Global Games That Tyrants Play – and People Who Agree to be Played With

December 17th, 2020

By Andriana Eloha

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Once upon a time, in a state of total forgetfulness of what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s good and what’s evil, in an unknown place, on a planet (that rumor has it, at some point got quarantined from the rest of the glorious multiverse for eons),- in that very place, the descendants of the Source, in a state of deep trance put on the masks of victimhood and covered themselves with the garments made of pure fear, prescribed to them mostly by their own Unawareness.

On the physical level, the masks and garments were created, and later mandated by some stray tyrants who were on a run from the Holy Oneness Itself and who lost the ability to create on their own. So, manipulation and exploitation of creative abilities and creation of other Beings was their only choice, – or so they thought. Eventually, these manipulators got quarantined and stuck (locked up) on the very same planet, or the entire planet with everything on it got quarantined because of them, – nobody knows for sure any more which came first. But back to the iniquitous incident.

The stray tyrants realised that on this convenient for them planet they had found the ultimate refuge and a playground for all sorts of absurdities. Besides, the majority of other evolving species in all other places recognized the predicament of these manipulators and the nature of their activities right away and, in no uncertain terms, responded to the tyrants and their tricks with a “no” that could not be violated. In other words, nobody else wanted these manipulators across all known to them galaxies and dimensions. However, the species on this planet were not quite self-aware and unified on the collective level yet, hence the manipulators decided to take the chance. And so, there were these tyrants portraying themselves as somebody more and bigger than they actually were, and there was a promising evolving species with great potential who was made believe they were less and smaller than they really were. A match made in…., on Earth, in fact.

The game was on. Ancient Babylonia…. And from there, throughout many centuries, the game spread into other lands where it was played on all existing levels… The masks wearers eventually got so identified with their masks of victimhood and garments made of pure fear, they never questioned enough the whole unholy circumstance. The Church of whatever denomination was vaccinating the unsuspecting consciousness of each young member of every congregation it ruled with the idea of being terminally unholy and unwell on arrival (birth), – i.e. contaminated with an invisible sin, that only this religious institution representatives knew everything about, especially how they can help the sin carrier rid himself/herself of that invisible sin or diminish its effects. Sometimes it even involved being forcefully imprisoned or publicly killed. But this is another story in itself.

Some distant nations in different corners of the world, who didn’t buy into the idea of the invisible sin that they had been most likely infected with (without their knowledge), over centuries, either got killed or forcefully converted into the supporters of the nearest to them religious institution of Guilt and Shame (and all things ridiculous). And sure enough, all members of this bizarre organization would wear a mask of pretense at all times,- to show their belonging to this controversial institution and in order to “feel safe”. Somehow, people were made believe that constant fear and pretense(that comes from fear), not awareness, makes one secure.

The Institution of Guilt and Shame main goal was to seek absolute control and consequent demolition of the common sense everywhere through implementation of the ultimate confusion into everyone who belonged or was going to belong to this particular Institution (which would eventually include the entire world).

As time passed, the Institution of Guilt and Shame (which had many branches on many levels) managed to convert the masters and saints of all remaining sacred traditions that had existed long before the given Institution was established, into the duplicates of its own unholy pantheon. The teachers and ideas of the sacred traditions of true knowing, promoting authenticity and self-awareness were later deliberately misrepresented, twisted, their sacred teachings abridged or destroyed and then given new names and content by the secret Department of Mergers and Acquisitions of the Unholy Narrative (UN). Nowadays, after numerous redactions and word games, this Department of M&A is mainly known as the Department of Inquisition. Forgot to mention, together with the masks of victimhood, the garments of pure fear were also a part of the mandatory unholy uniform that the entire congregation of the Institution of Guilt and Shame were supposed to wear on a daily basis. And if one, for whatever reason, didn’t wear those, they were called a witch! And the consequences of this were most of the time lethal and other times just unpleasant.

As time passed, nearly all nations across the globe got converted into total falsehood and pretense. Wearing not their own truth but the mask of victimhood and limitation approved by the nearest to them tyrant became popular and fashionable. The mask of victimhood worn together with the fear garment eventually became new required by the state identity by which each person could be accepted into a new civilized society run by a dictator who, of course, wore his own mask of the great pretense at all times. ….It was past the Middle Ages by the time….and it didn’t end there, the story continued.

This before mentioned dictator, every time and in any land, was in fact so unwell himself, he needed hundreds and thousands and millions of other people supporting beliefs and opinions, thoughts, indoctrinated points of view and socially engineered emotional responses, to support his unholy image of the great pretender. And it actually worked, to the dictator’s delight. With the personal power that hundreds and thousands of people were lured into giving away to their nearest dictator and his executive team on an hourly basis, these self-proclaimed governors of everybody but themselves, would eventually appear in everybody’s eyes way more powerful and capable than they actually were. But…. that was kept secret, of course. The naked king acted as though he was proud of his non-existing clothes of superiority, showing he was…more valuable and important than everyone else. And not only everyone else was supposed to agree with him, everyone else was also supposed to “see” his non-existing “clothes” as “real”… And if they didn’t…. those people were called conspiracy terrorists or sinners or enemies of all other people….or something of the kind.

And on and on went the unholy game, until it reached the 21-st century. So, now it’s … 2020. For better or worse, all the invisible, taken for granted and normalized for millennia masks of victimhood and pretense and casually worn garments made of pure fear, for the first time since the game began, have become visible to everyone. And so have the tyrants, their servants, supporters, and the entire desperate nature of their unholy activities and all the tricks and treats they have been carefully planning and then using on people for way too many centuries.

And in 2020 the game is still being played individually and collectively. The unholy masquerade main rule is to train its participants to give their power away to any external circumstance or a person. An invisible or invented enemy of any size will do too. The next main rule of the unholy ruse is to make an external person, be it a family member, a romantic partner, an inexplicably aggressive stranger, a state officer, a motivational speaker, an MD, an ET of a popular constellation, star or galaxy, or a president of whatever country your external center,- over which, of course, you have neither control nor influence. It’s a fascinating thing when your internal center immigrates somewhere else where it doesn’t belong and you become at all times confused, misused or abused as a consequence. And whatever takes place in your personal reality from then on is always somebody else’s fault. There is no way you can be responsible. You just can’t help but make someone else or something else the ultimate author of your life. Right? The mask of victimhood, i.e., a pretense is on, and you are afraid to…. take the damn thing off. The Source in you, in whose authentic image you were created….. …yeah, where is it in you now????

How to Exit the Tyrannical Multi-Millennia Game

Let’s keep it short and to the point. Alice is NOT in the Wonderland, my friends…. The Wonderland is in Alice. And Alice is asleep. The rogue, out of control, immoral Queen and her governors are powerful and influential only until the moment Alice realizes that the entire Queen’s government is…. Just a pack of cards. And we all know what happened to Alice and to the tyrannical Queen right after that realization. Alice, finally, woke up. The Queen, with all her threats and agendas, servants and the rest of the madness vanished that same instant. Alice …did not wait for or require a savior. She liberated herself by herself, through a simple act of awareness.

So, don’t try to bend the… Don’t attempt to overpower the government, that’s impossible. Instead, only realise the truth. What truth? The government has no power over you if you don’t give your very own power away to the government, if you don’t make them your authority (=the ultimate author of your life). They are the subject to your state of vibration (like everything else that happens in your life), which is the subject to your most dominant and most stable focus of inner attention, which you must fully own. Do you?

There is no government Mr. and Ms. Neo of whatever nation and location. It’s not the external circumstance that bends, and it’s not the political and social situation that transforms into something sinister or something freedom and kindness based and more appropriate. It is the bending of the focus of your most dominant inner attention and the overall state of your everyday vibration that bends. But if you’ve disowned those, someone else will bend your world into a state that may not honor you and those around you.

If you really would like to “bend” the current madness and affect the wearers of the masks of victimhood in some miraculous, yet simple and effective way, fully own your main focus of attention and thus your overall state of vibration on a daily basis. And then and only then, you may be inspired to do something…. out of the rigid box of everyone’s expectation, something based on creative and life inspiring intention. Then your action will be graceful and impactful, happening at the right time and in the right place. Or you may simply begin to be an authentic and profoundly spontaneous you for a change. And that in itself, will have a very noticeable effect on everyone and everything around you. The real and unpredictable can not be imprisoned or controlled. That is why the tyrants of this world need you predictable and pretending at all times. E.g., right is wrong, health is death, self-limitation and personal contraction is a virtue and you need a tyrant (and their help) who actually needs you (and your help). Right?

On the other hand, if you are being unapologetically creative and so spontaneously real that the whole life can see you…. Then, you may go out…you know, to run some daily errands… And by your very own inner state that is free of panic, pretense, frustration and despair, broadcast to the tyrannical game makers the following vibe:

“I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid… afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell how it’s going to begin to change. I’m going to hang around here, and show these people with my whole Being what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you, a world without disempowerment and fear. A world without rules and controls, borders and boundaries, a world without masks. A world where anything is possible. I will show them a world based on peace, spontaneity, joy, kindness and mutual trust, a world, where we, ordinary people, live free and in harmony with each other and the Nature. Where we go from there is a choice that we will make based on our heart’s inner knowing, unrestricted collective imagination, unbounded self-awareness and freedom to evolve and realise our full, previously suppressed Infinite potential.”

If this will be your most dominant state of vibration on a daily basis, you will bend the damn spo… Eh…the local and global government and their ridiculous agendas. And who knows, maybe this your state of vibration will cause a few hundred masks passing you by to fall ….Who knows?.. One thing is clear – before you make others drop their masks of pretense you need to drop yours first. I bet there is more than one such mask (just a hint), and by the way, look for deceptively “positive” masks you may like to wear…they are the sneakiest ones and the last ones to notice, if at all.

So… are you______ still waiting for the One (in whatever form) who will save you and the world or do you choose to be the One for you and actually walk the path? And thus, BECOME the One for you and for others, though not deliberately but as a SIDE EFFECT of being the One for you first? Do you realise that you are the One even when, and especially when you are the only one in your reality? Would you choose to be the One…who wakes you up in the world that’s gone mad, in the world that is… terribly fake?

Once upon a time, in a chaos engulfed world

Where everything was falling apart,

There was a tiny star in everybody’s heart

That imagined life based on love.

Where tyrants were falling apart,

And people were waking up.

 By Andriana Eloha

About the author:

Andriana received her formal training in the field of psychology and holds two university degrees in psychotherapy and counseling.

Her main life and professional activity has always been focused on consciousness, human potential, personal development, evolution, and how one’s mind, and different levels of consciousness manifest corresponding nature of reality.

She is also gifted in the area of Arts and has a talent for uniting concrete, linear, fragmented, and logical with expanded, creative, and seemingly illogical, a big picture where all connections exist and function at the same time.

Andriana works with various modalities (among which are Transformational Imagery, EFT, Past life regression and regression to one’s Source Origin, Sedona Method, and for the most part – with her own Higher Consciousness Toolkit). She also utilizes practical knowledge of the latest research and discoveries made in the fields of psychology, quantum physics, energy psychology, wave- and epi-genetics, brain and heart science, physiology, microbiology, and neuroscience.


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