GENOCIDE ALERT!!! Israel’s Industrial Mass Murder of Palestinians Resumes In Gaza


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  1. What says:

    There is no Jewish-Muslim-Conflict. They wouldnt flood Europe with Muslims if they were not big friends. They already destroyed Spain in the Mid Age with the help of the muslims. The Jews work together with the Muslims. The Jews are nothing else but descendants of the Hellenes. What is described as Satanism in the internet is nothing else but hellenistic philosophy. Cleopatra was a hellene not egyptian. Alexander the Great conquered the whole world. Also India. India, Israel, the Muslims at whole all are hellenistic and working together to destroy the whole planet and kill all west europeans. especially the germans. the whole planet is finished now. there is no resistance at all. the slaves are stupid and degenerated shit mountains and u r controlled opposition. thats also one thing the hellenes invented. like the slave states in the antique or the term “god”. but for them its their leader. they also invented religions to keep the spirits of the slaves under control and to give them hope. because the life of a slave is nothing great. hope is important that they still work somehow. today they fight religions in europe. the only reason is to destroy the communities that build up under religious unity. religions itselves are lies. and no jew is religious at all. if he claims he was he is lying. in what the jews believe u can read and find out when you study the philosophers of the antique like socrates, aristoteles, plato and so on. for example socrates declared lying as virtue.

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