Killing Abel: Mother Wants Change In Euthanasia Law So Canada Will Put Her Disabled Son To Death For Her

As reported by the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, an article appeared by Fabienne Tercaefs for Radio Canada on August 12, 2021 (Google translated) concerning Karie-Lyn Pelletier, a mother of four from the L’Islet region in Québec, who wants her youngest son, Abel — suffering from Mednik Syndrome — to be put to death, allegedly for his own good:

According to the article Abel is severely disabled — he is deaf, lives with a severe intellectual disability and has daily intestinal problems — and has already come close to death several times. His mother stated, “There is no possibility that my son will recover from his illness. No possibility that his quality of life will improve.”

The [current] Canadian euthanasia law permits euthanasia (MAiD) for people who are at least 18 years old and capable of consenting, or had been approved for euthanasia, while capable of consenting. Clearly Karie-Lyn is challenging the law.

According to the article Karie-Lyn wants euthanasia expanded to children. On August 11, she invited her Member of Parliament Bernard Généreux (CPC) and Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu to her home to discuss extending euthanasia to her four-year-old son Abel. According to Tercaefs, Bernard Généreux stated: “The Conservative member believes that the subject must be broached, even though it is a delicate and, above all, very emotional issue. ‘These are not easy subjects, as a parliamentarian. There is no such thing as perfect law in this area. You have to go to people who have extraordinary experiences,’”

Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu stated that he wants to champion the cause of child euthanasia. Tercaefs reported that (google translated): “He wants Karie-Lyn Pelletier to testify before the Senate to explain what she wants and, perhaps, to help change attitudes around end-of-life care. When we call on families who are going through the tragedies to which the laws must address, it is truly our experts at heart who make sure they will influence senators.

Tercaefs reported that Michel Bureau, President of the Commission on Life Care said that the issue of child euthanasia was being debated: “Michel Bureau recognizes that medical assistance in dying for children remains a taboo subject. In addition, he specifies that one must be extremely careful to avoid eugenics. ‘This is what is dangerous; a slippage that only allows those who are beautiful and perfect to live,’ warns the president of the Commission on Life Care. We must take the time to look at the question.”

Compared to God none of us are any better off than little Abel — only our deluded and self-justified hearts convince us otherwise — from His eternal perspective our fleshly lives are very much like Abel’s — miserable and short — a mere vapor that appears for a short time and then vanishes (James 4:14) .

This trendily coiffed and tattooed mother is the product of a society that values selfishness — and God-lessness — and perhaps she feels she, her other children — and Abel — are entitled to a “better life” than the one God chose for them — in a progressive and diverse Canada that endorses new fashionable values for children.

In fact, if you look closely at the tattoo on the mother’s forearm, you will see that there what appears to be a naked woman — presumably a Gaia-type “earth mother” — intertwined into the tree — with what looks like the names of her sons around it.

Perhaps she believes herself to be “spiritual” without being “religious” — the pagan feminist deity tattooed on her arm certainly isn’t the type to judge her harshly for murdering her own child out of convenience — nor do they hear her in her time of need:

Go and cry out to the gods you have chosen. Let them save you when you are in trouble! (Judges 10:14)

Those who run after other gods will suffer more and more. (Psalms 16:4)

After all, in pagan cultures — such as ancient Greece and Rome — it was not uncommon to get rid of unwanted or sick children by simply taking them out into the wild and letting them die of exposure.

Is she blind to even the possibility that Abel is a gift from God — to teach her and her children the value of selflessness, devotion, and sacrifice — to see Abel as a gift to enrich her and bring her — and her other children — closer to God?

Without God, Abel would indeed be nothing more than a retarded defecating hopeless mass of flesh that makes his mother feel like she’s in sort of prison and so filled with anger and despair that she wants to kill him — “for his own good” — but doesn’t want to go to a real prison on murder charges for doing so.

Instead, like all good citizens of the pagan Canadian Soviet, she believes that The State should step in and kill her son for her — after all, that’s what The State does best, but when they do it, it is — ipso facto — “ethical” and “moral.”

She may convince herself that she’s killing Abel to spare Abel grief and suffering — not herself — that killing Abel is the ultimate, selfless sacrifice for her to make — for “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the hearts.” (Proverbs 21:2).

It should be noted that Abel’s condition — Mednik Syndrome — is an extremely rare genetic disorder that affects his body’s ability to metabolize copper — and it is found only in a small area of Quebec among French-Canadians with a common ancestor who had the rare genetic mutation — Abel’s parents are obviously distant cousins who both carry this autosomal recessive gene.

Remarkably, the mother hasn’t apparently tried to give the child up for adoption — and apparently many people have offered to take Abel and care for him until he succumbs to his disease.

Not only that, she has three other children to help her with Abel — oddly, the Christmas photo above of the family shows no father — does he not provide material help with Abel?

But The State would prefer to use this heart-wrenching “example” to liberalize the current euthanasia laws in Soviet Canada even more — so that parents can begin killing their own children who are impinging on their “lifestyles” — while the State saves billions on unnecessary health care for the unwanted children — money that could be redirected to help Israel kill more Palestinian “future terrorists” disguised as children — a win-win for everyone.

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