After Ridiculing Vaccine Skeptics, German Man Develops Severe Paralysis From COVID Vaccination

A German man posted a video online that first shows him right after he dutifully received his COVID vaccine — first in his car, jubilantly making fun of those who warned him that it was dangerous — and then follows him a few days later as he somberly describes his struggles with severe neurological problems — but, of course, he’s not laughing so loud any more…

Transcription and translation provided here:

Qubbi and I got it done!  We… just… got… vaccinated.  So get vaccinated, otherwise, ewww, there are the unvaccinated!  Ewww! There are probably even unvaccinated viewers, urgh!

As you know, last Wednesday I was vaccinated against Corona with the vaccine from AstraZeneca.  I got up in the morning, and the first thing that happened was that I fell right on the floor.  That happened because my right leg just collapsed under me.  I thought to myself, “What’s going on?”

Then I realized that my face was numb — along with my arm and leg.  I thought to myself, “Oh, s***, what’s going on now?!”  No joke, at first I thought I had had a stroke.  The entire right side of my body was completely numb.  Later on, I started having dizzy spells, which made me think that I really had a stroke.  The only way I could move around in my apartment was with my left side against the wall because the right side is entirely numb.

So then, I wanted to put my shoes on, but I couldn’t.  I can only lift my right hand with support from the left.  That works; then I lift my arm like that, and that’s OK, but I have no fine motor skills.  Nothing at all.  It’s all numb here.  You could poke it with a needle and I’d feel nothing.  I couldn’t tie my shoes.

The doctor said that a stroke could be ruled out as the cause.  She also said it appears that, most probably, the vaccine affected my central nervous system.

My fever is now gone and the dizziness, too.  That stopped last Friday.  And now with my right foot, I can move it — well, y’know, although it’s still numb or impaired.

Despite that, I’m able to move my foot, and the muscle aches and pains are now gone.  Fever is gone — dizziness is gone — but unfortunately, the rest of it’s still there.  The amount of saliva has also decreased.

This means the symptoms are starting to disappear, and that’s important to say here quickly.  The tactile impairment is still present.

I think it’s a good thing that there’s a Corona vaccine.  I will stand by that statement and want to emphasize that here at this point.

Unfortunately, the Bell’s Palsy is still there — I’m sure you can see that.

His doctor reassures him that despite having all the textbook symptoms of a stroke — none of his symptoms were actually caused by a stroke — all semantics.

Instead, the vaccine “affected his nervous system” — in other words, the vaccine caused a stroke, damaging his nervous system, which caused the symptoms he’s experiencing.

The late Dr. Andrew Moulden —  who worked extensively with vaccine-damaged children — demonstrated how vaccines caused mini-strokes — especially Bell’s Palsy — which showed up early in Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trials.

In fact, Dr. Moulden went so far as to assert that every vaccine causes damage — but often the symptoms are very difficult to discern — because doctors receive no training in identifying vaccine damage — for the simple reason that all vaccines are “safe and effective” if you want to keep your medical license.

Yet, despite obviously having a stroke — and the prospect of permanent neurological impairment — this German man still insists that the Corona vaccine is “good” — and he “stands by it” — the brainwashing is complete.

Whistleblowers who work in nursing homes in Germany have come forward to claim that the elderly residents are being forced to take the vaccine against their wills — and many are dying — clearly, this has all the hallmarks of State-sponsored euthanasia.

And Angela Merkel has all but threatened German citizens that if they do not submit to this clearly dangerous vaccine, the State will do everything in its power to make their lives miserable.

Better than any “denazification” program of the past, these COVID vaccines will ensure that there will never be any chance of another Hitler rising up against the ruling elite — even if that means turning the population into medical zombies.

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