French Expert Pushing Vaccines on Children is a Rothschild Foundation Chairman

by TLB staff

First, we’re publishing an extract from a recent RT piece on what France’s ‘Mr. Vaccine’, Alain Fischer, has to say on why the young should be vaccinated and quickly.

Fischer, a Rothschild medical associate and pediatric immunologist, puts arithmetical imperatives above moral ones by his own reasoning. Herd immunity, of the natural kind, had probably been achieved a long time ago according to most independent experts, but he argues that it will only be reachable by vaccination of the young. You couldn’t make this up.

rothschild foundation chairman pushing vaccines on children

Vaccinating teenagers is “an arithmetic imperative”, says vaccine strategy officer

by RT France

The person in charge of the vaccination strategy of the government judges that it is necessary “to vaccinate 90 % of the 12 to 100 years” to reach the group immunity, explaining also that “the vaccination will reduce the risk of closing of establishments at the beginning of the school year”.

The vaccination of minors over 12 years – which must begin June 15 – is an “arithmetic imperative” to get closer to the group immunity against Covid-19, assured Professor Alain Fischer, in charge of the government’s vaccine strategy, in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche.

“The idea of vaccinating teenagers instead of reluctant adults is ethically unacceptable” but “the opening of the vaccine to teenagers on Tuesday is justified” because “it is an arithmetical imperative: to achieve herd immunity, 90% of 12 to 100 year olds must be vaccinated; so much so that it will remain out of reach even if almost all adults are vaccinated”, argues the specialist in pediatric immunology in an interview published on June 13.

Alain Fischer also mentions for teenagers – who would have a low health risk against Covid-19 – an “individual benefit in the social and psychological sense” because “they pay too heavy a price to the pandemic” with school dropouts and very heavy psychological impacts for young people deprived of college or high school.

“Vaccination will reduce the risk of school closures at the beginning of the school year, and we know that teenagers participate as much as adults in the circulation of the virus, so we must go ahead,” continued the person in charge of vaccination in France.

On June 12, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that the symbolic milestone of 30 million French people having received a first dose had been passed, a “beautiful symbol”, according to Professor Fischer, but who finds it “more meaningful to reason in terms of the number of French people protected”.

“Let’s make a simple addition: if we add the completely vaccinated people, those who have received a dose for at least 15 days and are therefore already partially immune, those who have a natural immunity after having had the Covid, we arrive at about 32 million,” calculates the doctor.

“So almost half of the population is protected. There is a group immunity on the horizon”, notes Alain Fischer. “But it is like a marathon of which we have already run two thirds. And we know that the last one will be the hardest,” he warns.

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Alain Fischer, the government’s “Mr. Vaccine”, sits on the Board of Directors of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation


Since December 3, 2020, Alain Fischer has become the government’s “Mr. Vaccine”, appointed by Prime Minister Jean Castex.

This professor of immunology is there to push the French to be vaccinated. And if six French people have already died after being vaccinated, Alain Fischer echoes the communication of the pharmaceutical industry Pfizer, which considers that these are only “incidents”.

The media hardly mention another aspect of Alain Fischer’s business card. Alain Fischer is the chairman of the board of directors of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation. This must make him an additional topic of conversation with Emmanuel Macron…

fischer rothschild foundation chairman

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