Video: Iran, Israel, & Russia Secret Relationship

I’ve attacked this mythology of “Based Iran” for years now. It’s complete fiction that is being parroted by subversive elements within the alt-right, particularly by these dindu-loving nazbols who follow the Dugin script of advancing propaganda and memes in support of countries aligned with Russia.

The people in our movement who tell us that we must support these towel heads are either crypto-towel heads themselves or are being paid by them to say this.

Why white people would expense energy shilling for some goat-rapists from Iran is unconscionable. As Johnny Gat’s videos unequivocally prove, Iran supported in various forms all of these neocon jewish wars against Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. These child-raping Shiites believed that by toppling all of these Sunni rival states they could expand their influence in the region and begin colonizing other moslem countries with their own version of Islam, which most moslems view as heretical.

Iran is just as devious as Israel but has less influence globally. These moslems are cousins of the jews and practice a similar evil religion which permits lying, cheating and killing of infidels.

Iran is also full of heroin-addicted transsexuals. The Iranian state subsidizes sex change operations for these trannies and then calls them “women”. Based!

Anyone in our circles who is spending time writing asinine propaganda to glorify these Iranian goat-rapists must be considered a dindu subversive trying to distract us from the moslem invasion of our lands.

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