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Historians’ Gender Bias Accounts Of Illyrian Queen Teute’s Roman Encounter

In a clash of ego’s Teute, a third century BC widowed queen regent of the Ardiaei tribe of Illyria, faced off a Roman envoy, who challenged her policy on piracy, yet historians Polybius’ and Cassius Dio’s gender bias labelled her rage towards the Romans’ arrogance as female weakness, which, in their opinion, justified the First Roman-Illyrian […]

Has the Lost Illyrian City of Bassania Finally Been Exposed in Albania?

Archaeologists believe they are uncovering the lost city of Bassania, an ancient Illyrian settlement mentioned by Livy as lying between two important ancient centers – the Illyrian capital of Shkodër and the Greek city of Lissos.  Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Europe Read Later 

Rare Greek-Illyrian Helmet Found in Croatia

Archaeologists exploring in an ancient burial cave in Croatia have discovered a warrior’s grave containing an exceptionally rare Greek-Illyrian type bronze war helmet. The open-faced, bronze, Greek- Illyrian helmet originated in Peloponnese, ancient Greece, and was developed during the 8th and 7th centuries BC. Now, archaeologists have unearthed one of these rare helmets in Zakotarac, […]

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