Jewish Professor Sues Oberlin College After They Mistake Her For A ‘Midwestern White Woman’

Jews like Alice Blumenfeld have increasingly become victims of their own racial identity politics — which have become an integral part of a larger Marxist nation-wrecking agenda — often experiencing alleged ‘discrimination’ when society mistakenly identifies them as ‘White’ instead of the privileged Jewish ‘minority’ status that affords them immunity to any and all discrimination whatsoever:

You should look elsewhere for a job next year, Alice Blumenfeld recalls Ann Cooper Albright, her department chair at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio, tell her in July 2019 as the two discussed a tenure-track position that was being created the following year in the Dance Department.

The reason?

We just can’t hire another white woman from the Midwest with a husband,” Blumenfeld alleges Albright said.

In a lawsuit filed against the college and Albright Sept. 3, Blumenfeld, a former visiting assistant professor of Dance at Oberlin, said she was “blindsided” by the comment.

Albright, said the suit, “effectively rejected Ms. Blumenfeld for the new tenure-track position not because of her accomplishments, her skill, her experience, her work ethic, or her individual and personal qualities, but instead because of her race, the color of her skin, her sex, her marital status, her sexual orientation, her national origin, and her ancestry. Ms. Albright’s actions and statements were motivated by discriminatory intent.”

In a response obtained by the Forward on Oct. 16 ahead of its public release, Albright in court papers denies telling Blumenfeld to begin looking for another job and that she ever said the school could not hire “another white woman from the Midwest with a husband.”

In her suit filed in Lorain County, Ohio, Blumenfeld is requesting economic and compensatory damages in excess of $25,000, plus an unspecified amount in punitive damages. She has requested a jury trial.

To buttress her claims, Blumenfeld said in her suit that Albright had told her Oberlin hired another employee, who was white, a few years earlier because it “could not find a person of color for the position and had to ‘settle’ for the person hired.

Albright similarly denied that claim. She and the school both said, “The search committee conducted a fair, unbiased selection process free of discrimination that resulted in the choice of the best candidate.”

When the college chose someone the following year for the newly created tenure-track position, it selected a “non-Caucasian, gay man of Filipino descent who does not appear to be from the Midwest or in a heterosexual marriage, over Ms. Blumenfeld, even though Ms. Blumenfeld was more qualified for the position,” according to the suit.

Blumenfeld’s attorney, Michael Schroth, said that although Blumenfeld is Jewish, they have not discovered an antisemitic motive to the college’s actions.

We are talking of [Blumenfeld’s] heritage – American or European versus the one who replaced her, a Filipino,” he said.

According to her online biography, Blumenfeld, 30, of Huron, Ohio, is a United States Presidential Scholar in the Arts, a Fulbright recipient in dance, a Young Arts Silver award winner, and an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence awardee for choreography. Many of her performances explore the Sephardic and Ladino roots of flamenco.

Although Blumenfeld said in the suit that she was never interviewed by some members of the search committee, she said she was interviewed by Albright, “whose discriminatory motivations and intentions were already clear.”

The college and Albright both rejected that assertion, and Albright denied conducting any individual interviews.”

The college said also that the search committee “did not track or take into account candidate ethnicity, places where candidates lived previously, marital status, or sexual orientation.” And it said it had conducted an investigation into Blumenfeld’s claims and found that she “had not suffered any forms of discrimination or retaliation” and that it had simply hired the more qualified candidate.

Both sides appear to be disingenuously dancing around the issue — of course, every college actively wants to diversify their faculty staffs — but they all must ignore strict evaluations of merit in order to fill those racial and sexual quotas.

Diversity and meritocracy are irreconcilable goals.

Jews like Blumenfeld are already vastly over-represented on liberal college faculties — far beyond what would be predicted by their tiny population numbers.

Non-Jewish White people are now becoming vastly under-represented on college faculties.

In fact, 50% of the faculty and staff of the Oberlin Dance Department appear to be Jewish and non-White, and of the Whites, it would be safe to conclude that at least 50% of those are some sort of LGBT-identity permutation.

White Christian heterosexual males have very little hope of getting hired by any liberal college in Bolshevik America today — and Blumenfeld should be grateful that she will never experience the kind of discrimination that White males endure in academia as a matter of course.

Apparently, Blumenfeld failed to make her Jewishness more of an issue — she would have a much better chance of winning this lawsuit if she could prove that Oberlin didn’t hire her because they already had too many Jews on staff — which they probably do.

Another irony here is that Blumenfeld feels that Flamenco dance traditions — which she specializes in — discriminate against her frizzy Jewish hair.  She writes about this on her website:

I have struggled with flamenco hair from day one. I have super curly and frizzy hair. While I do not think it’s generally acceptable to perform with my hair in its usual crazy state, having to slick in back doesn’t really make sense either. For one company I worked with, they would get mad about a single hair sticking out. I would slick my hair back, gel, hairspray, etc., and yet–there were always little hairs that would poke out, determined to be curly. I often slick my hair into a bun out of my own volition, as part of the professional attire and presentation of flamenco.

Well, that’s what happens when Jews culturally appropriate a White European dance tradition — they struggle to play within the rules because they are not White — the best they can hope for is Live Action Role Playing or LARPing, the same way Jews LARP about being real Israelites.

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