#Scamdemic – World is Victim of Billion Dollar Vaccine Boondoggle


July 19, 2020


And then they spent the second day talking about how to hide it from the public.  They say, you know, if the lawyers find out about this they’ll shut down the vaccine companies.  And that will be the end.  And we won’t have a vaccine supply.  So we got to protect the vaccine supply by lying to the American people about this.  And there’s one moment when there’s ….  One of the big vaccinationists, who’s chief doctor at the University of Colorado, in Denver, at the medical school there, and he goes out of the meeting for a minute, his name is Johnson.  He comes back in and says, “I just talked to my daughter.  She just had a baby, it’s the first male grandson of my lineage.  And begging all of your pardon, but there’s no way that I’m going to give him a vaccine. So that’s what they’re saying to each other.  They go out of that meeting.  They collect all of the studies.  They say it’s embargoed.  Don’t anybody talk about it.  We’re going to keep it a secret. And, you know, so I guess two years later I got that transcript.  And I published excerpts from it in Rolling Stone.
RFKJr.:  Yea, I thought he asked me to come in and talk to him about it, in January of 2017.  And I went …  I’m at Trump Towers with Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, Kelley Ann Conway, and Jared Kushner were all in the meeting at different times.  I stayed a couple of hours with him and I went through the whole thing.  And he already believed…  He knew enough women, including he’s got three in his office, one who was in there that day.  And he said they had perfectly healthy kids and they got vaccines and then they got autism.  Once he started talking about it, then everybody…  We actually, at one point, we asked people for stories.
So we just put up on our website if you have this story please record it on the website.  And within 24 hours we had 10 thousand people call and recite that same story. And these kids are, you know, to me…  A lot of people think of autism as Rain Man.  You know, the quirky uncle.  But the kids with real autism you don’t see them because it’s hard for them to leave the house at all.  And most of these kids are…[incapacitated and wearing helmets]  It’s half of the kids, of that 3 million.  40 percent have full-blown autism which is nonverbal, nontoilet trained.  These are kids who will never go on a date.  They will never write a poem.  Never hit a baseball.  They’ll never serve in the military.  They’ll never pay taxes.  And a lot them were completely normal healthy kids until they got that vaccine.  The latest CDC data show that one out of every 20 boys in the United States now has autism. And it’s my generation, I’m 66 years old, I was born in 1954…  The incidence of autism for people my age is 1 in 10,000.  And for my children who are born today, or born 5 years ago, the rate is 1 in every 20 boys in New Jersey, which is the state with the best counting system….
RFKJr.:  It changed for the first time dramatically and it’s ratcheted up since.  So the kids are getting sicker, sicker, and sicker.  But the first batch when you started seeing this huge influx of chronic disease… Let me tell you what I mean by chronic disease.  There’s 3 categories, besides SIDS, which appeared with the vaccines as well and is caused by vaccines, and the courts recognized that.  But the neurodevelopmental disorders ADD, ADHD, speech and body language like tics, Tourette’s syndrome, narcolepsy, autism.  Those are all injuries.  I never heard of Tourette’s when I was a kid.  I never heard of narcolepsy, and yet it exploded after 1989. And the second category is allergic diseases:  so peanut allergies, food allergies, eczema, which I didn’t know anybody that had eczema.  And it’s ubiquitous now in that generation.  Asthma and the anaphylactic.  And then I knew kids with asthma when I was a kid but very few.  It was very very unusual.  Today 1 in every 4 black kids in America has asthma.  Urban blacks kids.
But the problem was now they have no incentive to make it safe, and in fact every incentive to keep them dangerous.  Why?  Because they’re now making 60 billion dollars a year selling the vaccines, but they’re making 500 billion, half a trillion a year, selling the treatments for the chronic diseases that are caused by the vaccines.  So they sell my kids the 600 dollar Epi Pins, the Albuterol Inhalers, the Adderall, the Ritalin, all the ADH drugs, anti-seizure meds, diabetes meds, lupus meds, the arthritis meds. 
And it’s a huge racket because the taxpayers in this country are paying much more, much higher prices for those vaccines than, for example, if they’re sold in Europe.  To another customer. And then there’s a revolving door as well.  People at CDC can own patents.  If you work for FDA, NIH.  If you worked on a vaccine, you can now own a patent.  Your agency, for example NIH, owns part of the patent for a Gardasil vaccine and it collects tens of millions of dollars a year.  It collects money on every vial of Gardasil sold.  Not only that but an individual within the agency, who worked on the Gardasil vaccine, can also collect up to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year on perks.  These are government officials who were being paid by the tax payers to work on the vaccines and now they’re making money. And then there’s the revolving door also.  All of these guys ….  If you look at, for example, the CDC director who approved Gardasil, who gave Merck the MMR monopoly, who approved the Zostavax vaccine.

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