Neoreaction (NRx) is Still Conspiring to Abolish the White Race

The Jews who pull the strings behind the New York-based conspiratorial organization “Neo-Reaction” (NRx) haven’t ceased from their diabolical, genocide-obsessed scheme to replace our Aryan families, friends, and colleagues with an Afro-Asiatic sewerage headed by a Cabal of Jews, Mischlings, Mongoloids, and Happas. They will never — not in 10,000 years — tire of advocating, propagandizing, and at the same time inconspicuously plotting to materialize the vernichtung of our Race, because the annihilation of biological Aryan life is inscribed into their DNA; for as long as Jewish DNA circulates on the face of this Earth, the spectre of Aryan Genocide will not vanish.

Previous articles on this website have ventured to expound on the catastrophic, end-times apocalyptic tilt of “Neo-Reaction”, which aims to institute the eternal subjugation by steel-shackles (or is it “shekels”?) of all life-forms, base as well as evolved, to Judaism, the metaphysical creed and blood-ethnicity of Demiurge himself. However, in my mind not nearly enough research has been undertaken to delineate just how far-reaching this conspiracy to extirpate us is. It is as insidious as it is comprehensive, and as someone who’s been systematically gathering all material available on this machination for the past 6 years, is it my obligation, privilege, and honor to expose these anthropomorphized Demons for exactly what they are – and pretty it isn’t. These bloodthirsty Demons clad in human-skin may attempt to muddy the waters by issuing disingenuous denials, but everyone with 5% of a brain can see through this blatant, audacious chicanery. Let’s go over some of the Jews, Cryptos, Sayanim, and other unsavory, detestable mucus that comprise this intrigue.

Who’s Running The Show? (Spoiler: Jews)

Mencious Moldbug, aka Curtis “with Jews Ya-Win” Yarvin: a nefarious Jew, ardent supporter of the border-less illegal terrorist Zionist occupation regime, which according to various estimates has obliterated as many as 2,580,000 indigenous Palestinians throughout much of the 20th century, has argued vehemently that American foreign policy is under the tight-grip of the Palestinian Lobby (seriously, child-murderer? That’s your argument?), and Aryan people must, by all means, establish another murderous, Holocaust-committing “Jew State”, this time on US soil. No kidding:

The road to the New State is long, long, long, and we have barely started down it. But we know one thing: the New State will be a Jew State.

Dear “fellow” White people, the reason “we” must be altogether exterminated is…

These are Curtis Yarvin’s actual literal words – follow the link! What this wicked mass-butcher of innocent Palestinians supports in the Middle-East, he supports tenfold in America. Enjoy the raindrops of White Phosphorous, whitey. Besides arguing that Aryans should be exterminated as ruthlessly as the Palestinians have been, Moishe Moldberg has requested USG to install a 1,000 years — at minimum — brutal dictatorship of a yarmulke-capped extra-terrestrial named Fnargl. He devised to manipulate Fnargl into eviscerating whoever doesn’t abide by his Luciferian will. Fortunately, even the Jew-run CIA realized this is too soon. Not to mention this master-piece of NRx-scheming: lil’ Moishe ejaculates (venom) at the thought of locking your kind Aryan grandmother inside a virtual-reality pod against her will because he can’t extract no more shekels from her.

This "man" relishes in the bullying of Palestinian babies, in whose blood he wants to fertilize the soil of occupied Palestine.This "man" relishes in the bullying of Palestinian babies, in whose blood he wants to fertilize the soil of occupied Palestine.
This “man” relishes in the bullying of Palestinian babies, in whose blood he wants to fertilize the soil of occupied Palestine.

Karl F. Boetel: unsurprisingly, another vile Jew-parasite who has written several popular articles on various “Alt-Right” blogs claiming that Jews are not just White people par excellence, rather, Jews are in fact the most Aryan ethnicity of all! See this picture of Moshe “muh shekels” Moldberg above this paragraph? That’s “the most authentically European thede, cultivating the quintessential values of the Occident” according to this dishonest rat-faced Khazaro-Oriental trickster from Muspelheim. But we’re just getting started: Karl “Beit El” Boetel has attempted to infiltrate StormFront, where he advertised several of his ostensibly pro-White articles — “ostensibly” because he consistently omitted the Jew from his analyses, which renders his verbiage utterly irrelevant — only to unleash the Genie from its bottle (Boetel) by revealing himself as a scion of Ashkenaz, fan of Talmudic pedophilic “literature” and fluent Yiddish-speaker. Needless to say, the retard-tier subterfuge has backfired horribly and he was instantly banned from the website; if you listen really intently, you can still hear his hissing/sobbing echoing through the night as he contemplates this 2007 affair. A few years ago, the Judaic Hell-spawn approvingly quoted the following garbage:

Lovecraft is “well aware that a large amount of the race-stock included within the nominal bounds of Jewry is excellent and quite assimilable by a Nordic majority” — consider those “keen, gray-eyed, white-skinned German Jews like the first August Belmont, or ascetic Portugese-Jewish types like those whose blood has already tinctured to a great extent the body of the Spanish people”.

Duplicitous Karlstein wishes to contaminate pure Aryans, blessed by Providence with magnificent Nordic physical/mental features, with his own rotten pernicious genes. Ever a death-fetishist, this Jew has called on the Israelis, the most vampiric, genocidal land-thieves in the world, to elect as Prime Minister one Moshe Feiglin (most likely a close relative of Karl; Jewish nepotism is heritable, after all), a vermin who has vowed publicly to “uproot the heck” out of every single Gentile in the Middle-East.

Anti-Dem (Anti-Democracy Activist): gee, is there another Anglo-Zionist swamp-leech at the helm of the NRx movement…? Indeed, there is. Antidem unconvincingly contends that he is “merely” 25% Jude, which in itself ought to disqualify him from residing within the same universe as us Aryans, but his shrill, nasal voice as reflected in the many podcasts he participated in, betrays full, total Hebraic extraction on his part. Antidem has taken Judeo-Perversion to a whole new level, calling for all men to refrain from any contact with women (the “MGTOW Plan”) and instead enter “romantic relationships” with anime-figurines, which incidentally he peddled “at a discount” over at his money-making con-artist blog. Castigating his detractors as “Moralistic Puritans”, Antidem posted a bunch of long-winded articles wherein he used every Rabbinical argumentative ploy — there are approximately 6,000,000 of those — to persuade his readers to divorce their wives, abandon their children, and join him in the quest to build the Third Temple immediately. Our Fuhrer was spot-on, as per usual, when he labelled such revolting scum as Untermenschen. I have no desire to dwell any further on this repulsive viper’s perfidious mischief; suffice it to say, it’s a bottomless abyss of amoral repugnancy.

Shabbos Aryans who strive to eradicate The White Race; will thereafter commit suicide

Nick Land: with the straightest of faces and most un-ironic of intonations, professor Land, who has meticulously outlined the means by which he’ll “summon the Demon” (these means being techno-witchcraft, or “hyperstition“), declared that AI, or Artificial Intelligence, should rule Earth — as opposed to Moldberg’s Abrahamic extra-terrestrial “Fnargl” — and that this horrifying AI will be built by Jews, for Jews, with the objective of pursuing explicitly Jewish interests.

Land's Jewish wife. Their son is circumcised, because OF COURSE. Land's Jewish wife. Their son is circumcised, because OF COURSE.
Land’s Jewish wife. Their son is circumcised, because OF COURSE.

Now, you may be wondering just why the British professor is so malicious – but the mystery rapidly unravels once it is revealed that his obnoxious Jewish wife, Anna Greenspan, is calling the shots behind the scenes. Nick Land’s grotesque pseudo-philosophy has been best summarized here. In his notorious book of conjectures, falsifications, and sheer nonsense as only befits NRx, called “The Dark Enlightenment”, the maniac, Demon-possessed, gematria-aficionado, anthropocidal professor declared that to facilitate the Jewish domination of Aryan countries, the ultimate goal of which is the liquidation of all Aryan people everywhere, it is incumbent to accelerate international capitalism until all “human security systems” (that’s your family, in case you were wondering) dysfunction and collapse; thus, the Jewish takeover will be impregnable. Sounds far-fetched? But this deranged individual claims to be a time-travelling android, so it all makes sense:

Before I met Land, I already knew of him through the gossip of new undergraduates taken aback by what they had heard on the grapevine: Did Land really claim that he had come back from the dead? Did he really think he was an android sent from the future to terminate human security? In person he belied these outrageous claims (both of which he did indeed make in writing), being thoroughly polite and amiable and, above all, willing to engage in earnest conversation with anyone. He had paid his philosophical dues and could hold his own in a discussion with any professor; these discussions often turning vituperative, however, as Land railed against the institution and its conservatism. But he preferred to spend his time in the bar with undergraduates, always buying the drinks, smoking continually, and conversing animatedly (and where possible, vehemently) about any topic whatsoever.

Needless to say, whenever the greatest shill for the ZOG, David “Spengler” Goldman, blurts anything, Land diligently links to him. It is the same Goldman, mind you, who has written the following:

Israel is not only America’s key ally in a dodgy part of the world, but the cornerstone on which the edifice of the American republic was founded in the first place.

To say Land is a “rabid Zionist” would be the understatement of the century.

Jim A. Donald: one of the most Shabbos of all Aryans, this purportedly Scots-English shill is best introduced by these damning words, written over at (((Scott Alexander’s))) website:

To the extent that I am aware of sexual acts between adults and pre pubescents, sexual acts between men and pre-pubescent boys consist of middle class gay males predatorily going after fatherless underclass boys, hence it is plausible that they are using improper inducements and improper pressures, hence harm based arguments are plausible.

But with sexual acts between men and pre-pubescent girls, it is middle class girls predatorily going after middle class men, often married middle class men, so harm based arguments are implausible.

Progressivism, having dumped religion after going holier than Jesus, always claims to use harm based justifications, but with environmentalism and the ever rising age of consent, their real motives are clearly not harm based. Consider the common case of the large high school football player having sex with the rather small twenty five year old teacher. Applying harm based criteria to that case is really silly – and it is almost as silly when a nine year old girl seduces a few of her father’s friends.

Yes, you’ve read that right: Jimmy is a vile pedophile. Jim’s NRx blog, where he suggested “raising women as collective male-property in farms for breeding purposes”, gassing to death Israel’s enemies, and instituting worldwide 1984-based Monarchy on the condition that all Kings will be purely Jewish, is a top Zio-criminal bastion of War Crimes enthusiasm, attracting so many child-murdering Israelis that his comments’ section reads like the Tel Aviv phone-book. Jim, who also goes by Jamesd127, made the outrageous claim that if the American-funded, American-defended “ally” Isra-Hell ever empties its nuclear arsenal by bombing Germany, that would be “fair”, because of the Holo-hoax.

Margaret Donald, who may or may not have been murdered by her husband.Margaret Donald, who may or may not have been murdered by her husband.
Margaret Donald, who may or may not have been murdered by her husband.

Oh, but the Rabbinic-hole goes much deeper. In fact, rumor has it that Jim Donald, an obese lardo in his mid 70s, from Sydney, Australia, murdered his own plausibly-Jewish wife (Margaret Donald) by depriving her of medication. That’s one unhinged psychopath – who has, true to form, tried to disprove the very existence of psychopathy by playing Talmudic word-games. As expected, his blogging career centers around the “personal experiences” he has had with the sexual appetite of 10 year old girls, and pornography, another field dominated entirely by Jews not unlike NRx. Jim started out as Anarcho-Communist, by the way.

Wolf Tivy: everything you need to know about the literal cuckold (Polyamorist), chronic masturbator, divorced Autiste named Wolf Tivy can be found here. If you haven’t already, click that link.

The NRx Exposed: Epilogue

Every single one of the depraved individuals briefly profiled here has dedicated his life to the implementation of a “Final Solution” against the exalted Aryan Race. The Jews, spouses of Jews, and assorted malignant elements that make NRx — more accurately designated as “Judeo-Reaction”, as we’ve seen — what it is, which is an operation known as Cabbalism (alternatively spelled Kabbalism), are seeking, each in his own unique manner, to dismember our Civilization and fill the world with loathsome, heinous Jewish filth of various substances. We must not let these NRx-ers get away with it! If this latest of Jewish conspiracies ever materializes, the White Race will be in unprecedented danger. AI, extra-terrestrials, nuclear weaponry, global Monarchs running amok: the Jews will utilize all they possess to exterminate us. Aryan Man, now is the hour to choose: us, or (((them))). We must fight back.

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