Leaked audio PROVES FBI involvement in Gretchen Whitmer false flag “kidnapping plot”

Leaked audio PROVES FBI involvement in Gretchen Whitmer false flag “kidnapping plot”

It went largely unnoticed after the Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer “kidnapping plot” failed, but there were plans in the works around the same time as the January 6 “insurrection” at the United States Capitol to also storm the State Capitol in Michigan.

Just like with the January 6 “insurrection,” the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was behind the Whitmer kidnapping false flag and associated state capitol “insurrection” that never happened.

“The Michigan plot involved the Three Percenters, one of the three main militia groups also imputed to January 6th,” reported Revolver News.

“And much like we now know about January 6th, the Michigan plot was absolutely saturated with informants and undercover agents. Of the fourteen individuals involved in the alleged plot, at least five were either undercover agents or informants – that’s nearly a 50% infiltration ratio!”

The guy in charge of the failed “entrapment travesty,” a Detroit FBI Field Office official, was quickly promoted by Christopher Wray to run Washington, D.C.’s FBI Field Office in the months leading up to January 6, where he remained thereafter.

“This individual, called Steven D’Antuono, ended up being the public face of the now entirely discredited (and continually unfolding) January 6 pipe bomb investigation,” Revolver added. “What are the chances!?”

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FBI false flags

Though many now agree based on available evidence that the FBI sent informants both to the U.S. Capitol and to the Michigan State Capitol to infiltrate the respective protest events that occurred there, what many do not know is that the FBI actually spearheaded them.

“The government’s informants were not simply sitting by passively observing a terrorist plot in the making; an overwhelming majority of evidence shows that the government and its agents were the key active instigators and initiators of every major advancement of this so-called plot, amounting to an entrapment operation of the most flagrant sort imaginable,” Revolver explains.

How do we know this? Besides the evidence that has already been presented since the two incidents made national headlines, newly leaked audio recordings expose the FBI informants and their heads discussing the plot.

The Intercept published a story about Steve Robeson, reported by the media as “an individual from Wisconsin” who traveled in the first vehicle headed towards Whitmer’s vacation home to commit “terror.”

Robeson blew his cover in a November 2020 interview when he revealed on a podcast livestream that “I am the individual from Wisconsin.” Robeson allegedly organized the initial meeting in June 6, 2020, in Dublin, Ohio, to plot the Whitmer kidnapping.

“It’s no wonder, then, that the government did everything in its power to prevent Robeson’s identity as an informant from coming out and sabotaging their carefully crafted entrapment operation,” Revolver reported.

A month after Robeson’s admission on the podcast, one of his handlers was heard in the now-leaked audio recording telling Robeson about a common saying in his office, “Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story,” this being one of numerous damning admissions.

FBI agents would proceed to force Robeson to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) while coaching and threatening him to reshape his story in order to avoid him ever having to testify before a jury.

Keep in mind that the Department of Justice (DoJ) claimed falsely in court records that Robeson was a “double agent” whose actions were not under the government’s control.

“We know we have power, right?” an FBI agent is threatening Robeson in the recording. “We know we have leverage. We’re not going to bull***t you.”

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