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Lucrezia Borgia: The Misunderstood Femme Fatale of the Renaissance

Women of the Middle Ages were often sadly lacking in rights. Across the world, this period was dominated by a patriarchal society, where the might and prowess of Lords, knights, Kings, warriors, and feudal landowners dictated the tides and trends of the society. Women were often limited to a set of roles that were vital […]

Femme Fatale: The Ancient Sex Crafts of History’s Most Alluring Women

The seductress, or femme fatale (French for “Deadly Woman”), is one of the oldest female archetypes and although there has been great diversity in “how” she has been portrayed, she has some core traits which are found in every account. This woman is selfish and manipulative, cynical and a sexual predator, often villainous, and always a survivor. […]

Femme Fatale : A very short story *

By RED FOX This was originally submitted as a comment under the heading: ‘A True Story: So Help Me God.’  Good stories of 500-1000 words are exceptionally rare. This is one of them. Here we have a gothic horror story which  resembles a prose poem. It could have been written by a disciple of Edgar […]

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