Re-interpretation of Post-WWII American History in Light of MK Black Ops with Dr. Eric Karlstrom (On William Ramsey Investigates)

Interview (July 19, 2023):

Re-interpretation of Post-WWII American History in Light of MK Black Ops with Dr. Eric Karlstrom

Excerpts from interview:

I. Ruby Ridge: Military Mind Control (Track I08 from Dr. Karlstrom’s “Lifeline: Essential Insights And Healing Music For Illegally Targeted Civilians”

II. Question: What do the following events have in common?

1963-69: JFK assassination (1963), as well as RFK, MLK (1968), Malcom X, murder of 28 black panthers (1968) (Dr. Louis Jolyon West MKULTRA psychiatrist is government psychiatrist for Jack Ruby) probably used RHIC and EDOM on various players such as Oswald in scripted murder.

1969: Manson murders (Dr. Louis Jolyon West was involved in Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic in San Francisco where Manson and his mind-controlled harem were regulars)- (see Tom O’Neil’s book, “Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties”). Manson was a handled CIA asset- he was mind controlled and could mind control others.

1970: Kent State Massacre in which 4 students killed and wounded by National Guard were operationalized version of “Cable Splicer.”

1973-5: Symbionese Liberation Army rampage (including kidnapping and mind control of heiress, Patty Hearst. Dr. Louis Jolyon West, MKULTRA psychiatrist, again, was the appointed government MKULTRA psychiatrist to manage the cover-up.). Hearst experienced “Stockholm Syndrome:” She fell in love with her torturer-handler, Cinque Defreeze.

1976: Son of Sam Murders (David Berkowitz heard voices and was the patsy for many cult murders.

1978: Jonestown: Intelligence operative, Jim Jones, ran government-created mind control cult and slavery operation. 918 culties, nearly all blacks taken from mental wards in the San Francisco area, were killed by special forces when Congressman Leo Ryan, head of the Congressional Intelligence Oversight Committtee, came to investigate what was really happening. Read accounts by John Judge.

1993: Waco mass murder; David Koresh, a mind control subject himself. The black operation was shut down by government special forces when they killed all members of Koresh’s cult.

1995: Oklahoma City Bombing was another alse false-flag government op. Dr. Louis Jolyon West, again, was appointed as the government (MKULTRA) psychiatrist for patsy, Timothy McVeigh.

1995: World Trade Center Bombing, was completely funded and organized by the FBI (See: The Terror Factory by Nick Turse).

2001: 9/11 September 11 was a false-flag synthetic terror event carried out by the US Interagency, US military, and foreign and domestic partners.

1985 to today: The phony War on Terrorism

1960’s to today: Global Warming-Climate Change fraud

2007: Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech Shooter

2012: Sandy Hook mass murder (?) takes place in Newtown, Connecticut.

2013: Boston Marathon Bombing,

2014: Myron May (TI, Prosecutor, “University Shooter”) and Aaron Alexis (TI)- heard voices and were victims of gangstalking-electronic torture.

2017: Las Vegas Shootings. Patsy, Stephen Paddock, told people he was a government mind control project, was hearing voices, and CIA put words and thoughts in his head.

1950’s to today: The targeted individual program/organized stalking-electronic torture

2020: Covid 19 and Covid vaccine and lockdown, social distancing orders

Answer: All are examples of state-sponsored domestic terrorism and mass trauma-based mind control per the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, world’s brainwashing center in London. And many of those involved were individually mind controlled via deliberate fragmentation of their minds into multiple personalities and emplacement of systems of subalter personalities via systematic extreme torture and trauma in MKULTA and related government mind control projects.

Most of the above black (wet) ops heavily utilize various aspects of CIA-military MKULTRA mind control on key individuals, such as patsies, Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy McVeigh, Sirhan Sirhan, Stephen Paddock, etc. These technologies include voice to skull (V2k or “voice of god” weapons) aka synthetic telepathy and microwave hearing to drive the patsy’s crazy, to guide them to the proper location at the proper time, and in some cases, to induce them to commit crimes.

All these black ops are examples of social engineering designed to move society toward a total control, communist-fascist technocratic tyranny characterized by mass depopulation and enslavement.  Incidentally, in his book, 9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in the U.S.A., Dr. Webster Tarpley notes that 9/11 and other state-sponsored terror events typically involve these elements: 1) moles, 2) patsies, and 3) professional killers (generally special forces).

Government has long been infiltrated by satanist pedophile criminals (VIP pedophiles) and “the plan” is to usher in a transhumanist world comprised of man- machine integrations. This transformation of human society features supersoldiers for the military (called: military human enhancement), digital immortality for the satanic, pedophile elite, and cyborg enslavement for everyone else.

Conclusion: Government is the terrorist! The so-called “potential terrorist threats” on the FBI and DHS’s Terrorist Screening Data Base are overwhelmingly innocent American citizens, including truth tellers, whistleblowers, political enemies, Christians, conservatives, etc.!!!!   These “targeted individuals” are human trafficked and undergo all manner of tortures and abuse and are used nonconsentually in secret biomedical and weapons testing experiments and programs.


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