French General Under Investigation for “Anti-Semitism” Because He Said a “Community” Controls the Media

Former French General Dominique Delawarde is now under investigation by the Paris prosecutor’s office for remarks he made on French television, which have been deemed racist and anti-semitic. Although the French general never said “jews,” he stated that there was a “community” that controls the mainstream media, so this was enough to get him booted from the show immediately, barred from ever appearing on the program again, and now possibly charged with “public defamation and incitement.”

The Paris prosecutor’s office today opened an investigation into the heads of public defamation and incitement to hatred and violence on the grounds of origin or belonging to an ethnic group, nation, race or religion

Back in November 2020 he had endorsed the idea of election fraud being what allowed Biden’s win in the US and said, “There are, in my eyes, too many concordant clues for allow the Western ‘media pack’, of which we know who controls it, to convince me otherwise.”

When the general was being interviewed on CNews this past week, jewish talking head Claude Posternak confronted Delawarde about who controls the media pack.

Delawarde responded, “You know very well who controls the media pack in the world and in France”.

He keeps being pressed by the incensed Posternak, who had a ridiculous look of seething fury on his shaking face. “WHO?” the jew demanded.

“This is the community that you know well”, Dominique Delawarde told Posternak

The host of the show, Jean-Marc Morandini, stepped in immediately and said, “We are not going to leave on that, we will stop there my general, I’m sorry. We can’t let it be said on the air, I’m sorry, we cut, we take away the general.”

We can’t let it be said on the air.

Here is the video  of the interview with English subtitles, which was created and sent to me by a reader.


This is just like how Irish singer Van Morrison has been attacked by the press for having a song “They Own the Media,” even though he never states who owns the media.

You are an “anti-semite” if you bring up the topic of media control, because everyone who is paying any attention knows that jews own the media. They do not like it even getting out that any particular group owns the media, because if you do just 1 or 2 minutes of searching online you can find out very quickly just how pervasive this media control truly is.

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