Ricky Gervais Tells Hollywood To “Stop F****** Kids” In A Recent Tweet

  • The Facts:

    Former porn star Jenna Jameson has been quite vocal about the issue of child sex trafficking, having been a victim herself. She recently made some tweets explaining how the issue is much worse than what we’re hearing from the Epstein case.

  • Reflect On:

    Who is involved? How much power and influence do these people have over political, health and environmental policy? Are our “leaders” and “idols” seen for what they are, or is it all just smoke and mirrors?

What Happened: In a series of recent tweets, Jenna Jameson shared that she has “heard terrible things about “The Hunt.” Implying that societal elite people “hunt” children as young as 4, at “parties.” She went on to state that “These topics circulate” among the elite. She also tweeted about Hollywood, expressing that “The reason why Hollywood has been so incredibly silent on child sex trafficking is not only do they partake, they are covering for the big league hitters. The ones that hide in the shadows under the cover of a crown.”

Is this fake news? No, she actually made these tweets. Is what she tweets true? That’s for you to look into, and it’s not something a fact-checker can debunk, especially with all of the information that’s coming out with regards to child sex trafficking and ritual abuse.

Just prior to those tweets, she brought up Jeffrey Epstein, tweeting the following:

If you think Epstein is somehow unique, you’re sadly mistaken…there are MANY Epstein’s, that make him look like an amateur. Child hunting games, sacrifice, torture of children as young as 2. The elite.

Jameson’s perspective is quite unique. As she’s shared many times before, she was raped as a child and groomed for the porn industry. She claims she is a victim of child sex trafficking.

Why This Matters: We’ve been writing about this topic quite some time, especially more so this year with all of the recent revelations that have made their way into the mainstream regarding elite child sex trafficking. Epstein’s case goes beyond just the dealings involving Maxwell and himself, and the issue of trafficking very young children, and teenage children, it is much more widespread than Epstein. Epstein is being made out to be a rich billionaire with connections that allowed him to entice young women into his home to be sexually abused, but we really need to talk about just how widespread this type of abuse is among people who are made out to be idols, like multiple Vatican officials, politicians and celebrities.

If you want to dive deeper, I recently published this article that does just that.

This kind of stuff is all over the place, and the theme involves high ranking people. As a paper published in European Psychiatry details:

Research eventually led to the Franklin scandal that broke in 1989 when hundreds of children were apparently flown around the US to be abused by high ranking ‘Establishment’ members. Former state senator John W DeCamp, cited as one of the most effective legislators in Nebraska history, is today attorney for two of the abuse victims. A 15 year old girl disclosed that she had been abused since the age of 9 and was exposed since the age of 9 and was exposed to ‘ritual murder’ of a new born girl, a small boy (who was subsequently fried and eaten) and three others.

Our Interview With A Survivor:

If you want to go even deeper on this, we conducted an interview with a survivor of elite child sex trafficking/slavery. You can access the full interview and start your free trial HERE on CETV, a platform we created to help combat internet censorship and allow us to continue to do our work and get the word out about various issues and topics.

The interview is with Anneke Lucas, who is is an author, speaker, advocate for child sex trafficking victims, founder of the non-profit organization Liberation Prison Yoga, and creator of the Unconditional Model. Her work is based on personal experience of a 30-year healing journey after surviving being sold by her family as a child sex slave to a pedophile network.

The interview is deep, and goes into the consciousness aspect of her experience and why that aspect is so important.

The Takeaway

We have to ask ourselves, are the ones we are choosing to let govern us capable of steering the world in the direction that creates peace and harmony? Or are their actions, now coming to the surface, coming from a state of being that is inherently disconnected and violent? If these things are true, why do we continue to participate in elections, and uphold a system that’s dominated by corruption, misinformation and these types of acts?

Why is so much information being censored on the internet right now, yet child porn continues to run rampant? What type of world are we choosing to create? Why do we continue to simply follow and obey rules that are clearly not in our best interests? If billions of us can all come together and lockdown for the coronavirus, imagine what we could do if we all came together for what we truly wanted to create in this world.

This issue may be perceived as “negative”, but we can’t change it by ignoring it. It must be acknowledged and brought to light, as there are still many children losing their lives as a result of this activity. Do we wish for this to continue? Are we being pushed to ask big questions and move towards creating a different experience here?

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