Shane Vaughn Curses Black Lives Matter as ‘Demons From Hell’

Outraged over the conviction of white Minnesota police office Kim Potter, who was found guilty of manslaughter after allegedly mistaking her gun for her Taser and fatally shooting Daunte Wright, a Black man, during a traffic stop, radical right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn lashed out at the Black Lives Matter movement, calling it demonic and cursing it to Hell.

Vaughn, an increasingly influential religious-right pastor whose YouTube videos, which regularly feature right-wing conspiracy theories, have racked up millions of views, posted a video on Christmas Eve, the day after the verdict was delivered, in which he vehemently attacked BLM.

“BLM does not seek peace, it seeks war,” Vaughn shouted. “It does not seek understanding, it seeks tyranny.”

“BLM is demons, and you tell them I said so,” he declared. “Give them my mailing address: P.O. Box 2757, Bay St. Louis, MS, 39521. You demon spirit called BLM, I curse you in the name of Yeshua the Messiah for what you have done in the United States of America, you Nephilim demon spirit!”

“We will not surrender to your demands. Why? Because no demand they ever make will satisfy their demon minds,” Vaughn continued. “God bless America, the greatest nation on the face of planet Earth. And we will never, ever surrender to these demon powers called Black Lives Matters. You demons from Hell, go back to the roach pit from whence you came, saith the Lord.”


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