Hanukkah Holocaust Miracle — ‘Nazis’ Ran Out Of Zyklon-B Just As Naomi Yakobovich Was About To Be ‘Gassed’

(Jerusalem Post) During Hanukkah in December of 1943, at the height of the killing operations at Auschwitz when the “Nazis” were allegedly “liquidating” between six to ten thousand Jews per day — Naomi Yakobovich claims that right before she was supposed to enter the gas chamber, the “Nazis” ran out of Zyklon-B — and for unknown reasons they never attempted to “gas” her again:

Naomi grew up in an affluent family in Transylvania, along the border between Romania and Hungary. Her father was a law professor and her mother took care of Naomi and her two siblings. When the war broke out, the Hungarians took the family’s property and four years later, the Yakobovichs were sent to a concentration camp.

After a few months in the camp and despite efforts by Naomi’s older sister to make her look taller, older and healthier, the two sisters were sent on the Death March to Auschwitz where they were placed in line for the gas chambers.

About 20 people were in line before them and then Naomi’s Hanukkah miracle happened – the chamber ran out of Zyklon B – the cyanide-based pesticide used in death camps during the Holocaust – at that moment. Naomi and her sister were sent back to the work camp where they survived through the rest of the war.

A few years later, Naomi and her husband Meir immigrated to Israel where they raised two children and four grandchildren, including Doron, currently an officer who specializes in physical fitness for soldiers going through basic training. “My grandmother always said that our state is important and we need to guard it. For me, it’s a given that in my service I wanted and needed to have a meaningful service and to continue my grandmother’s legacy,” said Doron. “Three of my grandmother’s grandchildren became officers and just two days ago her second granddaughter was born — Our light during Hanukkah. An additional Hanukkah miracle.”

“My biggest dream and that of my grandmother is that we’ll be able to fly in uniform and salute at the block that my great-grandfather and great-grandmother lived, at the place that my family was captured, while my grandmother is alive.”

According to the official Jewish Version Of World War II™, late 1943 into 1944 was the period of the greatest industrial-scale mass killings at Auschwitz — when between 6,000 to 10,000 Jews were allegedly “murdered” in Gas Chambers™ each day.

And this was an incredible example of just how efficient the “Nazis” must have been — during the recent COVID pandemic, all the modern crematoria at funeral homes within a 100 mile radius of New York City could not handle just 20 extra cremations per day.

If the “Nazis” were able to kill 1.5 million Jews at Auschwitz, they had to “gas” at least 6,000 Jews per day — otherwise the numbers just won’t add up.

Of course, the Jews originally claimed that 4 million Jews were Gassed™ at Auschwitz, but when someone with only 4th grade math skills pointed out to them that the “Nazis” would have had to kill 40,000 Jews per day, they quietly lowered the Official Total™ to 1.5 million — and changed the memorial plaques in 1990 — apparently a much more “doable” number of Jews.

So Naomi would have us believe that at the height of the “Nazi” killing operation — despite their reputation for efficiency and planning — they just ran out of Zyklon-B and had to stop “gassing” Jews.

For how long this Zyklon-B crisis lasted we are not told, but it couldn’t have been very long because they had to kill up to 10,000 per day, every day, to reach their magical, non-negotiable 6,000,000™ final total.

If the “Nazis” were able to resupply Auschwitz with Zyklon-B within a few days, why didn’t they then “gas” all the Jews like Naomi who were in their backlog?

And why would the Jews be told by the “Nazis” that they had run out of Zyklon-B and that they’ll have to come back another day to be “gassed” — if the “gassing” were supposed to be a “surprise” to the Jews who were led to believe that they were just getting “showers”?

It seems that Naomi’s “eyewitness testimony” is similar to other Jews who also claim that the same “miracle” happened — for example, we reported on the “testimony” of Eva Clarke who claimed that her mother gave birth to her literally on the way to the Gas Chambers™ at Mauthausen, and again, just as she was set to be “gassed” the “Nazis” ran out of Zyklon-B.

As if that isn’t a big enough hole in Naomi’s “testimony,” she also claims that she was on the Death March of Hungarian Jews in late 1943 — but all official histories claims that the Death March didn’t happen until either late 1944 or the Spring of 1945 — according to Yad Vashem.

Of course, many documents concerning the delivery of Zyklon-B to Auschwitz have been preserved and analyzed in great detail — and there is no indication in those documents that the camp ever “ran out” of Zyklon-B during the time Naomi claims to have been nearly “gassed.”

The real Hanukkah “miracle” is that anybody — including her own family members — believe Naomi at all.

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