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The Babylonian Whore: Fractional Reserve Banking

Fritjof and Eli on a very important subject of prophetic fulfillment. PASTOR JAMES/Fritjof Persson: The Babylonian Whore Fractional Reserve Banking Collapsing ( Extra credit reading:  Barbara Villiers: History of Monetary Crimes: Barbara Villiers; or, A history of monetary crimes : Del Mar, Alexander, 1836-1926 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Share this: […]

Fractional Reserve Banking and the Rothschilds

Money and the jooz: MONETARY MANAGEMENT – Explained by Fritjof ( History of the Rothschild banks.   Excellent documentary: Empire of Shadows: True Story of the Richest Family in History – YouTube Tell everyone you know about EFR.   We report what other sources ignore.  “All the news the Jews refuse.” Share this: Source

Fractional Reserve Banking and Your Personal Data

Artificial Intelligence nightmare! PASTOR JAMES – FRITJOF PERSSON – The Stockholm Conference ( Tracking People with AI PROOF THE JABBED ARE TRACKABLE EVERYWHERE: THE VACCINATED ARE MARKED AND CANNOT BE UNMARKED! ( “Everybody must get chipped!!” Share this: Source

RH – The Early Development of the Fractional Reserve Banking System

EURO FOLK RADIO RH – The Early Development of the Fractional Reserve Banking System Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share Share this: Source

Fractional Reserve Poverty Reaches New High

Kurt Nimmo Prison September 13, 2011 Ben Bernanke admits the last Great Depression was engineered by the Federal Reserve. According to the Census Bureau, nearly 1 out of 6 Americans now live in poverty. From the Associated Press today: The Census Bureau’s annual report released Tuesday offers a snapshot of the economic well-being of […]

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