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Bronze Age Bull Geoglyph Found In Siberia Is A First

Archaeologists conducting excavations at the Jonderguéi 22 site in the south-west of the Republic of Tuva in southern Siberia have made the exciting discovery of a bull geoglyph. It is believed to be the first animal geoglyph find in the entire Central Asia region. The excavations near Khondergey village, close to Russia’s border with Mongolia, […]

The Mysterious Marree Man of Outback Australia: Largest Geoglyph in the World

By April Holloway  | Epoch Times Etched into the dry sand of Australia’s barren outback is the world’s largest geoglyph, known as “Marree Man,” an enormous figure of an Aboriginal man hunting birds or wallabies with a throwing stick. Unlike other anthropomorphic geoglyphs found around the world, which were constructed by ancient civilizations, Marree Man was […]

Giant Cat Geoglyph Found Near the Mysterious Nazca Lines

Experts have found a giant new cat geoglyph in Peru near the world-famous Nazca Lines. They identified the huge figure of the feline on a hill that overlooks the pre-Hispanic designs and features. The find can help experts to better understand the most famous geoglyphs in Latin America, if not the world. A conservation management […]

If You Find One Of These Bizarre Egg Sacks In Your Back Yard, Try Not To Panic.

#1 The Devil’s Fingers Imagine walking into your backyard and seeing this grotesque figure nestled in your grass…what would you do?! The Clathrus archeri aka Devil’s Fingers is one of the most bizarre mushrooms you will EVER come across. Native to New Zealand and Australia, Clathrus archeri is also known as devil’s fingers. It is what’s known as a […]

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