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Dr. Love: Quantum Dots, DNA Barcoding, Nano-Razors & The Israeli State

In my latest interview with Stew Peter’s, I brought evidence confirming that Dr. Andreas Noack, the good doctor who risked his life to warn humanity of the extreme dangers of the death jab, is in fact deceased. Days after Dr. Noack’s mysterious death, a video was leaked revealing Graphene Hydroxide nano-razors inside the Pfizer death jab, under […]

Nano BioChips From DARPA in Covid “Vaxx’s” Which Are Tracking Devices, DNA Barcoding and Branding of Humans, Etc. Creating New Artificial Molecules & Creating a New Species From Humans: GMO Patentable Humans Comment: Directed Energy Weapons are used by the MILITARY. Quantum dot uses CRISPR based technology. For more on this gene editing I have a research paper link. 🙂 Page 6…………………………… Genome Editing: CRISPR-Cas9Relatedly, genome editing technology improved. CRISPR technologymakes genome editing cheaper, faster and more efficient. CRISPRs are specialized stretches of DNA.18 The CRISPR-associated […]

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