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Tel Aviv synagogue vandalized in protest against Jewish nation-state bill

The words ‘In a place where nation-state laws are passed, books will be burned,’ were spray-painted on the wall of the Tel Aviv International Synagogue HAARETZ The Tel Aviv International Synagogue, which caters to English-speaking Jews, was discovered vandalized Sunday, police said. The words, “In a place where nation-state laws are passed, books will be […]

Impoverished ex-Hasid, 37, suing Quebec over useless schooling

Father of four Yohanan Lowen, living mainly on welfare, is effectively illiterate; only job skill is teaching Aramaic. HAARETZ A 37-year-old former Hasidic Jew is suing the Quebec government for $1.25 million (U.S. $1.1 million) for allowing the ultra-Orthodox schools he attended in the province to teach him nothing of use in the non-Haredi world. […]

Police to probe Facebook page featuring Israeli politicians in Nazi uniforms

President Reuven Rivlin, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, Finance Minister Yair Lapid are among the public figures shown in SS uniforms. HAARETZ The State Prosecutor’s Office ordered the police to open an investigation into the posting of fabricated photos depicting the president, ministers and other public figures in Nazi uniforms. Besides President Reuven Rivlin, Justice Minister […]

Germans invent revolutionary elevator, going up and sideways

An elevator every 30 seconds will be a feature of future skyscrapers, promises German tech giant ThyssenKrupp. They have unveiled technology that allows more than one car in a single shaft and the lifts can go sideways as well as up and down. The company says its invention will revolutionize modern architecture, because central […]

France flooding forces 1500 people to evacuate their homes

A car moved by the La Berre river after the city of Portel-des-Corbieres, southern France, was flooded following heavy rains on November 30, 2014. In southern France, more than 1,500 people have been forced to evacuate their homes amid the country’s worst flooding in over a decade. According to French officials, between “800 and […]

Feds tell police to stop “domestic terrorist” Oath Keepers providing free security

Police in Ferguson, Missouri, have been pressured by the federal government to stop members of Oath Keepers from guarding local homes and businesses targeted by arsonists. Oath Keepers, an organization consisting of former and current military, police and first responders, dispatched several members to Ferguson the day after the Grand Jury announcement to provide […]

Russia dispatches new humanitarian aid convoy to eastern Ukraine

A Russian convoy of trucks transporting humanitarian goods enters Ukraine’s restive eastern city of Donetsk, November 30, 2014. Russia has sent another aid convoy to Ukraine’s restive east amid the on-and-off exchanges of fire between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russians and the worsening humanitarian situation there. On Sunday, more than 1,200 metric tons of supplies, […]

Hundreds demand independence at Scottish Parliament

Hundreds of people have gathered near the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood with St. Andrew’s Cross flags, music and speeches in a celebration of Scottish nationhood, amid continued demands for independence as St. Andrew’s Day celebrations got underway. Poetry recitals, speeches and songs were on the agenda, as people wrapped themselves in flags and “Yes”-related […]

Chuck Hagel’s Fall, by Webster G. Tarpley

Perhaps intimidated by the steady stream of security threats around the White House (two more in the past week), Obama on Nov. 24 unwisely dumped Defense Secretary Hagel without having a suitable replacement ready. Hagel had objected to the Syria policy demanded by the Kerry-Rice-Power humanitarian bomber group, who insist that the main enemy remains […]

Chuck Hagel’s Fall, by Webster G. Tarpley

Perhaps intimidated by the steady stream of security threats around the White House (two more in the past week), Obama on Nov. 24 unwisely dumped Defense Secretary Hagel without having a suitable replacement ready. Hagel had objected to the Syria policy demanded by the Kerry-Rice-Power humanitarian bomber group, who insist that the main enemy remains […]

Dr. Watson to Sell His Nobel Prize After Having Been Shunned for Saying Blacks are Not as Intelligent as Whites

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer November 29, 2014 James Watson: This is the face of pure evil race hate – he is the ultimate enemy of mankind, which threatens to destroy us all. James Watson was part of the team that discovered DNA. He is one of the smartest men on earth, but was shunned by society […]

Policing Race: Nicholas Wade and James Watson

Kevin MacDonaldOccidental Observer November 29, 2014 James Watson Jared Taylor has a great interview of Nicholas Wade on his book, A Troublesome Inheritance.   JARED TAYLOR: Would it not be correct to say that . . . when it comes to the biological basis of population differences — or even individual differences — that the Western mind […]

White Hiking Grandfather Shot and Killed by Black Vermin

NBC Bay Area November 29, 2014 David Ruenzel was found shot dead in a park. A man who was fatally shot at a park in the Oakland hills on Tuesday afternoon has been identified as David Ruenzel of Oakland, East Bay Regional Park District police said Wednesday. Police didn’t disclose Ruenzel’s exact age but said […]

New UN Population Figures Show We will be Overrun by Africans

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer November 29, 2014 Thanks, Africa. So the liberals are talking constantly about population control.  I meet these people, and I’m like “well, why don’t we put a sterilizing agent in the water supply of Africans?”  Then they flip out like “how dare you.” Scientific American: United Nations leaders have worried for decades […]

NAACP Head: “Burn This Bitch Down” was Not a Call for Violence

Daily Stormer November 29, 2014 Here you have the head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Cornell Brooks, saying that when Michael Brown’s stepfather told the hordes to “burn this bitch down” he was not calling for violence. How is this man able to say such things without blushing? Oh, […]

Egypt’s Sisi calls for bringing hope to Palestinians

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi said on Saturday that measures were needed to be taken to bring hope to the Palestinians, who struggle to obtain their legitimate rights. During a meeting in Cairo with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, al-Sisi added that international guarantees were also needed to be provided to encourage Israel to go […]

Man wounded by Israeli gunfire in Gaza

World Bulletin/News Desk A Palestinian man was on Saturday wounded by Israeli gunfire northern the Gaza Strip, near the border of the blockaded enclave with Israel. Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qodra said the man was wounded when Israeli troops opened their gunfire on farmlands near the border line. “He was in critical […]

Egyptians protest dropping of charges against Mubarak

World Bulletin/News Desk Hundreds of people on Saturday gathered near central Cairo’s Tahrir Square to protest against a court verdict, dropping charges against ex-president Hosni Mubarak that he incited the killing of protesters in 2011. Standing trial with Mubarak in the same case were his interior minister and several Interior Ministry officials. […]

Two foreign aid workers killed in Taliban attack

World Bulletin/News Desk Two foreign aid workers were killed when a group of Taliban bombers and gunmen stormed an international aid organization in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on Saturday, Afghan authorities said. At least three militants dropped two hand grenades at the gate of compound and followed by light weapons shootings. According to Afghan officials, […]

Herzog says he may form Israel’s next government

World Bulletin/News Desk The leader of Israel’s Labor Party Isaac Herzog said on Saturday that he might replace incumbent prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in case early general elections were held in Israel. “I think it is now clear that I am Netanyahu’s substitute,” Herzog said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 10. […]

‘Off switch’ for pain discovered in the brain

A breakthrough means to ease pain for millions of patients has been discovered by US researchers – and it’s right inside our body. Scientists at St. Louis University, Missouri, blocked a pain pathway in rodents using a receptor called A3, which is located in rats’ brains and spinal cords, and acts against intense feelings of […]

Moldova holds historic parliamentary polls

  According to the reports, polling stations are open from 7:00 a.m. local time to 9:00 p.m. Sunday. Voters are casting their ballots to choose lawmakers to a 101-seat parliament for a four-year term. Opinion polls show a neck-and-neck competition. While nearly 40 percent of Moldovans support pro-European parties, around the […]

Who Owns Yoga?

Home > Who Owns Yoga? Waking Times Documentary Film – The ancient practice of yoga has been packaged and commercialised in a myriad of different ways over recent decades. A film about the evolution of yoga in modern society. ~~ Help Waking Times to […]

25 Phenomena Across The Globe

Home > 25 Phenomena Across The Globe Waking Times Video – If you ever get a chance to travel the world you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss these 25 natural phenomena you have to see to believe! ~~ Help Waking Times to […]

The Plant Most Fundamental to Life on Earth

Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times “Enlightenment without action is hallucination.” ~ Unknown The forests in most countries around the equator, such as the Brazilian Amazon, have suffered greatly. In the 1960’s they were cut down to make way for cattle ranching and crop cultivation. At that time, governments were quick […]

Precognition: How Our Body Reacts Up To 10 Seconds Before Events Happen

Arjun Walia, Collective-EvolutionWaking Times Over the past few decades a significant and noteworthy amount of scientific research has emerged contributing to the notion that human precognition could very well be real, and that we all might possess this potential -amongst various other extended human capacities. Thanks to the research by […]

How to Develop the Four Primary Skills of All Meditation

Paul Cavel, ContributorWaking Times Emancipation or freedom from slavery and bondage is ultimately what the human spirit craves. From the perspective of your spirit, slavery encompasses how the attachments in your life—such as sex, material items, money, power and all that they bring—prevent you from being free. Bondage has to […]

Darren Wilson resigns in wake of shooting Michael Brown – attorney

Forcing kids to live with decomposing body lands FL man in jail

Arrests, protests & ‘Xmas carols’: Ferguson unrest enters fifth day, c15 detained

A demonstrator protesting the shooting death of Michael Brown is arrested by a National Guard troop and a police officer outside of the Ferguson Police Station November 28, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri (AFP Photo / Joshua Lott) Black Friday protests in Ferguson saw activists singing the words “it’s a racist time in the city” to […]

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