God brings “choke artist” Romney ‘out of the woodwork’ , so he can judge him and his leftist JEW endorsing enemies, prior to installing Donald J. TRUMP as US president

God brings “choke artist” Romney ‘out of the woodwork’ , so he can judge him and his leftist JEW endorsing enemies, prior to installing Donald J. TRUMP as US president





Mitt Romney addressing rich contributors is a big deal right now for the leftist JEW media creeps. He’s telling his half-assed acolytes that 47% don’t pay income taxes and Obama has them in the bag, since they depend so much on government, i.e., commie Jew Frankfurt school agenda BS. Naturally the libtards are now going off on Romney’s remarks, but leftist JEW media creeps are being careful, because of the obvious racial connotations. FOX’s blond goy babe (BGB), Megyn Kelly, pretended to be so worried that people might think Romney meant wheel-chair bound vets. Right! What a failed bimbo goofball.

Romney is merely exposing the JEW parasites’ BS that’s undoing America and not at all referring to honorable disabled vets. Many niggers voted for the commie Obama, just simply because he’s “mud”. But the leftist JEW media will of course never tell you that outright.

Romney also said that the Palestinians “didn’t really want peace”. Pure Neocon Jew BS there, alright. No doubt his audience were duped by rich Jewish creeps like Sheldon Adelson who gave the somewhat disingenuous politician Newt Gingrich’s campaign 20 million dollars and promised another 100 million to the Republican party. All to dethrone Obama, because he thinks Obama hasn’t been subservient to the leftist and liberal JEWS enough.

These leftist and so-called “liberal” rich Jew rats now throw money anywhere they please and manipulate Americans in favor of the evil, antichristian crime haven of so-called “Israel” — this is where disingenuous, antichristian Mormon creep Romney’s true loyalty lies.

When Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as his VP running mate, some said, oh great, now we get to vote for both. Not really. Don’t get me wrong here, I do think Ryan means well economically. But Ryan also likes Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged” (real Jewess name: Alysa Rosenbaum), but qualified it by saying he’s against her commie leanings, only liking her no-holds-barred, “laissez faire” capitalism. Just what globalist Jewry so loves — NWO police state communism for all of us goys out here, blood diamond style capitalism for them.

The ISRAEL-FIRSTER hasbaRAT Jews would doubtless have a fit, too. The traitorous Jew-owned media wouldn’t say anything, unless given the green light from “upstairs”. Obama knows that the bigger Jews were upset, just because someone like Dianne Sawyer of ABC felt free to report on him, saying something everyone has long already known in the entrenched DC environs. Hell, they might suddenly “discover” the Birthers were right all along.


Public stuff is always manipulated for consumption by the unthinking masses. People like Obama think things out, and walk some carefully plotted lines. For example, did you see that business about the democrats at the convention adding back into the party platform at the last minute words about God and Jerusalem being the capital of Israel? Trust me, the big deal over God was merely a smokescreen to allow them to commiserate the Zionists over Jerusalem (the Jews have been slowly eradicating Palestinians from the place). The forced acceptance by a ridiculously rigged “floor vote” on both measures at the same time confused the issue among Christian-Zionists, atheists and the anti-war crowd. An obvious trick.

Neither one of these candidates would dare to dis the Chosen Ones. Now, that’s not to say they won’t drag their feet when they want us to go to war. In fact that’s just what you’re seeing right now. Everyone and his brother knows that war with Iran is going to be a huge disaster for the US economy, if not something even much worse, like a Jew arranged WWIII.

Romney is kissing so much serious Jew ass these days, it’s  quite sickening. But I guess the JEWS have highly paid makeup people to deal with it. The way Romney sounds, he’ll start a war with Iran. Also his chief advisor is a big Jew neocon, Dan Senor, married to CNN’s ratings failure anchor Campbell Brown (who converted to Judaism). But Obama has his own Jew handler, David Axelrod, and other Jews are running things everywhere in DC, too. The Zionist Jews have total backroom power controlling both parties. It’s only a matter of  when, not if, we have ourselves another full-blown commie Jew police state. Figure it out, America!

Nevertheless, the generally useless, JEW propagandized goyim in America still think that Obama is anti-Israel. That’s the first thing out of their mouths when you bring up any of this. Amazing the power of JEW media MEMES — designed to keep duped Gentile  Americans confined to their own special mental Gulags of one party or the other. Pay careful attention, read between the lines a little and you’ll see this all the time — everywhere.


JEWISH money tabs the traitor Romney and the completely useless, scripted, commie porch monkey OBAMA…

Source Article from https://firstlightforum.wordpress.com/2016/06/11/god-brings-scumbag-choke-artist-mitt-romney-out-of-the-woodwork-so-that-he-can-judge-him-along-with-his-other-leftist-jew-endorsing-enemies-prior-to-installing-his-choice-of-donald-j-trump/

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