Humanity has a very, VERY, serious billionaire problem…..

…and it can only be solved with a
spiritual solution.

Submitted by A Social Commentator
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The Premise

The current race of humanity has never had so many billionaires who, at the very same time, have access to the most powerful technologies and advanced sciences and corporate entities and destructive weapons in world history.  Many of them possess ten of billions of dollars by which to employ those extraordinary resources for good or for ill.

Because of this stark reality, these billionaires can use their money and power and influence to bring about truly cataclysmic events which profoundly affect the entire planetary civilization.  We’re talking about worldwide manmade calamities such as 9/11, the stock market crashes of 2008, COVID-19 Plandemic, Covid Super Vaccination Agenda and the Ukraine War, to name just a few.

Billionaire Club

For example, billionaire asset managers and investment brokers can use their state-of-the-art supercomputers to conduct high-frequency trading to make billions more over night, which many do under the radar because they belong to the “Global Insider Trading Club”.

Does anyone think Warren Buffett, the so-called Oracle of Omaha, wasn’t set up by his hidden masters to be the celebrated investment guru that he has become.  The only reason why he was allowed to make his billions is because his concealed handlers showed him how and when to make his exceedingly profitable trades.  By the way, that’s also called insider trading ON A GRAND THEFT SCALE … so grand that no one ever suspects Berkshire Hathaway of committing such massive institutional thefts.

KEY POINT: “Warren Buffett has given $50.7 billion toward historic pledges to the Gates Foundation and other so-called philanthropic non-profits.” (See:  Obviously, any wildly successful financier like Buffett only becomes that wealthy so that his stolen profits can be allocated exactly where his NWO overlords want them appropriated to the: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

So, for just a moment consider the utter devastation that just one billionaire — super-geek Bill Gates — has wrought around the globe over the course of his entire adult life.  Then consider the overwhelming societal destruction that George Soros has perpetrated across the planet during his terribly malevolent career.

Next there is this short list of well-known billionaires who have each caused untold wreck and ruin in their various spheres of influence and business.

Soros & Rothschild,
Buffett & Bloomberg,
Griffin & Peterffy,
Gates & Ballmer,
Bezos & Ma,
Dell & Ellison,
Zuckerberg & Wales,
Page & Brin,
Thiel & Schmidt,
Icahn and Schwarzman,
Branson & Cuban

Here’s just one example of how one of the lesser known billionaires listed above recently made his mark in Florida: Florida’s richest man scores HUGE win from Idalia’s destruction of Perry, Florida

Not only do these billionaires with an agenda (e.g. Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Vision 2050, etc.) pose a grave threat to the human race, their corporate counterparts present an even greater danger.  After all, the biggest multinational investment companies such as BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street possess vast financial might and economic power which is much greater than virtually every country on Earth.  The same goes for the biggest banksters like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley.  Then there are the other TOO BIG TOO FAIL banks such as Bank of America, The Bank of New York Mellon Corp., Citigroup Inc. and Wells Fargo & Co, to name just the majors.

Back to the “very serious billionaire problem”.

We have only pointed out the biggest billionaire names in the disaster capitalism business who everyone knows; how about the bigger billionaires who only operate in the shadows who nobody knows?  They are the real problem that humanity is facing today as explained in the following exposé.


So what we are really dealing with here is a tremendous concentration of wealth and money in the hands of a relatively small group of mostly men who comprise a kleptocratic oligarchy.  That ever-increasing wealth translates to an inordinate amount of power and influence worldwide which only grows by the month.

This whole process of highly purposeful wealth accumulation has taken place over centuries but has seen exponential growth during the era of the Central Banking Cartel and International Banking Crime Syndicate.  However, it was the century before the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which laid the foundation for the present Global Economic & Financial System as delineated here:

How they became the richest men in the world
to control EVERYTHING

The funding and financing of the current global power structure, which essentially controls the entire world community of nations, continues on the same trajectory which began millennia ago with the Black Babylonian Brotherhood and their now global banking cartel.  In due course of time, they morphed into the Northern Italian Black Nobility which today owns and operates planet Earth from their most recent headquarters in the City of London’s Financial District.

What’s the critical point?

There’s only one way the 8 billion inhabitants of Earth can effectively deal with a genocidal plutocracy of predatory capitalists.  Bear in mind that the 1% now controls the global battlefield—ALL OF IT!  Which means that the 99% must create a brand new battleground which the power elite is totally unfamiliar with and does not control.

Think about it … … … long and hard.

Because until that happens, the masses of humanity will continue to be victimized and oppressed and abused and cheated and slaughtered by those billionaire bastards on a whim.

In the meantime, we would suggest that folks engage the most powerful force in the world before these brutal billionaire barbarians lower the boom.  There’s no doubt they are planning something very BIG this Fall in light of so much revelation about their unending crime waves washing over the planet.  As their countless criminal cover-ups unravel by the day, they’re getting very nervous and, therefore, more desperate and reckless and brazen than ever.

So think about it and, at the very least, folks need to put their hands together and pray like there’s no tomorrow … because if we don’t do so in compelling numbers, there won’t be a tomorrow for many of US.

A Social Commentator
State of the Nation
September 26, 2023




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