‘Extreme Accountability’: Stew Peters Delivers a Bloodthirsty Rant at the Latest ReAwaken America Event

Stew Peters is a far-right virulently anti-LGBTQ bigot who regularly uses his nightly “The Stew Peters Show” program, speeches, and social media accounts to promote white nationalists and antisemites and to spread wild conspiracy theories, bigotry, and calls for violence.

Lately, those calls for violence have become increasingly explicit, as just last week Peters used his program to urge Americans to begin exploring “extra-legal options” to remove “enemy combatants” like Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs from office.

Over the weekend, Peters joined members of former President Donald Trump’s family and inner circle and a cavalcade of far-right conspiracy theorists for a ReAwaken America event in Las Vegas, where he delivered a bloodthirsty rant that was alarming even by Peters’ already unhinged standards.

Speaking on the same stage as the likes of Donald Trump Jr., Lara Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Michael Flynn, Peters repeatedly called for his perceived political enemies to be executed.

Peters vowed to arrest former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci and prosecute him for the COVID-19 pandemic, after which Peters said Fauci “will hang from a length of thick rope until he is dead.”

Hunter Biden, Peters then pledged, will be tried for treason and “when he is convicted of those crimes, he will get the punishment that traitors like Julius and Ethel Rosenberg received before him: Death!”

Peters proceeded to declare that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is “a treasonous traitor, and in the world that we are going to build, traitors will hang.”

On top of that, Peters warned that any medical professional who provides treatment to transgender youth will be charged with “child mutilation.”

“Child mutilation will be a capital offense,” Peters proclaimed. “And those who commit it will receive the death penalty without exception.”

“We are going to see extreme accountability,” Peters asserted. “Maximum accountability. We are going to have permanent accountability, with extreme prejudice!”

Every one of Peters’ violent threats was met by wild cheers from the audience.

Despite Peters well-documented history of using extremely bigoted and increasingly dangerous rhetoric, he nevertheless regularly manages to get Republican leaders, elected officials, and candidates for office to appear on his program.

The ReAwaken America tour is the brainchild of right-wing conspiracy theorist Clay Clark, who has openly bragged that the participation by Michael Flynn and members of the Trump family in these events is “legitimizing what we are doing in the minds of many people” and allowing him to get various conspiracy theorists and self-proclaimed “prophets” directly into “Trump’s inner circle.”

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