Scott Roberts – Are Jews a Race?

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2 Responses to “Scott Roberts – Are Jews a Race?”

  1. a says:

    the masses of sheep or slave are the problem

    not my job to learn about them jews and tell the the ignorant masses about it.. who cares. ya i know it all a hoax..
    do you believe in science or evolution? big bang?

    i dont.
    its for idiot and we have too many of them and are too many today. this is call controlling the masses of willing slaves

    they all gonna take the shot.
    fully vax fool


    500 million idiot in the near future
    fuck them, i be around to watch them idiot 5 or 10 years from now.
    screw them all. ba ba ba!!!
    i really hate stupid people!!!
    most of them 99 percent need to die anyway!!!
    LOW IQ
    people are just born stupid
    no amount of truth is gonna get them to care
    You and i know this.

    prove me wrong.
    btw god dammit..

    i am just as piss as you are at ignorant people.
    who only care about money!!!

  2. Abe Bird says:

    Here Here the House of Beasts !!!!

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