EXCLUSIVE: Bone Broth Protein products found to contain insect repellent, antibiotics and prescription drugs – Consumer Wellness Center

Image: EXCLUSIVE: Bone Broth Protein products found to contain insect repellent, antibiotics and prescription drugs – Consumer Wellness Center

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Popular Bone Broth Protein products sold by companies like Ancient Nutrition, Left Coast and PrecisionNaturals have been found to contain an array of chemicals, according to mass spec laboratory science research conducted by the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center.

According to a press release issued today by the CWC, popular Bone Broth Protein products sold on Amazon.com and across the natural products industry contain chemicals which include antibiotics, prescription drug chemicals and an insect repellent sold as part of a brand name insecticide product named “Pyrocide.” (More details shown below.) Products were selected for testing based on their popularity on Amazon.com. All the products tested were non-organic. No companies paid the CWC to be included or excluded from lab tests, and neither the CWC nor its executive director have any financial stake in bone broth products.

Continued coverage of Bone Broth product testing is being launched at a new website BoneBroth.news.

Powerful insect repellent found in nearly every bone broth powder sample tested

Seven out of the eight samples tested showed the presence of Dipropyl isocinchomeronate, also known as MGK-326 and sold as the key chemical constituent of a brand name insecticide known as “Pyrocide 100.” (See PesticideInfo.org for details of chemical composition and toxicity.)

Pyrocide is described by its manufacturer as a, “dual-synergized fogging concentrate provides both flushing action and quick knockdown of a wide range of pests.”

PesticideInfo.org lists this chemical as the predominant active chemical ingredient in “Pyrocide,” depicting a skull and crossbones icon beside the chemical under the column labeled “Carcinogen.”

Dipropyl isocinchomeronate, which may also be called “Di-n-propyl 2, 5-pyridinedicarboxylate” or “MGK Repellent 326” (see EnvironmentalChemistry.com for synonyms), was detect in Bone Broth products from the following manufacturers:

  • Ancient Nutrition
  • Jarrow Formulas
  • Sports Research
  • Left Coast
  • LonoLife

The almost universal presence of this chemical in bone broth products that were tested so far indicates a very high likelihood that the processing machinery and equipment used in the manufacture of these bone broth products is frequently saturated with this chemical.

The Material Safety Data Sheet of Pyrocide, published by its manufacturer (MGK.com), warns against ingesting the substance:

If swallowed, IMMEDIATELY call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice. DO NOT give any liquid to the person. Do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by a poison control center or a doctor. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

The MSDS also states that users of the insecticide should “prevent entry into waterways, sewers, basements or confined areas” and warns that people should “avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing.” Further warnings state: “Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Use with local exhaust ventilation.”

Very high dose exposure to the chemical — far beyond any amount detected in Bone Broth Protein products — was found to produce “marginally higher incidences of benign liver tumors in mice.”

Other chemicals detected in popular Bone Broth Protein products

Here are additional chemicals that were confirmed to be present in popular Bone Broth Protein products. The top graphic for each chemical is the extraction ion chromatography showing accurate mass. The bottom graphic for each chemical is the extracted spectra, confirming the isotopic ratios, isotopic spacing and other “fingerprint” factors such as sodium adducts.

Butylparaben (Butyl paraben)
– An antimicribiol preservative used in cosmetics

Dipropyl isocinchomeronate (MGK-326) (also sold as “Pyrocide”)
– An insect repellent

– A vasodilator drug

– An antibiotic used to treat urinary tract infections

Full results of the testing are available exclusively through Good Gopher Mail, a free, uncensored email alert service that bypasses Google’s censorship of science and the mainstream media’s censorship of truth. To receive email alerts about these test results — and other test results delivered on a regular basis — sign up for a free Good Gopher Mail account at Mail.GoodGopher.com.

Scientifically confirmed in five different ways

According to the CWC:

Chemical analytes were confirmed using five different scientific analysis methods. Those methods, encompassed in LC-MS-TOF analysis, include accurate mass, retention time, isotopic ratios, isotopic spacing and ion fragmentation “fingerprint” analysis. 

Watch the following video summary of the science announcement. The full announcement, about one hour long, is being posted by the CWC in approximately 24 hours at ConsumerWellness.org:

Organic bone broth tests coming soon

Organic Bone Broth products have recently become available, and the CWC will test those products in the very near future. Secure an email account at Good Gopher Mail to receive those results when they are published.




Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-10-05-exclusive-bone-broth-protein-products-found-to-contain-insect-repellent-antibiotics-and-prescription-drugs-consumer-wellness-center.html

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