Tom Delonge Asking for People to Invest in His UFO PSYOP

Tom Delonge Asking for People to Invest in His UFO PSYOP

October 11th, 2017

The U.S. Government has funneled trillions of dollars into black world research and projects over decades, but Tom Delonge and his CIA friends are now asking for money to, “Bring transformative science and engineering out of the shadows and collaborate with global citizens to apply that knowledge in a way that benefits humanity.”

Your what hurts?

They’re also planning, “An international point-to-point transportation craft that will erase the current travel limits of distance and time. It mimics the capabilities observed in unidentified aerial phenomenon by employing a drive system that alters space-time metric.”

I hesitate to provide a link, but here you go:

As you scroll through Tom Delonge’s happy horseshit, keep in mind, .gov and .mil are playing on his insanely inflated ego and ignorance to take the PSYOP on this topic to the next level.

Tom’s brand of “Disclosure” involves an endless song and dance routine, a hype train for future announcements and incessant peddling of shitty baseball caps and tshirts. Tom might be a rock star, but he’s being played by Uncle $cam on this one.

Of course, I could be wrong, but let’s just say that I won’t be lining up early to buy a ticket to ride on Tom’s spaceship. *chortle*




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