Attention all men! You can boost your life expectancy by 15 years through healthy diet and daily exercise

(NaturalNews) Age Erasers for Men: Hundreds of Fast and Easy Ways to Beat the Years is essentially the Bible when it comes to men’s health. Former editors for Men’s Health magazine, Doug Dollemore and Mark Giuliucci, provide insight into a range of topics including relaxation, sex, yoga and how to lessen the pains of aging. The following is a snippet from their book:

You’ve noticed the changes. Maybe it’s as subtle as aches and pains from a weekend pickup game that last well into Tuesday, maybe as obvious as thinning hair or a thickening gut. It could be that you’re squinting a little more or hearing a little less, panting too hard from exercise or not hard enough over sex. Whatever it is, it means you’re putting on a few years. But that doesn’t mean that you have to get old.

Scientists who study the aging process readily acknowledge that there’s little you can do about some aspects of aging. The fact is, as men age, certain changes tend to occur—what those in the aging biz call biomarkers of aging.

Some of these changes are obvious: Hair gets thinner and grayer, skin gets looser and more wrinkled, vision gets more fuzzy, and hearing begins to fade. Muscles get weaker. Lungs wind more easily. And of course, the gut tends to expand as metabolism slows down, making you more likely to gain weight even if you eat the same amount of calories.

Some changes are less noticeable but can be even more significant to overall health: Cholesterol levels start increasing steadily, raising your risk of heart disease. Immunity weakens, so you’re more susceptible to illness and you take longer to bounce back. Even brain cells start dying off by the thousands each day starting around age 30.

To further add insult to injury, the part of us that for so long did a lot of our thinking, our libido, also begins to wane, thanks to lower levels of testosterone that decrease our sexual appetite.

But none of these changes is inevitable.

Outpacing Aging

You may not be able to outrun Father Time, but more and more research seems to indicate that you can keep one step ahead of him.

“How you age is more of a reflection of how you live, a lifetime’s accumulation of the things you do every day,” says William Evans, Ph.D., director of the Noell Laboratory for Human Performance Research at Pennsylvania State University in University Park and co-author of Biomarkers: The Ten Determinants of Aging You Can Control. “And to a very great degree, those things are under your control.”

And it’s never too late to change. “There is a lot of research showing that this wonderful body of ours is almost indefinitely renewable if we give it a chance,” says Walter Bortz, M.D., clinical associate professor of medicine at Stanford University in Stanford, California, and author of We Live Too Short and Die Too Long.

In fact, researchers at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, have calculated that simply by taking charge of certain key actions in your life— like eating right and exercising regularly—you can boost your life expectancy by up to 15 years.

Decades of Change

The typical guy starts to show the first signs of aging soon after reaching full maturity—around age 22. In other words, just as we reach our peak, many of us begin our decline.

“But there’s no reason for it. The human body is designed to last 110 years,” says Ben Douglas, Ph.D., professor of anatomy at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson and author of AgeLess: Living Younger Longer.

“Just like other members of the animal kingdom, our bodies are designed to last roughly five times the age of when we reach our sexual maturity. And with proper care, we should.”

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Dollemore, D. & Giuliucci, M. (1994) Age erasers for men: Hundreds of fast and easy ways to beat the years: Rodale Press

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