April 8 – Castro Jr. Changes Canada into Communist Police State

Controlled by WEF sock puppets, Western governments have gone rogue. Now that life is becoming unaffordable, Westerners are beginning to notice.

Canadian Government Plans ‘Stalinist Show Trial’ of Heroic Doctor— Legal Trickery Would Silence Dr. Charles Hoffe

When Margie Met Fidel

Nuclear Blackmailers

Israeli Politician Suggests Israel Will Use Nukes If America Stops Supplying Weapons Aid

Reader- “Just like I said, they’ll use Nukes & the Samson Option if they can’t get themselves out of the bind they put themselves in.  I hope Russia is tracking their diesel subs carrying Nukes & destroys them before they can harm Humanity further. 

Jewry always does it to themselves. Their criminality gets them into trouble and then they rely on the Rothschild-Ruled west to save them. Not this time; the US is impotent, along with NATO.  It looks like Israel may be toast, and they no longer have Ukraine to fall back on. They’re desperate & unpredictable. The all-time greatest Blackmailers. The Rabid dog in the school yard. “

Iran offers no response to Damascus strike if US secures Gaza ceasefire – report

The report comes as negotiations for a ceasefire and hostage release deal resume between Israel and Hamas in Cairo.

Satanyahu will not agree.

Trudeau Demands Life In Prison For Speech Crimes  (from March 11)

Shocking crackdown by Canada’s Liberal Party also seeks incarceration for crimes that haven’t been committed

People can be jailed for up to 12 months just because other people fear they may commit future hate speech,” noted Joanna Baron, the executive director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation. “The options are a year of imprisonment or wear an ankle bracelet, submit to DNA tests, submit to ongoing monitoring.”

War on Gaza: Israel faces uncertain economic future after six months of war

Financial rating agencies say the continuation of the war has led to a negative economic outlook

Six months since the start of Israel’s war on Gaza, projections regarding Israel’s economy seem set to remain largely negative. Al Jazeera reported that the country suffered $56bn worth of direct losses due to the war, which came about as a result of spending on army operations in Gaza and compensation to its citizens and soldiers affected by the conflict.

The country’s economy shrunk by 19.4 percent in the last three months of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022 according to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics – the sharpest drop since the Covid-19 pandemic. A 26.9 percent drop in private consumption was a major driver in the contraction, as business investments also plunged by 67 percent.

Around 200,000 Israelis remain displaced from their homes in the north and south of the country, as areas around the Gaza Strip remain evacuated and daily clashes with Lebanon’s Hezbollah persist in the north.”

Justin Smith-  America Is Hurtling Toward a Full Blown Hot Civil War

“It never ceases to amaze me at how little so many people in this country have done to train their minds to critically analyze information. They have eyes to see and ears to see, and yet, somehow the truth of any major issue still seems to evade them, or they simply refuse to recognize the truth with it standing right in front of them, slapping them in the face.

“So many things are currently plumb damned fouled up by this Biden regime and going awry on their own through the dynamics set in motion by this anti-American, lawless regime, that it’s nearly impossible to properly address them all in a single commentary. But I’ve tried to give the Reader as comprehensive an assessment as I possibly can with this piece.”

(Thumb on knuckle. They are all Freemasons. Politics is a charade)

Janet Yellen Threatens Sanctions for China Banks That Aid Russia’s War

She wraps up 4-day trip with blunt warning on ties with Moscow

Genocide in Gaza through the eyes of Israeli soldiers | The Listening Post

Viewer–“This is literally what I’ve been seeing online, and it made my stomach turn. I’ve taken screen recordings too. I’ve been twisting and turning in my bed, unable to sleep, crying intermittently throughout the day, feeling sick to my stomach, praying for Palestine and humanity as a whole all day, and then… I decided to check in on a boy I went to school with, in South Africa, who moved to Israel and joined the Israeli army a few years ago, he made a joke video as the IDF blew up a building in Khan Younis and posted it on Instagram, trying to build clout off of his active participation in genocide. He was laughing, while people were dying. I’m horrified, it’s sickening. Their lack of remorse is the worst part of all of this. They are massacring people in cold blood. The power of systematic far-right indoctrination is scary. This is a humanitarian catastrophe and we’re here witnessing it happen, in real time.”

The school accidentally vaccinated my 12 y/o son

“I just got off the phone with my son’s school, and they informed me that they accidentally administered the second dose of the HPV vaccine to him without my consent. Despite my prior rejection of the vaccine! I feel violated and enraged.  What would you do?”

HORROR: 64-Year-Old New Jersey Man Who Operates Trump RV Beaten with Sledgehammer, Airlifted to Hospital with “Significant Head Injuries”

Dr. Hodkinson: “It’s Not a Time to Say ‘I’m Sorry’ – It’s a Time to Put These Bastards in Jail”

” We’ve seen the biggest kill ever in medicine history…”

California: Paramilitary Force Sent to College Dorms Arrest Students for Supporting Palestine

Eighteen students at Pomona College in Claremont, California, were arrested on Friday and charged with misdemeanor trespassing, and one student was arrested for obstruction of justice, according to the Claremont police department, during a protest in response to the removal of pro-Palestinian art on the college campus.

Why have no politicians addressed Chemtrails?

“On a day here in Indy when people have flocked here to see the eclipse, there are more chemtrails in the sky than I have ever seen at one time

From an adverse reaction website for medical professionals- 

“I had to get the vaccination as I needed a knee operation. I had 2 Az and a moderate booster. My last one was almost 2 years ago. In last few months I have had lots of different symptoms. I have chest pains which I got checked and they couldn’t say why. I had headaches. I have pain in joints and feet sometimes. I’m starting to get muscle twiching all over my body. I have had several set of bloods done in last 2 months. I had chest xray. The doctor says they can’t see anything wrong. I know my own body and something is not right. Any advice from medical professional would be great. Thank you


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