Swedish Immigration Minister: “We’ll Take Merkel to Court Over Migrant Chaos”

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
March 14, 2016


Sweden is furious with Merkel because she invited all Syrians to Germany in 2015, and it caused an invasion of illegal immigrants.

Many of these illegal immigrants went to Sweden, and Germany now refuses to take back the ones who came to Sweden via Germany.

Swedish immigration minister Morgan Johansson said: “We’ll take Merkel to court over migrant chaos

Not accepting the asylum seekers who registered in the country [Germany] would be breaching the Dublin Regulation.

If they [implement this policy] we will turn to the European Court of Justice.

We have officially contacted the German government and we are not alone, other member states are also affected by this.

Of the 500-600 who come to Sweden every week many are already registered in Germany.

If we don’t return them to Germany there will be more in our asylum system.

There are several hundred thousand asylum seekers in Germany that could move north to Sweden and Denmark. It would place high pressure on us when our asylum centers are full.

Sweden, as a nation, is on the brink of collapse. Police have lost control of many inner-city areas with high immigrant populations. The police chief in Östersund has warned woman “don’t go out at night because they’ve lost control.

A rising number of Swedes are fed up with the high tax rates and are emigrating to America and Britain.

The most supported party, the Sweden Democrats is the only anti-mass immigration party in parliament, but a coalition of pro-immigration parties will not let them take part in the political system.

Put simply, Sweden is as dead as a dodo which chain smokes, and likes jumping in front of traffic.

The Swedish political elite thought that they would get rid of the White Swedish majority and turn the country into a multiracial state.

It has failed miserably, but more importantly than this, by going along with this “get rid of the White majority” plan, they are now also responsible for committing White genocide.

It’s White genocide, and they are guilty.

Source Article from http://www.dailystormer.com/swedish-immigration-minister-well-take-merkel-to-court-over-migrant-chaos/

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