List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions – Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles. Mar ch 17th, 2021

List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions – Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles. March 17th, 2021 / Medeea Greere

ARRESTS and EXECUTIONS of famous people have been a highly-controversial topic for months. Arrests and executions of famous people 2020 has been updated.

Read this post before checking out the updated list of Arrests and Executions of Famous people.

The world, as you know it, has always been scripted. The list of arrests and executions of famous people should be released early 2021 and the world will be changing soon.

Bill & Melinda Gates have been arrested and executed. When you see them on social media, you are seeing clones and doubles.

Intel says Bill and Melinda Gates were in India in 2013 giving children vaccinations and many died, or were left paralyzed, because of the Gates vaccine. People who had their children die by this “vaccine” hanged Bill and Melinda Gates at the same time in July of 2013. They both died.

The persons they have on house arrest are not Bill and Melinda Gates. They are doubles.



There are more people on the list of arrests and executions of famous people but no further intel is available at this time.

Child Trafficking Survivor, Katie Groves, Speaks Out:


Before you scroll down to see the latest military tribunal arrests and executions of famous people in 2020, read this explanation.

The tribunals are arresting these people in plain clothes. We saw the Obama’s arrest, although we didn’t know it was an arrest at the time. The arrest was done nonchalantly so as to not get noticed by the public.

All arrests of these famous people were done this way. If the person is convicted of child sex trafficking, crimes against humanity or treason, they will be executed.

If the person arrested has evidence on someone else to help their prosecution, or is willing to help Trump, and they want to cooperate, they may be allowed to do so. A sentence of execution down to life in prison may be accepted if their evidence is worth anything.

A document including some popular people involved in the 9/11 Attack.

When a plea deal is done, the defendant must present evidence they have to make their sentence lighter. This information is given to the prosecution, defense, and to the judge. If the evidence is accepted, they are presented the plea deal. They will have to make a guilty plea to the crime with a video confession and written statement. That is how all plea deals work.

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All famous people arrested were either treasonous or involved in satanic worship rituals. These rituals involved torturing children then murdering them as a sacrifice. Drinking the blood of children that contains adrenochrome is the drug these satanist famous people and politicians have been involved with for decades.

Crimes against humanity call for death. Trump signed an Executive Order calling for the death penalty for anyone involved in crimes against humanity or treason. These famous people arrested in 2020 are to be given a tribunal and sentenced to execution or life in prison.

If the arrested were taking orders from the cabal and carrying out those orders, that is treason.

Obama said “I was only following orders.” Yeah, Obama followed orders of treason from the cabal. Obama made a plea deal and was let out for a time to help President Trump. Somewhere along the line, Obama violated the plea deal and was rearrested, put before a firing squad and shot in the back of the head.

Lying Big Mike (aka Michelle Obama) was executed shortly after. Obama turned over Big Mike to get a plea deal – Michael LaVaughn Robinson: Deep State Satanic NWO Tranny, Also Known As Michelle Obama

Once arrests and executions of famous people (2020) are completed, these people have a double or clone. This was put in place by the white hats to make people think they are still around. This is so people who are are not awake yet to what is really going on in the world will not get angry or upset enough to start riots against the government for executing someone they loved.

Fans of Madonna or other celebrities will not be able to accept they have been lied to all their life. Believe it or not there are many democrats out there who still love the Obamas and are blind to what is going on.

Michelle Obama has recently been on PBS reading books to children, appearing in one session. These videos were done with CGI. They are fake, known as deep fakes. The Obamas are dead.

Nice ankle bracelet

If you see a video of a famous person who was arrested or executed, it is done by CGI (deep fake.) If the person is making a personal appearance, it will be a double or a clone.

The Pence you have seen on tv with Trump is a clone. Pence was arrested long ago after the coup he was involved in with Paul Ryan. If a person has died of covid, that is code for they were arrested or executed.

Harvey Weinstein turned over everyone in Hollywood

Hillary Clinton died the day she spoke at the 9/11 event and collapsed at the SUV when she was told she was under arrest. They rushed her to her daughter’s house because it is a medical facility for her. A double came out and said she was ok. This Hillary Clinton double was noticeably different in weight, being much thinner, and everyone commented on that.

At Chelsea’s place, Hillary Clinton was revived by very interesting technology using adrenochrome. She was given a tribunal and was executed. All video confessions are done in analog video .

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By the way, GITMO is full. Some of the famous people who were arrested and on house arrest, or at GITMO, are still in the tribunal negotiating a deal.

There are many more famous people who have been arrested and executed who did not make this list. The following list of famous people arrested and executed includes the more popular names. There have been thousands of arrests.

There are no dates of arrests or executions of famous people because that info has not been released yet. Most of these people were charged with crimes against humanity, treason, or both.


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