Stupid Commie S#it From Idiots Too Retarded To Pour Horse Piss Out Of A Boot With Instruction To Do So Printed On The Bottom Of The Heel

“Although the Allies in World War II clearly needed to stop Hitler and to aid Russia in its advance on Germany”.

Aid Russia?
A Khazarian Jew run Holocaust machine!

I am not a fan of National Socialism, it is just a milder form of communism, but by the treasonous communistic whores in DC sending the criminally insane mass murderer Stalin cash, weapons, tanks, planes, ammo, fuel, the US helped set up the Cold War in which huge amounts of American wealth would be transferred to the pockets of Usury “bankers”

and led to Americans dying in pre-planned Korean and Viet Nam wars.

One of the reasons US murdered WW2 Hero General George Patton was he was trying to stop the treason of US/DC setting up the Cold War and the enslavement of millions of Eastern Europeans under the iron heel of Jewish Communism for over fifty years.

Latest research show the number more like 3 million US sent to their deaths, knowing that was what they were doing.

In fact the reason US stopped Patton in September 1944, gave all his fuel and ammo to Go Slow & Get A Lot of Men Killed British Field Marshal Montie for his disastrous ‘OPERATION MARKET GARDEN’ was Patton was about to cross the Rhine and end the war in Europe.

There were still three countries between the Mongolian hordes of child and women raping till death Soviet “soldiers and Germany.
If allowed to end the war in 1944, Patton would have stoped two thing.

First, there would have been no Cold War leading to Americans dying in the pre-planned Korean and Viet Nam wars.

Secondly, there would have been no Battle of the Bulge in which more Americans died than any other European battle field in the Second World War, to include the D Day Landings.

Years back I talked to a man who had been a bombardier on an US B-25 bombing Germans in Russia in support of Holocausting Communist Khazarian red Russians.
He said the US brass told them if they had to bail out, to try to make it to the German lines, which they were bombing, because if the Russians got them, they would kill them.

US knew the evil they were in bed with.

After the war, General Eisenhower Holocausted at least 1.3 million German POWs and civilians in his Rhine Medow Death Camps.

US and England sent at gun point 3 million Eastern Europeans running from Stalin’s red Russian khazarian Communism to Stalin so he could machine gun them and work to death in his slave labor camps the ones which he did not kill outright.

US Knew Russia had “liberated” thousands of US GIs from German POW camps.
None of them ever left Stalin’s mass murdering grasp.
They were tortured to death for military knowledge, or worked to death in slave labor camps.

Washington DC never even asked Stalin to account for them.

The above crimes are another reason US murdered Patton, he knew all of this and was raising holy hell about it and threatening to expose the war crimes and treason by US politicians and top military brass to the American people.

The Germans were pikers in war crimes compared to Russia, US and England.

And yes the Maui fires were intentional, sending the kids home to burn alive or be kidnapped by pedophiles, we still are unclear where the children are, cutting water off so people could not fight their own house fires, failure to use the warning sirens and cops blocking the roads to make sure as many people would burn to death as possible is just a continuation of war crimes by the US which they have been doing for a very long time and are very good at.

The Ole Dog!


The recent conflagration in Maui’s Lahaina Town shocked the nation. Some have called it an act of war—if so, one might argue that it has a predecessor.

Although the Allies in World War II clearly needed to stop Hitler and to aid Russia in its advance on Germany from the east, many have questioned whether the firebombing of Dresden, the “Florence on the Elbe,” was justified. It was certainly horrific. Historian Donald Miller paints a vivid picture of the cataclysmic scene:

that many were reduced to atoms before they had time to remove their shoes. The fire melted iron and steel, turned stone into powder, and caused trees to explode from the heat of their own resin.”

Bodies of murdered by USA and the Ratschild’s Great Britain, civilians in Dresden

History may not exactly repeat, but it often rhymes. The above description sounds eerily similar to the effects of the inferno in Lahaina. Of course, Dresden was a major European cultural center in the midst of a world war, while Lahaina is a small town in Hawaii, so there the comparison ends.

And, in the case of Dresden, the apocalyptic ruination of that beautiful city resulted from incessant Allied bombing including incendiaries that created a firestorm, killing tens of thousands of civilians and leaving only charred remains of the exquisite architecture that had graced the city.

Whereas in Lahaina, there were no visible bombs, no readily discernible enemy, and for the most part, not even any rubble. Only ash.



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