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Rohan Criticized For Crossing State Lines To Defend Minas Tirith

PELENNOR FIELDS—King Theoden and his accomplices in Rohan are facing possible murder charges, the cavalry being under intense scrutiny for crossing state lines before defending their neighbor to the south. “They crossed state lines to get here—and do they even have a permit for those spears?” asked one stunned Orc, Garflob Magobblegon. “They’re basically just coming […]

FBI Claims Sauron Had LEGO Model Of Minas Tirith In His Bedroom

MORDOR—The FBI is now claiming that Sauron had a LEGO model of Minas Tirith in his bedroom before the attack on the city, implicating him in the attack. “It seems he was planning the attack on the white city for months,” said one investigator as Sauron was hauled off to jail. “He used the little […]

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