SOLAR ECLIPSE SUPER PSYOP: Different than anything we’ve seen before

Submitted by An Armchair Astrologer & Conspiracy Realist
SOTN Exclusive

Surely folks have realized by now that there’s something very wrong with what we will call the “Solar Eclipse Super Psyop”.

KEY DATA POINT: The mainstream media has never hyped an eclipse like they have this one occurring on April 8th.

Remember: That same mainstream media told you time and again, as they do even today, that the ‘vaccine’ was ‘safe and effective’.

Really, is there anything that you would ever trust coming from Big Media? ANYTHING???

That’s why all mainstream media been accurately memed the CIA’s Mockingbird Media: because all that propaganda and prevarication echo-chamber is tasked with doing is lying about everything, all the time.

With that obvious fact of life firmly established, why would anyone act on all the eclipse build-up when the MSM is promoting it like mad? Why?!

What’s the critical point?

Corporate media across the USA virtually never has the best interests of the American people on their New World Order globalist agenda. It’s just not in their capacity to do so.

So why go look at this quite monumental eclipse as the full blackout traverses a significant swath across the U.S. mainland this coming Monday?

Okay, so what’s going on here?

Well, this sage guidance has been provided for the past several years regarding one’s conduct toward any solar or lunar eclipse that can be observed from one’s viewing area.

For those who skipped the preceding link, here’s a distillation.

An eclipse of a major luminary such as the Sun and Moon is not an auspicious celestial event. While this upcoming stellar obscuration is not to be feared in any way, it should be respected for what it truly is.

When the light of the Sun is being blocked in a way that eerily darkens the land and waters below, even the animals know that it is a sign or omen of things to come. Ultimately, only positive transformation will be the end result of any eclipse, as the revelations of things which have been previously covered up are often liberating on a personal level and cathartic on a collective one.

KEY POINTS: Just as there has never been so much MSM promotion conducted to push everyone into the total black-out zone, likewise there have NEVER been so many warnings not to go there. In point of fact, this extremely polarizing dynamic is completely unprecedented in this country’s history. Similarly, there have never been so many official emergencies declared by states, counties and cities because of a solar eclipse. Again, totally unprecedented … … … so what’s really going on with this cosmic and mundane trigger event?!

Now check out this search result after inputting the following keywords: april 8 solar eclipse emergency declarations.

American Omen

The way that this April 8th solar eclipse will cut a path right across the nation, but beginning through Mexico first and then followed by Texas, is certainly no quirk of fate or cosmic coincidence.

Just take a real close look at the transparently engineered and ever-worsening border crisis in Texas. Those staged and never-ending invasions of illegal aliens is by far the most serious problem confronting the American people in all 50 states today, and yet few even get just how dire this situation really is. Here, read this exposé:

What this really means, as far as this particular eclipse is concerned, is that there’s great potential for this devastating traitorous criminal conspiracy being perpetrated by the highest echelons of the U.S, Federal Government to be blown wide open.

However, because of that very realistic possibility, the dark side will do everything in their power to either maintain the extraordinary cover-up … or they will do something very BIG indeed to distract the US citizenry from the coming bombshell disclosures. It’s quite likely that they will carry out a series of disruptive black ops and psyops, all designed to divert our attention from what would be — BY FAR — the most radioactive disclosures in American history. Yes, even much bigger than 9/11 TRUTH.

Honestly, can it possibly get any worse than a long planned and highly organized American Bolshevik Revolution launched to forever collapse this Republic?!?!

Then you had better read:

April 5 through April 11

The critical time window of this eclipse, when instant karma is likely to strike without warning (except from the Sun’s shadow), is from April 5 through April 11.

“It is always the time in between the eclipses, which invariably come in pairs, when it’s important to exercise heightened situational awareness. The lunar eclipse on Monday, March 24 began that period. However, for various reasons beyond the scope of this essay, the most potentially fateful days will be from 3 days before Monday, April 8 to 3 days after the same day. Notwithstanding, the whole month of April could turn into a global blockbuster where “The Greatest Show On Earth” takes place in the USA.”
(Source: APRIL 2024: Life will never be the same )

However, that does not mean that the inauspicious energies directly associated with this powerful eclipse will not linger for years to come. And, that the more Americans who bask in the the shadow while looking directly at the occultation will not strenghten the effects it will have on the United States of America.

Which is why it’s of vital important to inform people everywhere to not indulge in the viewing of this unpropitious event. Tell them not to forget the biowar known as OPERATION COVID-19 which continues to wreak havoc throughout the USA to this very day.


The Powers That Be predictably and consistently use our ignorance against US whenever they possibly can; they’re experts at it.

What we are seeing with the April 8th total solar eclipse is a withering campaign of predictive programming and social engineering the likes of which the US citizenry has never been exposed to. The entire Mainstream Media has never been so determined to get every single American outside to watch this quite dramatic daytime blocking of the solar rays. Remember the dark side knows the secret workings of astrology, numerology, alchemy, geomancy and all the other occult arts and sciences.

It’s of paramount importance to understand that The Powers That Be know full well what is about to transpire. They always have an advance notice on many of the most impactive events to hit the planet because of their routine utilization of astrology, numerology, alchemy, geomancy, divination and all the other occult arts and sciences.
(Source: 2024:The Year The Apocalypse Breaks Out Into The Open—BIG TIME!!!)

Therefore, we cannot overstate the urgency to get this post in front of as many folks as you can. Not only may they be saved from needless pain and suffering, they can be instrumental in informing many others who are completely oblivious to these esoteric matters.

CAUTIONARY TALE: Just look at all the frightened souls on the Left who fearfully took the Covid vaccines and boosters. Chances are the great majority of them were all in during the 2017 GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE. There were however countless souls throughout the Patriot Movement who did not have anything to do with that eclipse and who did not get vaxxed. And, it was exposés like this one which properly informed them which they took very seriously…so sen this post out far and wide; we have 3 days to hit everyone within the “Six Degrees of Separation”.

An Armchair Astrologer & Conspiracy Realist
State of the Nation
April 5, 2024


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