyptian Culture on world civilization.

The renowned Egyptian intellectual takes us on a fascinating journey back in time from dynastic Egypt up until the Land was conquered by Alexander the great.

Prof. Khalil digs deep into the influence of the Egyptian culture, what made it unique and how it had subdued the Greco-Roman (cultural) colonization. In this fascinating Interview Prof. Khalil reveals that it might seemed easy to militarily conquer the land of the Nile & Pyramids but culturally it had definitely proved to be a rather hard task.

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