Parasites Among Us : The Biological Reality of the Jew

We shall go over the very Nature of Parasites in order to understand the Nature of the Jew and his Minions better. Most of you who have read my articles should have an understanding of the metaphysical truth – the basis behind the old age meaning of “as above, so below” – whatever is true on one metaphysical level can be applied unto the higher or lower one. Whatever is true about parasites in their lower organic form, is true for the higher organic form. The difficult task is to mentally educate oneself to truly understand this concept and to finally accept it as being true – one has to come to the realization that the Jew indeed is a Parasite in the Humanoid Organic form. This is his Natural purpose. Once this settles in, one can begin to understand why the Jews have invented all the various ideologies, religions, monetary systems, political systems, etc. – which serve their purpose and agenda of remaining a hidden parasite among any and all other host nations. The Parasite wishes to remain on the Host and wishes for the Host not to remove him.

We all naturally avoid getting bitten by ticks and we try real hard to protect ourselves from them. One doesn’t go around naked in areas where there are many of them during a particular part of the year – doing so would be suicide – especially with the level of toxicity ticks have nowadays; some theories go as far as to say that the Jews themselves have turned ticks into deadly parasites whose bites can cause serious body damage because White people love the forest and Nature. Alas, the point is that once you know about the danger of modern-day ticks, you won’t go naked into areas that are infested with them. Imagine now that ticks could speak, that they could mentally manipulate you, just as the Jews do. Remember, the Jews told us in their “holy book”, the Zohar, that they are going to conquer the world through their “mouth”, which means, in other words, through propaganda and mental manipulation.

You’d have ticks whispering to you through the forest to take off your clothes and stop being so xenophobic towards them. God created both you and the tick, didn’t he? So why should you be making differences between you and the tick? Why would you be so hateful as to even label this other creature as a tick – call it simply a fellow creation of God! We are all the same after all -why should you try to avoid getting bitten by a tick; why such a thing is simply hateful and racist towards ticks. Such comparisons might seem strange to a newcomer of the Jewish question, but they are dead-on-true for all the rest of us who are aware of the Jew. Such examples are in direct relation to our reality : Change the tick whisper to Jewish every-day-propaganda and you got the same behavior.

It is therefore crucial for us to learn the Natural basics of the Parasite in order to apply such knowledge metaphysically.

In biology/ecology, parasitism is a non-mutual relationship between species, where one species, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host. Traditionally parasite (in biological usage) referred primarily to organisms visible to the naked eye, or macroparasites (such as helminths). Parasites can be microparasites, which are typically smaller, such as protozoa, viruses, and bacteria. Examples of parasites include the plants mistletoe and cuscuta, and animals such as hookworms.

Already here you can see the idea behind the metaphysical reality : There are parasites on every level of existence – from the smallest microscopic virus and bacteria to the large organisms – and we identified the Jew as a Parasite in humanoid form. The Jew can also be identified as a Virus and is therefore destroying the Immune System of any and all Host nations he infests – allowing bacteria, yet another type of parasites – to enter the Host Organism a lot easier. These bacteria and viruses are living off of the organism for as long as the organism can survive while suffering through such disease and sickness. In our reality, we call this process the establishment of the Jewish Social Welfare state – a system where all the non-Whites in White Nations are given free everything and anything – all in the name of “equality, fraternity and brotherhood”, of course. In case of the Jews, one such major way of getting free stuff, is both their control of the Banks and Usury and the various “reparations” they receive for the invention of the Holohaox.

Do notice that once you truly understand that the Jews and their minions are nothing but Parasites among us – then you cannot ignore the fact that parasitism is a non-mutual relationship between species. White European People gain nothing from the existence of Parasites among them. We literally benefit nothing from them – it is only them, the parasites – who benefit at our expense. I wish to remind you at this point of yet another reference in the Jewish Zohar, where the Jews told us that they will destroy each and every other Nation like a worm destroys a ship – little by little will they eat through our system until we sink and drown, meeting our inevitable death without realizing what was going on until it was – too late.

It was therefore in the Jewish interest to destroy any and all types and forms of Natural sciences, faiths and traditions. Paganism had to be replaced by Jewish Christianity in order to make the Host people believe that the Parasite and the Host are “one and the same”, equal, fraternal brothers in “one Jewish God”. Just as the example of the tick I gave you, you were told to love your enemy and resist not evil.

Unlike predators, parasites typically do not kill their host, are generally much smaller than their host, and will often live in or on their host for an extended period. Both are special cases of consumer-resource interactions. Parasites show a high degree of specialization, and reproduce at a faster rate than their hosts. Classic examples of parasitism include interactions between vertebrate hosts and tapeworms, flukes, the Plasmodium species, and fleas.

Jews show a high degree of specialization – don’t they? It is in their interest to take over any and all forms of “specialization“, that is to say positions of power, which then allow them to freely parasite off of other individuals and other hosts. One such way of acquiring power was their invention of Capitalism and Usury – Usury being a “commandment of God” in the Old Testament – Capitalism being the foundation of the teachings of the Jewish Talmud. With both of these powers, the Jews took over the world around them – slowly, but surely. The reproduction rate is also a commandment from the Old Testament : Be fruitful and multiply – Subdue the Earth!

However, unlike other bacterial parasites which truly do reproduce in the billions – the Jewish parasite has figured out that it must keep its numbers down to a certain degree in order to remain hidden. As the parasite is feeding off of his host, the host starts to notice it. A tick bite will start to itch eventually. In our reality this means that the Jew will eventually be discovered by the Host nation and its People. Once this occurs the Jew must do whatever he can to remain hidden or to remove attention from him – he must not be removed like the tick – he must remain in his parasitic position by any means necessary.

Parasitoidy is an evolutionary strategy within parasitism in which the parasite generally kills its host. A parasitoid is an organism that spends a significant portion of its life history attached to or within a single host organism in a relationship where the host is ultimately killed. Thus, parasitoidy is a similar evolutionary strategy to typical parasitism, except for the more serious prognosis for the host.

Parasitoids feed on a living host which is eventually killed, typically before it can produce offspring. Many species of true parasites can cause the death of their host if they are present in overwhelming numbers, the host is in poor condition, or the host’s health is compromised by secondary infections. Parasitoids can be classified as either endo- or ectoparasitoids with idiobiont or koinobiont developmental strategies. Endoparasitoids live within their host’s body. Ectoparasitoids feed on the host from outside. Idiobiont parasitoids prevent further development of the host after initially immobilizing it. Koinobiont parasitoids allow the host to continue its development while feeding upon it. In another strategy, some parasitoids influence the host’s behaviour in ways that favour the propagation of the parasitoid, often at the cost of the host’s life.

Jews have been living among White Aryan host nations for thousands of years now – and the result of the Aryan nation after not dealing with the Jewish Parasite has always been – death. Where the Jew was not able to directly destroy his host nation, he used another host in order to overwhelm the first host. This is also noted in Nature as follows : A spectacular example is the lancet liver fluke that causes host ants to die clinging to grass stalks, where grazers or birds may be expected to eat them and complete the parasitoidal fluke’s life cycle in its definitive host. Thus, the Jew created Islam in order to turn the Middle Eastern people into lunatics who would conquer Europeans for the Jew. One shouldn’t be surprised therefore that the Muslim conquest of Spain was a Golden Era for the Jews.

The Jews know that a future of race-mixed people across the entire planet without any identity, group consciousness or awareness will be their heaven on Earth. No one will notice if the average Joe goes missing the next day – there won’t be a family unit in the society to take care of him, to worry about him, to check on him on a daily basis. There won’t be any parents who take care of their children. One must understand the following : The Parasite is almost always an Individual. And he has trouble penetrating a Group. But if everyone around him is also an Individual – then the Parasite, due to his Nature, becomes Superior in such an environment. This cannot and must not be overlooked. The Jews, collectively, as a whole, act Individually, but strike together as a Group.

You cannot deny the Metaphysical and Natural Truth at this point anymore.

Parasites reduce host biological fitness by general or specialized pathology, such as parasitic castration and impairment of secondary sex characteristics, to the modification of host behavior. Parasites increase their own fitness by exploiting hosts for resources necessary for their survival, such as food, water, heat, habitat, and transmission. Pathology, as such, can be both physical and psychological. I believe that all of us who are aware understand, at this point in time, that we are being physically destroyed by Parasites all over the place and that there is a 24/7 psychological war going on against us. You may be shocked by all that you are reading here, you may shiver from this realization – but you must have the courage to understand our World and our Existence from this metaphysical point of view. We are being destroyed by other humanoid parasites.

Parasitic castration is defined as : the strategy, by a parasite, of blocking reproduction by its host, completely or in part. A parasite that ends the reproductive life of its host theoretically liberates a significant fraction of the host’s resources, which can now be used to benefit the parasite. Lafferty points out that the fraction of intact host energy spent on reproduction includes not just gonads and gametes but also secondary sexual characteristics, mate-seeking behavior, competition, and care for offspring. Poulin suggests that prolonged host life may also result from parasitic castration, benefiting the parasite. Well, I’ll be damned, right? Need we remind ourselves of all the anti-White propaganda the Jews have been bombarding us with for the last 70 years? Of all the propaganda which tell us not to have children in order to “save the planet”, in order to “atone for our racist sins”, to race-mix ourselves out of existence, etc.? Should we remind ourselves of all the vaccinations and hormonal dysfunctions which the Jew has done to our people? The mental destruction of our Natural roles through feminism and transgenderism?

The impairment of secondary sex characteristics includes the process of creating effeminate men among our people and women who are not feminine anymore. While we are being destroyed and told by not only the Jews, but also all their puppets such as the other non-White races within our Host nations, to stop existing, to stop reproducing and to accept “diversity” as our future – all of these Parasites among us are exploiting us for resources necessary for their survival – many of you know by now that the average “immigrant” is receiving 3000 euros per month for free as social welfare in European Nations such as Germany – that they are given free housing, free food, free everything and, in case of England, even get more benefits for having more and more children. All propaganda against reproduction is targeted on White people.

I remind you once again, we are analyzing Parasites in Nature. You have been duped to believe that they could not possibly exist in Human form.

Once fertility has been lost or reduced, the host gains much less evolutionary advantage by surviving the parasite than it would have by avoiding it. Once the host’s reproductive ability is lost, any future changes in host behavior cannot directly benefit the host’s reproductive fitness but may benefit the parasite’s. Several cases have been described where infection with a parasitic castrator causes the host to change its behavior in ways that benefit the parasite. These are all your feminist, no-children, cat ladies, homosexuals, etc. – including the transgender imbeciles alongside their marxist, liberal and communist buddies; they have lost their way of Nature, their Will to live, survive and reproduce themselves – and are now serving the Jewish agenda. This is why White women have been turned into lunatics, why White men have become weak and traitorous. I point to your local Jew worshiping Christian priest. I point to your local Nun.

Parasites that live on the outside of the host, either on the skin or the outgrowths of the skin, are called ectoparasites. Those that live inside the host are called endoparasites. Endoparasites can exist in one of two forms: intercellular parasites (inhabiting spaces in the host’s body) or intracellular parasites (inhabiting cells in the host’s body). This equals to Jews receiving special treatment and benefits among our Nations and those who receive all of it while living in Israel. Additionally, endoparasites equal to Jewish “ghettos” in our Host Nations and various Jews who take smaller control of society, while the intracellular Jews are those who directly control the Media, Government and all other “cell” operating systems of our Organisms.

Intracellular parasites, such as protozoa, bacteria or viruses, tend to rely on a third organism, which is generally known as the carrier or vector. The vector does the job of transmitting them to the host. This vector, 2000 years ago, was Christianity. It allowed the Jews to massively flock into Europe by simply “believing” in Jesus, another fellow Jew. These “vectors” include Freemasonry, Communism, Liberalism and all the other ideologies which allowed the Jews to hide among us and in many cases lead us against our own interests.

An epiparasite is one that feeds on another parasite. This relationship is also sometimes referred to as hyperparasitism, exemplified by a protozoan (the hyperparasite) living in the digestive tract of a flea living on a dog.

We already mentioned this phenomena with the Jewish Golden Era during Muslim rule of Spain. This, in short, is what the Jew calls “multi-culturalism” and “diversity”. The Jews have told us many times before how they feel only safe in such a society, which was formerly a White Nation. They used other non-Whites as an act of hyperparasitism. This should be beyond obvious by now. Social parasites take advantage of interactions between members of social organisms such as ants, termites, and bumblebees. Holy shit, right? Jews as the leading faces behind any and all Social Justice movements and revolutions which destroy the Natural Order of other organisms? Social parasites, my friends. It can’t be more direct. It’s like a punch in the face.

In kleptoparasitism (from the Greek κλέπτης (kleptes), thief), parasites appropriate food gathered by the host. An example is the brood parasitism practiced by cowbirds, whydahs, cuckoos, and black-headed ducks which do not build nests of their own and leave their eggs in nests of other species. The host behaves as a “babysitter” as they raise the young as their own. If the host removes the cuckoo’s eggs, some cuckoos will return and attack the nest to compel host birds to remain subject to this parasitism. This is the Jewish race-mixing agenda in full motion. It is further emphasized by the “refugees welcome” imbeciles and reaches it final stage in those Whites, especially the Christcucks, who adopt non-White children and either don’t have any of their own, or eventually tend to serve the stranger more than their own offspring. I shall try real hard to forget all the various indoctrinated Christian missionaries who served the Jewish agenda worldwide.

Intraspecific social parasitism may also occur. One example of this is parasitic nursing, in which some individual young take milk from unrelated females. In wedge-capped capuchins, higher ranking females sometimes take milk from low ranking females without any reciprocation. The high ranking females benefit at the expense of the low ranking females. I shit you not, there is an entire chapter about this in the Jewish Talmud, I just can’t remember which part of it. They literally discuss whether or not, under which circumstances, a Gentile woman may breastfeed their children. In general, the idea of the Shabbos Goy fits in here as well.

Parasitism can take the form of isolated cheating or exploitation among more generalized mutualistic interactions. For example, broad classes of plants and fungi exchange carbon and nutrients in common mutualistic mycorrhizal relationships; however, some plant species known as myco-heterotrophs “cheat” by taking carbon from a fungus rather than donating it.

Yes, yes – keep giving your money to Jewish run “charities” and “humanitarian organizations”. I’m sure the money isn’t going into the wrong hands. Also, the whole concept of “luck” upon which the entire Casino industry is based upon – is cheating – as luck as such does not exist. One either knows or doesn’t know. One either has or doesn’t have. Therefore, the idea of “lucky games” which will reward you with a lot of “cash” is again parasitic cheating upon the masses. The only true “luck”, the only true meaning behind it, can be summed up as someone who has been climbing for years up on mountains and has developed a really good skill and experience in doing so. “Luck” in such a case is when he automatically, without thinking, reacts and saves himself from falling – the inner “ego” which has “compressed” all the skill, experience and knowledge – is acting faster than the actual aware mind and “saves” the individual from falling. The active mind thinks it was lucky – it was the unconscious mind that took over.

An adelpho-parasite (from the Greek αδελφός (adelphos), brother) is a parasite in which the host species is closely related to the parasite, often being a member of the same family or genus. We are all One in Christ Jesus; there is neither Jew nor Greek, my fellow Goyim. Remarkable, isn’t it? We have also seen how submission is an essential part of kleptoparasitism – need I remind any of us here that Islam itself means – Submission. The followers of that Jewish “religion” have been infested with a mental parasite and virus themselves – their mind, their immune system, their very soul – has submitted to the Jewish programming. And as the parasites which they have become, they too, depend on others to live off of them. It has become their Nature. Communism as such, is the Jewish orgasmic dream, of establishing a supreme rule in a host nation where the host has entirely submitted to them and is working in order to feed them and provide for them. Global Communism shouldn’t be too difficult for you to understand at this point in time, aye?

Global Jewish Communism is hidden behind a “religious” term – The Jewish Messiah. Once he “shows up”, the Jewish plan of taking over the entire planet will be realized. Christians cheer this on. The United Nations has an entire “religious” section dedicated to the arrival of this “last” Jewish Messiah called “Lucis Trust”. It is as ridiculous as it sounds. We are surrounded not only by indoctrinated lunatics, but also by people who are literally, biologically, scientifically speaking, infested with and controlled by Parasites. And those main Parasites, namely the Jews, have brought in with themselves lower Parasites in order to further weaken and crush us.

Let us now see how vertebrates, among whom mammals are, defend themselves against parasites

The first line of defense against invading parasites in vertebrates is the skin. By keeping the skin dry, it prevents invading organisms from colonizing. Furthermore, human skin also secretes sebum, which is toxic to most microorganisms. The vertebrate mouth contains saliva, which prevents foreign organisms from getting into the body orally. Furthermore, the mouth also contains lysozyme, an enzyme found in tears and the saliva. This enzyme breaks down cell walls of invading microorganisms. Should the organism pass the mouth, the stomach is the next line of defense. The vertebrate stomach contains hydrochloric acid and gastric acids, which makes its pH level around 2. In this environment, the acidity of the stomach helps kill most microorganisms that try to invade the body through the gastric intestinal tract.

Parasites can also invade the body through the eyes. The lashes on the eyelids of mammals prevents invading microorganisms from entering the eye in the first place. Even if the microorganism does get into the eye, tears contain the enzyme lysozyme, which will kill most invading microorganisms. Should the parasite enter the body, the immune system is a vertebrate’s major defense against parasitic invasion. The immune system is made up of different families of molecules. These include serum proteins and pattern recognition receptors (PRRs). PRRs are intracellular and cellular receptors that activate dendritic cells, which in turn activate the adaptive immune system’s lymphocytes. Lymphocytes such as the T cells and antibody producing B cells with variable receptors that recognize parasites.

The first line of defense is the Border of the Organismthe Skin, the Nation. A border-less, a skinless world is a free ride for Parasites. The dryness of the skin in our case would be borders which the invaders cannot get through and flood through. The saliva and oral entrance is the mental propaganda which the Jew uses on us every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They mastered attacking us through speech and propaganda and thus our defensive system isn’t breaking down their invasion. The stomach, with its acidic environment, represents our Culture and Way of Life without the Jew – thus, the Jew had to first penetrate us with Christianity which destroyed our European environment and made it suitable for the Jew to live in. This has been further emphasized through Liberalism, Democracy and Masonry. They made Europe less “toxic” for themselves, which nowadays means “less anti-Semitic“. Finally, the antibodies were the Aryan warriors, the Samurais, the Paladins – who would have no discussion with the Jew but simply identify him as a parasite and deal with him accordingly.

As you can probably imagine, we are in deep shit right now. We are sick to the core, infested and infected, exhausted, used and abused. We are being eaten alive by Parasites and our very Immune system has been turned against us.

Parasites evolve in response to their hosts’ defences, sometimes in a manner specific to a particular host taxon and specializing to the point where they infect only a single species. Such narrow host specificity can be costly over evolutionary time, however, if the host species becomes extinct. Therefore, many parasites can infect a variety of more or less closely related host species, with different success rates. In turn, host defenses coevolve in response to attacks by parasites. Theoretically, parasites may have an advantage in this evolutionary arms race because their generation time commonly is shorter. Hosts reproduce less quickly than parasites, and therefore have fewer chances to adapt than their parasites do over a given span of time. Competition between parasites tends to favor faster reproducing and therefore more virulent parasites. Parasites’ whose life cycle involves the death of the host, to exit the present host and sometimes to enter the next, evolve to be more virulent or even alter the behavior or other properties of the host to make it more vulnerable to predators.

I know, I know… One can hardly believe it. This is where the concept of “Jews knowing us better than we know ourselves” comes from. They adapt to our Nature and use our weak points against us. And while the non-White parasites which the Jews have brought among us keep on multiplying, we as the Host Nation and People, cannot battle against their ever growing numbers. We are going to be overwhelmed – not only because the Jews are manipulating us to actually not reproduce – but because this is simply a Natural occurrence. We are witnessing Nature : We are witnessing the battle of life and death between a Host and the Parasite which infected it. And the Jews are, of course, changing and altering the behavior and other properties of us, the host, to make us more vulnerable to predators. Must I repeat the word “Christianity” again, or has your mind started to function on its own again?

An interesting article is being cited in this section, namely this one : Invasion of the gender benders: by manipulating sex and reproduction in their hosts, many parasites improve their own odds of survival and may shape the evolution of sex itself. All one can do is face-palm oneself into oblivion. Jews are doing literally what the title of this analysis on parasites is talking about. Every single instance of “Weimar degeneracy”, up to the modern Jewish promotion of pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, transgenderism, etc. – is part of their Natural behavior as Parasites. You cannot deny it. You cannot deny this Primordial Truth.

The only thing you may attempt to do – is to remain ignorant to it.

Parasites infect hosts within their same geographical area (sympatric) more effectively. Hosts, the only habitats in which parasites can survive, actively try to avoid, repel, and destroy parasites. Parasites employ numerous strategies for getting from one host to another, a process sometimes referred to as parasite transmission or colonization. Some parasites modify host behavior in order to increase the transmission between hosts, often in relation to predator and prey. Modifying the behavior of infected hosts, to make transmission to other hosts more likely to occur, is one way parasites can affect the structure of ecosystems. Although parasites are often omitted in depictions of food webs, they usually occupy the top position. Parasites can function like keystone species, reducing the dominance of superior competitors and allowing competing species to co-exist. Many parasites require multiple hosts of the different species to complete their life cycles and rely on predator-prey or other stable ecological interactions to get from one host to another. In this sense, the parasites in an ecosystem reflect the health of that system.

It is therefore no wonder that the Middle Eastern region fell pretty easily to the Jewish parasitic invasion through Islam. Some Muslims may hate Jews, but they never attacked them or eradicated them. They never will. Just as Christians won’t. The only direct attack that Jews ever experienced was from Pagan Egypt, Pagan Greece, Pagan Rome, Pagan Babylon and Sumeria and – in our modern day times – Pagan recovering Germany. There won’t ever be a “feminist” uprising against the Jews, neither will there ever be a “transgender” uprising against them – for both are the products of the Jewish parasite and they won’t turn against their master. Alas, even though it is suggested that the Hosts actively try to repel and destroy parasites – we know that we find ourselves in a situation where we have been completely disabled from doing so.

Jews are, as the text suggests, parasites which require multiple hosts – the idea of multi-culturalism and diversity is therefore their prime objective upon this planet with the eradication of the White Race alongside it. If you were to look at the Earth from a metaphysical point of view, I dare to say that the White Race represents the antibodies, the White blood cells, which defend the organism. If we are to fall, the Parasite would create his “heaven on Earth”, his Biblical dream would come true – and he would ever remain the master of a rotten world of darkness. We are facing the World’s most dangerous opponent, its most dangerous enemy. And this enemy is actively creating more of his own minions, turning more of our own people against us, in order to further his own agenda. Our current state of being can be described as following : Multiparasitism – when the host has been parasitized by more than one species.

Finally, here comes the absolutely amazing part of the text.

Although parasites are generally considered to be harmful, the eradication of all parasites would not necessarily be beneficial. Parasites account for as much as or more than half of life’s diversity; they perform an important ecological role (by weakening prey) that ecosystems would take some time to adapt to; and without parasites, organisms may eventually tend to asexual reproduction, diminishing the diversity of sexually dimorphic traits. Parasites provide an opportunity for the transfer of genetic material between species. On rare, but significant, occasions this may facilitate evolutionary changes that would not otherwise occur, or that would otherwise take even longer.

It is like reading a Jew who is trying to convince you that European Nations cannot continue to exist without Jews. That we need Jews in order to remain “healthy“. This is basically a camouflaged way of telling you that parasites are necessary for the diverse existence of host nations, that they bring diversity and multi-culturalism into the Host Nations and prevent “incest” which would otherwise occur in those poor ethnically pure host nations. The Parasite promotes race-mixing and brings together different species and enables the transfer of genetic material between them. Oh my God, the Jew is bringing about evolutionary changes among us which would never otherwise occur! But of course, the Creativity of the White Race and the Beauty of the White woman need to be “evolved” into something better by mixing them with Negro and Asiatic blood. What could ever go wrong?!

And, you would have been correct by assuming that this was written by a Jew – because this text is cited from the following : Holt RD (2010). “IJEE Soapbox”. Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution. 56 (3): 239–250 ; and this one : Claude Combes, The Art of being a Parasite, U. of Chicago Press, 2005. What more can I say? I mean, we covered all the major points here and witnessed them having a direct link to the very Nature, Behavior and Characteristic of the Jew and his turned-to-parasite Minions. We covered the idea of the “Virus” before in another article ,but I figured that the subject of the Parasite needed more detailed information. For those of you who haven’t read the Mouth of Israel article, it is here. The more we understand the situation we find ourselves in, the better and sooner will we be able to deal against it. You must see the European Nations as infected by the Jew who is using their resources to feed himself, who is denying them to flourish and prosper, who is denying them to reproduce, who is actively working on their death and who intends to replace them with a new host – namely the easy-to-control race-mixed idiots of the future. All of this, all of this chaos, death, destruction, hatred that is going onis happening because of the Jew.

It is about damn time that it ends. The Awakening has Begun.

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