11 Days BEFORE Terror Attack, Brussels Politician BEGGED Trump For THIS [Video]

On Tuesday, Brussels, Belgium was struck through the heart by a vicious terror attack by Islamic fundamentalists, and unfortunately, it wasn’t a major shock. But 11 days before the attack, a politician from the city released a video, and it’s getting some serious attention after what happened yesterday.

Mischaël Modrikamen is leader of the People’s Party in Belgium, and on March 11, he took to Facebook to give a dire warning to America while heaping praise upon Trump for telling it like it is.

He also explained that Brussels has become a third-world city after allowing so-called “refugees” to invade for years, and at the end, he begs Trump to do one thing, and one thing only – Make America Great Again.

Pretty powerful stuff, isn’t it? While leftists across the planet try telling us we have nothing to fear from the Islamist invasion, the proof is really in the pudding.

Numerous cities across Europe have devolved into near-third-world status wherever Muslims have congregated, and along with the invasion they’ve seen an uptick in crimes such as sexual assault and murder. Yet whenever anyone speaks out about it, they’re called everything you can possibly imagine, including “racist” and “xenophobic.”

What appears to be happening with Trump’s brash nature is a cultural shift throughout the Western world, where more and more people are breaking the politically correct chains that have held them silent for too long, and Mr. Modrikamen’s video is evidence of it. With any kind of luck, more people will wake up to the true dangers Western nations face as others keep speaking out.

If not, we may actually live to see the downfall of our great societies at the hands of Islamic invaders. They tried to do it centuries ago, and thanks to weak Western leaders, they just may succeed this time around.

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[H/T: Gateway Pundit]

God Bless.


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