Leaked video reveals FAA Officials discussing ways to actively reduce the number of white males in the aviation industry

Leaked video reveals FAA Officials discussing ways to actively reduce the number of white males in the aviation industry

Angela McCullough, the acting deputy chief operating officer for the Federal Aviation Administration, (FAA) revealed RACIST motivations for hiring and firing pilots. In a Zoom call with senior officials from the FAA’s Flight Program Operation division, Angela McCullough said that flight operations are “white male dominated” and asked her team to envision a different future.

The senior FAA officials talked about implementing DEI Programs in the aviation industry. DEI is a policy that stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. These policies are being implemented across corporate America. Billions of dollars are being pumped into these programs, enforcing racist goals and twisted initiatives that promote transgenderism.

Racist DEI programs compromise safety in the aviation industry

According to the tenets of DEI policy, senior FAA officials would choose pilots and air traffic controllers based on the color of their skin and NOT their qualifications. To create diversity and inclusion in the aviation industry, pilots who are white or male must be strategically replaced with more female pilots and/or people from different races and backgrounds.

During the discussion, Mrs. McCullough announced a plan to reduce the number of white males in the aviation industry. She even talked about fast tracking unqualified individuals into key aviation roles. She said more workers need to be promoted from “ramp to cockpit.”

According to the DailyWire’s Matt Walsh, (who released the video footage to X) Mrs. McCullough wants to see “more baggage handlers become airline pilots.” To do this, the FAA would have to intentionally turn away qualified airline pilots and incentivize the promotion of unqualified candidates to pilot positions.

During the Zoom meeting, Mrs. McCullough complains that Flight Operations are “white male dominated.” She instructs the senior officials to “talk about what the future could look like” if white males were replaced with other races. Mrs. McCullough told the FAA managers that it’s important to “get a little uncomfortable” to make progress on this issue.

It seems the FAA managers need to speak up and make their acting deputy chief operating officer a little bit “uncomfortable” for suggesting that racism is the way to control the aviation industry. But how dare the “entitled white man” speak up to a “woman of color!” This is exactly what DEI programs are doing to industries all across America…They are dividing people based on the color of their skin, ignoring qualified professionals, and threatening the very merit of the individual. The aviation industry, like all other industries, should be colorblind in their hiring and firing practices; however, people like Angela McCullough only make judgments of people based on their skin color. Eradicating white men from the industry is her top priority.

FAA officials promote transgenderism to appear “inclusive”

Instead of speaking up about Mrs. McCullough’s racist motivations, the FAA’s Vice President of Flight Program Operations David ‘Wil’ Riggins, went along with her rhetoric. He responded, “That’s great, honestly. Those are some words that we really need to spend some time digging through and thinking about.”

The FAA leaders are compromising the safety of passengers just to look like they are being inclusive. In reality, the FAA is implementing institutionally racist policies and ousting fully qualified white male candidates.

According to Matt Walsh, pilots are reaching out to him and warning about DEI policies that compromise the industry’s once-stellar culture of safety. Walsh said a Delta pilot reached out to him because a famous airline promoted a “trans-identifying pilot who repeatedly received bad reviews from captains.”

“According to the source, this pilot ‘would likely not have’ survived probation if he weren’t trans,” Walsh reported. Aviation whistleblowers claim that airlines cater to “trans” employees and promote them because DEI has become the new standard across the aviation industry. These DEI training guides are even catered to “pilots who believe they were born in the wrong body.” If the employee identifies as “trans,” then the airline must make exceptions with their grooming, communication and behavior standards to appease the “trans” person.

Walsh says the DEI policies have allowed an “industry-wide embrace of overt mental illness [that] afflicts every aspect of aviation.”

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